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Experienced hunters and connoisseurs of modern weapons unanimously declare that a spring-piston air rifle should be equipped with a gas spring. This facilitates the use of this type of pneumatics, reduces the recoil force, makes the sound of the shot not so loud and gives many other advantages. But if your existing IFR rifle is equipped with a conventional metal twisted spring, you do not have to buy a new weapon at all to get all these benefits. It is better to think about where to buy a gas spring for pneumatics.

But first you need to figure out what a gas spring is and why it is needed in pneumatics. As the name implies, the elastic element in this mechanism is gas: nitrogen is most often used for these purposes. The gas under pressure is in a sealed tank and, when cocked, is compressed by a movable rod, which, being pushed out, drives the piston of the rifle during the shot. The device of the gas spring is quite complex: it consists of a cylinder through which the plunger moves freely, oil seals that ensure tight movement of the rod, as well as bushings, a bypass valve and a friction bearing. All these elements ensure trouble-free operation of the GP and increase the reliability of pneumatics.

Which is better: a gas spring or an ordinary twisted one?

Each of the experienced pneumatic shooters, of whom there are many in Odessa, Zaporozhye and throughout Ukraine, will be able to name many advantages of using GP in comparison with the use of a standard twisted spring. Moreover, regardless of whether you value power, comfort or durability above all, any of these criteria speaks in favor of buying a gas spring. Next, we will describe its actual and undeniable advantages:

  • first of all, a gas spring is worth buying because it allows you to increase the power of pneumatics to the maximum possible for a specific design of the gearbox. The practical power gain can reach 15% compared to the standard configuration;
  • the GP platoon is always uniform and there is no need to make significant efforts;
  • such a gas device makes it possible to keep the pneumatics cocked and even move it at the same time;
  • the IFR resource increases five times in comparison with the usual one, and accuracy when shooting also improves;
  • the gas spring device makes it possible to reduce not only the recoil force compared to a conventional metal one, but also significantly reduce the manifestation of vibrations that occur during the shot. In addition, the absence of such an impact prolongs the service life of the optical sight;
  • you should also buy a gas spring because without mandatory maintenance, it will reliably serve you for one year and will be able to produce up to 10 thousand shots during this period;
  • such devices are practically not affected by the negative influence of the environment: they withstand temperature changes from – 20 ° C to +40 ° C, are not afraid of moisture, and due to the tightness of the cylinder, foreign substances cannot get inside;
  • you can buy a gas spring for installation on many PP rifles from various manufacturers: Norica, Cometa, Umarex, Stoeger, Magtech and many others.

Where to buy a gas spring for pneumatics?

Order GP for pneumatic weapons is offered to you by the online store “League of Sports”, which specializes in the sale of various sports equipment at affordable prices. The quality and authenticity of our products is confirmed by the fact that we readily provide a guarantee for all our products. So, here you can buy a gas spring for pneumatics of Ukrainian production with a long warranty period, while the cost of this product remains acceptable. Moreover, we provide delivery of orders not only to Kiev, but also to other localities of Ukraine.

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