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The domestic brand ZBROIA is well known to connoisseurs of pneumatics and traumatic weapons. On the market of pneumatic and sports weapons, samples of weapons with the company’s logo often appear, which arouse genuine interest. The released models are distinguished by a successful design, practical and reliable in operation. The consumer is captivated by the original design of barrels, which is a distinctive feature for the entire model range of the gun brand. Revolvers of the Profi family are very popular among consumers, among which the revolver for the Flaubert Profi-4 cartridge stands out today.

First impression

To get a real idea of the capabilities of this model, let’s compare it with the previous version of the revolver – Profi-3.

The tested weapon, according to its external data, does not differ much from the younger model of the Profi revolver of the third series. The same stylish design. The design, at first glance, looks reliable, which is typical for the entire line of weapons produced under the brand Zbroia. The case has a black blued color (may have a steel shade). According to its external data, this weapon is very similar to a combat one and cannot be confused with a children’s, toy version.

The new revolver has the same caliber – 4 mm, while the barrel of the new model is longer, and is equal to 4.5 inches. On the previous version, the barrel length is “only” 3 inches, which undoubtedly affects the quality of shooting.

The Profi-4 successfully and harmoniously combines high build quality and reasonable price. Like all weapons produced under the brand name Zbroia, the new revolver impresses with high quality workmanship. Every detail is made with special precision and accuracy, ensuring reliability and durability of the structure. The high shooting characteristics are clearly evidenced by the shooting target attached to each pistol.

 TM Zbroia is shot at the stand from a distance of 5 meters before being sent to the client. Weapons that fail the test are returned for revision.

The new revolver, in comparison with the previous version, has a large muzzle energy due to the elongated barrel. Accordingly, the new model has a higher shot range and better accuracy during firing.

What is the highlight?

Upon careful inspection of the weapon, the conclusion arises that the new revolver is very similar to the well–known Turkish model of a revolver under the cartridge of Flaubert – Ekol Viper. The revolver body is made of a metal alloy. All the main structural elements, including the firing mechanism, the drum and the barrel are made of gun steel, which, in turn, ensures high reliability and reliability of the weapon during firing. It is important to note that for the entire model range of revolvers chambered for Flaubert, manufactured by Zbroia, a characteristic feature is the high quality of manufacturing of combat elements of weapons. High-quality steel is the main material from which the main parts are made.

The Profi-4 revolver refers to a double-action weapon. The design is equipped with a pre-cocking mechanism and self-cocking, which makes the gun more comfortable during operation. Such technical features in the design of the revolver are very convenient for both experienced users and beginners.

Revolvers chambered for Flaubert are not among the types of weapons that require special permits to carry.

Separately, it is worth dwelling on ammunition. The Flaubert cartridge has a caliber of 4 mm. During firing from the Profi-4 revolver, the bullet flies out of the rifled barrel at a speed of 160-180 m/s. The shot gives similar sensations to those that the shooter hears when firing live ammunition. At the same time, the muzzle energy does not exceed 7.5 J, which is a characteristic parameter for most revolvers of this type. We can safely say that this model has sufficient firepower for training purposes, as well as for entertainment.

Looking at the details

For every shooter, the sensations that we experience when picking up a gun are important. Here we can safely say that the new revolver has a very comfortable handle. Unlike previous models, in this weapon the handle can have two versions: made of wood (beech) or have a plastic cover, and the ergonomic shape of the handle provides a comfortable grip.  The reliability of both handles is time-tested, and their quality is beyond doubt.  

The only disadvantage that is felt not immediately, but during longer operation is the lack of balance of the weapon. It is unusual that the center of gravity of the revolver is shifted towards a longer barrel. From the point of view of the quality of shooting and ease of operation, such a weight distribution is not considered critical, especially when it comes to frequent use. The hand gets used to this weapon pretty quickly, providing confident control over the position of the revolver during firing.  This design feature is characteristic of all models of revolvers of the Profi family.

For revolvers, the drum extraction procedure is often a noticeable disadvantage. In this model, as in the previous version, the drum is removed quickly and simply. The latches installed to the left of the handle are shifted, after which the drum simply rolls out. The spent casings are easily removed. Loading is carried out in the traditional manner for weapons of this type, piece by piece. No special skills are required to successfully reload the Profi-4 revolver. The capacity of the drum is 9 rounds.

The new model has acceptable dimensions, which accordingly ensures its easy wearing and convenient targeting. The model uses a high front sight, which, together with the aiming bar, creates all the necessary conditions for aiming shooting.

What is the charm of Profi-4?

The main advantages of the Profi-4 revolver include the following aspects:

  • during firing, the revolver provides a good range and accuracy;
  • the main combat parts of the structure are made of high-quality, weapon-grade steel;
  • the weapon has a steel rifled barrel;
  • the descent when fired is soft;
  • sufficiently reliable and durable construction for conducting intense fire.

Effective shooting can be carried out at a distance of up to 10 m. For training shooting, these parameters are quite enough.

And what is the result?

The model of the Profi-4 revolver from Zbroia, like the previous version of the Profi-3 pistol, can be called a good and reliable weapon. The revolver is perfect for shooting training, providing good range, accuracy and accuracy. The price of this model is also pleasant. Nevertheless, a weak balancing of the revolver will serve as a compromise. For entertaining shooting, the model may seem uncomfortable and quite heavy for accurate aiming. However, this is a matter of habit.

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