There is a wide variety of balls in the world designed for various game sports. They differ in the following parameters:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Form
  • Design features
  • Materials of manufacture

Moreover, it should be noted that even within the framework of one sport, the playing equipment may differ depending on the age of the players, the type of coverage, the size of the site.

The futsal ball jumps smaller and weaker

First, let’s compare a standard ball for big football (size No. 5, circumference – 70 centimeters) with its “younger brother” – a futsal ball. The most important difference is the size. For a 5-on-5 game on a wooden parquet, balls of the 4th size are used, the circumference of which is 62-63 cm. Interestingly, the weight of both shells is about the same, but due to the difference in size, the futsal ball feels much heavier. In addition, when playing football on a smaller court, the bounce of the projectile from the surface should be lower than on a large football field. For this reason, the design and features of the futsal ball chamber are designed to provide the necessary level of rebound (about 60 cm). For example, in the production of balls for playing on the parquet, foamed materials are used, effectively dampening the rebound from the hard surface of the playground.

A volleyball ball is lighter than a football ball and consists of panels-strips

We continue the comparison and move on to the volleyballs. The diameter of the circumference of an “adult” (size No. 5) volleyball ball is only a couple of centimeters smaller than that of its football counterpart (67-68cm). By the way, it is the comparability of sizes that is the main reason that inexperienced buyers often mistakenly purchase a volleyball ball, wanting to buy a football. Despite the fact that the circumference of these two types of game projectiles is almost identical, the weight of a volleyball ball is almost twice as light as a football one. Therefore, you can normally play football with a volleyball ball except on the beach. In addition, the panels that make up the construction of the game projectile, in the absolute majority of cases, volleyball balls have a characteristic oblong rectangular shape. In modern models of footballs, this form of panels does not occur at all. And yet, the coloring of the balls used to play matches of international volleyball tournaments is often a combination of blue and yellow. Professional-level football shells are not characterized by such coloring.

The basketball is bigger and is made of rubber, the football is made of polyurethane. 

And finally, we got to the biggest balls for sports games – basketball. The standard length of their circumference (size No. 7, “male adult”) is 7-10 centimeters longer than the balls for big football, and they are heavier, on average, by as much as 200 grams. The design of a basketball almost always consists of eight panels of a characteristic shape. The vast majority of indoor basketball models are “painted” in orange, while contrasting black is used for the seams connecting the panels. Due to the fact that basketball imposes increased requirements on the jumping ability of the game projectile, rubber is used in the manufacture of basketball tires, unlike football, and polyurethane is not used at all. Also, the surface of the basketball ball has a special “pimpled” structure that provides the necessary functional properties of the inventory.

There are other types of balls used in a wide variety of sports. For example, a tennis ball differs in size from a football ball about the same as Mercury from Jupiter, and shells for rugby and American football have a characteristic oblong shape, visually resembling either a melon or a tavern. 

After reading this article, you found out:

  • By what parameters do balls for different sports differ
  • What are the differences between shells for big and mini-football
  • How to distinguish a soccer ball from a volleyball
  • How much bigger and heavier is a basketball compared to a football
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