Have you finally accumulated a “tidy” sum and are in a pleasant anticipation of the embodiment of your long-standing desire – to buy a good soccer ball? Do not rush to give your hard-earned savings to the first street vendor you meet who promises to sell you “the best ball in the world.” Imagine the extent of your disappointment when the acquired ball falls apart in a couple of weeks. A soccer ball can be purchased:

  • – At the flea market
  • – From a private person by ad
  • – In the sports (football) goods store
  • – In the online store

If you walk around the market, you can find a lot of outlets selling footballs for every taste and color. Your eyes start to run away, and you light up with the desire to buy the first shell you like, for example, with the symbols of your favorite club. This, in fact, is the insidious trick of dealers in cheap fakes. Numerous Chinese (and not only) manufacturers of low-quality copies of products of leading brands have learned to reproduce not only the visual appearance, but also quite successfully copy the properties of the materials used. 

Therefore, if you are not an expert in the field of football equipment, we advise you to refuse to buy a game projectile on the clothing market. After all, it is mainly in the markets that most of the fakes unsuitable for playing football are sold. Before you go for a new ball, you should learn the basic provisions relevant to the soccer ball market. 

The first is cheaper than $20 good (in any sense of the word) you won’t be able to buy a ball from you. Unless only if your good friend from old friendship sells you his cool “matchball”, suddenly deciding to “tie up” with football. Prices for the most budget models suitable for training children’s teams and amateur tournaments start from this digital mark.

Secondly, if the name of the manufacturer on the shell tire is written with errors, or its logo is somehow distorted, be one hundred percent sure that you are faced with a replica from unscrupulous manufacturers. Also, in most cases, such fakes have a smoother tire material than the original models. It is also worth paying attention to the presence of a marking of compliance with FIFA Quality and IMS standards, as well as an identification number.

Therefore, if you need a really good, high-quality football equipment, we strongly recommend buying it either in sports stores in your city, or ordering it online from trusted online stores. Official outlets, as a rule, can provide an FQP certificate, and also often have contracts for the supply of balls concluded directly with the manufacturer.

If you buy a soccer ball in a sports store, a significant advantage is that you have the opportunity to inspect it and touch it with your own hands. However, the range of products in online stores is much wider, and there is also an opportunity to read reviews about a particular model. In addition, buyers ordering goods online have the opportunity to return it within a certain period of time if they have complaints about its quality.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the following issues:

  • – Where can I buy a good soccer ball
  • – How to distinguish a high-quality projectile from a low-quality one
  • – What can help you choose a good soccer ball
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