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Makiwara is a simple but very effective projectile, without which it is difficult to imagine training any martial art. The first makivars began to be used in karate. As before, now strikes on it should be applied with bare hands and feet. This will teach you to feel the blow and work out the correct technique, because, as you know, when training with gloves, we involuntarily distort the technique of striking. 

Now there are a huge number of cases when even famous boxers broke their hands in an ordinary street fight. Gloves are indispensable for sparring, as they help to avoid serious injuries in training and competitions, because you need to be able to handle bare fists.

To properly deliver a good and strong blow, we recommend starting with a makiwara. The projectile consists of several layers: rice straw on the outer surface, hemp rope, porous rubber and felt (or its substitute). All this is fixed on a solid structure, which serves as the basis and ensures its integrity even with the strongest impacts.

For a high-quality variety of workouts, you can use two types of makivar:

  • Portable makiwars are exceptionally tough and high projectiles that can be fixed on a pole or tree. Their surface is quite hard, which makes them suitable for training professional athletes. You can buy a wall-mounted or portable makivara in our online store – the makivara PRO from LEKO will be an excellent choice.

  • Manual makivars are the most common type. They have a variety of handles, for which they are convenient to hold. Such a makiwara will protect your hands from unwanted bone growths, but will strengthen joints and bones. You can buy a manual makivara, for example, from the company Reyvel.

  • Novice athletes need to start their first training sessions with blows of 30-50% of full strength (2-3 times a week, taking 2-day breaks). Gradually increase the force of the blow and learn classes, striving to deliver the strongest blows and train every day. Working in different racks, you will be able to evenly develop all the necessary muscles. Start striking with a weak leg and arm, and then change to a strong one, also include the lower back and hips in the work. Novice athletes can buy a makiwara from Strike.

     The technique of striking makiwara:

    Straighten your shoulders as much as possible, take a stand and alternately strike with your right and left hands. First, you need to do training by putting your right leg forward, then repeat the exercise, while pushing your left leg forward.

    During exercises with makiwara, be sure to make sure that when striking with a force of 80% of the maximum possible, pull your hand away after each blow with maximum effort. This is the only way to practice the technique of strikes! For more convenience, you can choose a curved PVC makiwara from Strike. It is also convenient to strike large makivars, for example, a double makivare for boxing “Lux” from Sportco and a large makivare (kirza) from Strike.

    Start your workout with a set of exercises for the left hand. This is worth doing because usually people have a weaker left hand than the right. Therefore, to give the same strength to both hands, apply 30 blows with your left hand if you apply 20 with your right, or apply 40 blows with your left if you apply 30 with your right. In this way, train every day, without missing workouts, morning and evening.

    Also learn to strike with the side of your hands. Do this in a position where you are standing to the side of the makiwara. Train both your left and right hands.

    In addition, do not forget about practicing kicks. Apply them with pads behind the toes and sole, while standing on one foot.

    Suspended makiwars are usually used to train kicks that are applied with their feet. It is necessary to remember that three variants of kicks should be trained: with the pad behind the fingers, the sole and the heel

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