A sports leotard for wrestling is clothing that should be comfortable. An athlete should not feel a wrestling leotard, it should not constrain movements, twist or fall off, rub at the seams, in a word, a sports leotard for freestyle wrestling, weightlifting or powerlifting should be a kind of “second skin”.

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In the meantime, let’s talk about what quality you should demand from men’s and women’s sportswear of this type.

Need to buy a leotard for freestyle wrestling in Ukraine? How to choose

Freestyle wrestling is not just a mindless sport, it is rather an art. Endurance, strength of character, morale, physical and moral capabilities of a person are trained here. And most importantly, freestyle wrestling is a practice that helps to achieve success in life, and not only on the wrestling mat. Clothing for freestyle wrestling — tights. Wrestling women’s or men’s equipment should be chosen carefully, because a lot depends on the ergonomics of clothing, starting from the endurance of the athlete in the ring, ending with morale. Initially, in ancient Greece, in the homeland of freestyle wrestling, athletes performed naked. Of course, this does not suit us. That is why we select a wrestling suit in such a way that it is practically not felt on the body. In no case did I squeeze or squeeze anything. But, at the same time, it was not big.

Rules for choosing tights for freestyle wrestling — wrestling equipment for training professional sports

Wrestling tights for freestyle wrestling and uniforms for powerlifting / weightlifting, although similar, are still different. Therefore, if you need to buy a wrestling leotard for freestyle wrestling, you need to choose special clothes from the catalog.

  • The material from which a wrestling leotard for freestyle wrestling is sewn is most often various combinations of threads: polyamide, elastane + lycra or analogues of these materials. As a rule, the percentage of synthetic fiber from different manufacturers may differ significantly.
  • The color of a wrestling leotard for freestyle wrestling is most often red or blue.
  • The male and female versions of the wrestling leotard for freestyle wrestling have a different cut.

Look at the manufacturer, at the brand. Read reviews about wrestling tights on special forums, and only after careful study should you start choosing.

Tights for weightlifting and powerlifting. Women’s and men’s suits

Tights for weightlifting and powerlifting are special equipment that is selected based on the athlete’s anatomy. The fabric from which the equipment for weightlifting and powerlifting is sewn is a combination of several materials, as in the case of wrestling tights. But the material for the equipment of weightlifters is more dense. This is most often a combination of nylon, kulirka, lycra and biflex.

A leotard suit for weightlifting should fit the body tightly. Equipment for weightlifting and powerlifting allows you to see the work of every muscle of an athlete, and at the same time supports the muscle frame and tendons. Now we are talking about women’s clothing for weightlifting, and men’s suits for weightlifters.

Elastic tights-a suit for weightlifting, in addition to the aesthetic function, also have a practical one. A special combination of threads, which results in a unique elastic fabric in its structure, helps to support the ligaments of athletes, thereby reducing the percentage of injuries. Properly selected equipment allows you to increase the weight that an athlete takes by tens of kilograms.

As for the seams, in elastic suits for weightlifting, they must be very strong, because in the course of classes or performances, the suit is subjected to very noticeable loads and deformations. The seams with double stitching and additional edging will be ideal. But double seams should nevertheless be practically imperceptible on the skin.

The design of tights for weightlifting and powerlifting differs in the upper part, that is, the width of the straps and the depth of the neckline. For female models, the width of the straps is smaller and the neckline is larger. Some models on top looks almost the same as a T-shirt. The most important thing in a suit for weightlifting, both in the female and male versions, is the absence of seams in the belt area. The transition from the top to the bottom comes from a monolithic piece of fabric. Also, fasteners, buttons or any other elements are absolutely inappropriate on the belt.

Women’s and men’s powerlifting equipment — training and performances

Powerlifting training equipment and performance tights are practically no different, except that the performance suit should be more aesthetic. The fabric from which women’s or men’s powerlifting equipment is sewn should be moderately rigid and very durable. It is important that the seams on this suit are double.

For training, you can buy a women’s or men’s suit in the form of a jumpsuit. A special leotard is better suited for a performance.

As for the differences between the male and female versions of powerlifting equipment, the differences are minimal. Tight suits made of dense elastic fabric are selected for both men and women, but, as a rule, in the female version, the straps are slightly thinner and the neckline is slightly larger.

Due to the elasticity of the fabric, the choice of the size of a women’s suit is influenced by the height and weight category of the athlete. The volume parameters are universal, the suit for powerlifting already adjusts itself to the individual ergonomics of the female body.

Teen tights for weightlifting and wrestling

Teenage tights for freestyle wrestling for boys and girls, as a rule, are almost identical in design to female and male models. If you plan to buy special wrestling equipment for a child or teenager, then it is better to start with two-sided models of multi-element design with flat seams. Flat special seams are a prerequisite. Even despite the fact that during training, the wrestling shirt is most often worn not on the body, but on a natural T-shirt, the skin of a teenager unaccustomed to loads needs maximum protection. Such recommendations, by the way, are also given on the issue of choosing adult wrestling matches, female and male.

And again, when choosing a training wrestling suit for your child, it is best to give preference to proven manufacturers, in which you can be sure. This is especially true for novice athletes, because the slightest inconvenience or discomfort for a child can be the reason that a new sport will stop liking after a couple of visits to the coach.

And the last moment. When choosing a children’s or teenage training suit for freestyle wrestling and weightlifting, you should pay attention to the growth parameters. This is not the kind of sports equipment that you can buy for growth.

Choose the best, buy right now! Why postpone the most important thing for later?

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