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A punching bag is an indispensable attribute of training, both for professional athletes and fans of boxing. After all, this is not only a useful hobby for the whole body, but also a great stress reliever. The “right” punching bag is an incredible benefit for your physical form, a great way to work out the strength and rigidity of blows, endurance training. It is only important to choose the right bag for boxing, so that in addition to its main functions, it is also a safe projectile. A huge assortment of such inventory on sale is a great chance to find something just for yourself. But at the same time, there is a great risk of getting lost when making a purchase. Especially if you are new to boxing.

What is fraught with the wrong choice of a pear for boxing, professional or home? At a minimum, the low efficiency of classes: the blow will be formed incorrectly, the technique will “limp”, and your time will be wasted. In the worst case, the risk of injury increases. 

Punching bag for home: basic rules

Let’s start with the “basics”. A punching bag for home classes – ideally, the projectile is compact, ergonomic, takes up a minimum of space and guarantees maximum efficiency of classes. Therefore, before ordering it, pay attention to:

  • The availability of free space in the apartment (the optimal dimensions of the inventory will depend on it).
  • Desired/acceptable mounting method: is it possible to drill the walls/ceiling. 
  • The age and training of those who will be engaged in boxing. It is worth starting from this when choosing the type, weight and format of the pear.

Please note: the best punching bag for home and even professional gym is made of genuine leather or imitation leather. They withstand shocks well, are not afraid of mechanical damage and are incredibly durable. Leather inventory serves, without exaggeration, for decades. Especially with proper care.

Professional punching bag for the gym: what are the differences?

There is no clear division into professional and amateur pears. But, as a rule, products for the gym and professional training have a more impressive size and weight, designed for frequent use. They are manufactured by leading sports brands, so there are absolutely no complaints about the quality. High–quality materials, genuine leather as a cover, durable tailoring are the main characteristics of the so-called professional pears. 

In some cases, universal punching bags are chosen for gyms, with which most novice athletes can train. Such shells weigh about 70 kg and have an average rigidity. We will consider their more detailed characteristics later in our article.

Types of punching bags

The first thing to know is that not all punching bags are the same. There are several varieties that have their own characteristics.

According to the fullness of the punching bags are divided into stuffed and pneumatic. The most popular are printed versions with a rubber crumb inside. It minimizes hand discomfort and absorbs sounds. The pneumatic pear has a rubber chamber inside, which provides an elastic counteraction. It is made of leather or high-quality synthetic materials. Inside, the pneumatic punching bag is filled with compressed air. Thanks to this, the projectile retains absolute calm in motion, but is, at the same time, springy.

Depending on the method of attachment , punching bags are classified into:

  • wall mounted. They help to work out power strikes. They are a convex pillow mounted on the wall. In order to install a leather pear of this type, you will need special fasteners and drilling of the wall;
  • stretch marks or chasers. This is a sports equipment fixed on both sides between the floor and the ceiling. It is not easy to train with him, because after a blow he begins to rotate quickly. But it is an indispensable thing when practicing the reflex to evade blows, speed, speed. The variant is used by professional athletes during preparation for competitions;
  • desktop. They are produced in a small size on a special rack with a large powerful spring. They are attached to the table with a suction cup or a screw system. This is a compact option for home workouts. It does not require intervention in the construction of walls, can be installed even in conditions of limited space at home;
  • on the platform. Such pears are attached to a platform, which, in turn, is fixed to the wall. Designed for practicing a large number of different punches. Most often, they can be seen in the gym;
  • outdoor. They are placed on a springy rack and allow you to develop skills of accurate and fast striking. Boxing equipment of this type is quite bulky. But the effectiveness of this projectile during training allows you to close your eyes to this minor drawback. 

The shells for boxing differ from each other in shape: it affects the characteristics and effectiveness of classes. There are punching bags in shape:

  • teardrop-shaped. Designed to practice the speed of kicks and clinch techniques. They are suspended with one end on a special fastener, and can also be stretched between elastic laces.
  • Pear silhouettes allow you to improve your reaction speed, strength, speed and work out different types of punches: jabs, hooks, uppercuts and so on. They have a rather large size, are more often used in professional sports than at home.
  • Round pears, as a rule, are attached to tripwires and make it possible to work out the speed and accuracy of strikes.

You can choose the optimal form depending on the skills that you want to work out. If you play sports professionally and need the most effective training, consult with a personal trainer on the choice.

Weight and height of punching bags

Another difference by which all boxing shells are differentiated is weight. Depending on this indicator , there are pears:

  • lungs. They are used for training boys and children, as well as women’s fitness training with elements of boxing. The weight of the projectile ranges from 5 to 30 kg. The material of manufacture is usually leatherette. Light pears are an amateur option and allow you to work out the quality and strength of blows;
  • average – from 30 to 60 kg. They are made of leather or a substitute. Helps to work out a lot of different punches. Due to ergonomics, they can be conveniently placed not only in the gym, but also at home;
  • heavy. Professional version weighing more than 60 kg. It is made of leather, leatherette or tarpaulin. Such pears make it possible to practice almost all types of punches that exist in boxing. Heavyweight athletes train on such shells.

The Council

When choosing a pear, give preference to the one that you can push through with a blow. If you can’t do it, it doesn’t suit you. 

The height of the pear depends on a number of things, for example, the area of the room, the height of the boxer, whether it is home training and so on. At home, it is enough to purchase an option within 60-80 cm, for a gym – 120 cm is optimal.

Filler and material of the case of punching bags

The filling of the pear depends on its variety. If we talk about the filling materials in general, the following are used:

  • sand;
  • rubber and plastic shavings;
  • sawdust from wood;
  • gel.

The most durable pear filler for boxing is considered to be rubber shavings. It is not subject to rotting and aging, but its practicality affects the cost, which is quite large. The upper material (cover) of the pear itself is most often made of leather or high-quality leatherette. Leather is a more expensive option, but it is practical and wear-resistant.

The advantages of leather products are 100% naturalness, durability, high level of strength. During classes without boxing gloves, the skin injures the knuckles less. Leatherette, in turn, is a pretty good alternative. Such shells are cheaper and are designed, to a greater extent, for use at home and the average frequency of operation. With proper care, pears made of leatherette will also last long enough without requiring replacement.

Methods of fixing punching bags

The fastening system is one of the most important points to consider when buying a punching bag. There are the following types of fasteners:

  • steel rings. With the help of such a fastening system, the pear is fixed on special brackets;
  • rope fastening method. It is not as reliable as the previous one. It is most often used when installing pears of small weight;
  • on stretch marks. The pear is fixed at the top and bottom with high-strength harnesses;
  • pneumatic installation. It is a special metal structure with a wooden platform that allows you to place a pneumatic pear and adjust the desired height. It is made of durable steel and is designed for professional-level training;
  • the hinge. With the help of a hinge, the pear is attached to the pneumatic installation. It is made of high-strength metals and, thanks to the presence of balls inside, makes it possible to make super-high-speed strikes.

For boxing, it is very important to choose a projectile depending on your individual characteristics and needs. When purchasing a punching bag, you need to choose one that has the same weight range as your own. Do not skimp on the quality of materials, so you can be sure of your own safety. In addition, by giving preference to models from well-known manufacturers, for example, Everlast, Green Hill, RDX, you can talk about the effectiveness of training without harming your health. It is with such pears that professional athletes are engaged, for whom the result is above all, therefore, the manufacturer of sports equipment takes care of their safety. The price of shells of this production is average, so you can buy them in Kiev and Ukraine quite inexpensively, without overpaying once again. 

Sales consultants of our online store are well versed in punching bags, so you can contact them for advice. It’s free, and it always will be.

You will not need to visit the store again: care for the punching bag

And finally, let’s talk about how to “extend” the life of a punching bag for professional sports or use at home. Remember these simple rules:

  • A leather pear, as well as shells made of leatherette, should be thoroughly wiped after each workout with a damp sponge. If you do not train daily, do not forget to wipe the dust from the surface of the inventory every 3-4 days.
  • Be sure to ventilate the premises in which the punching bag is located after classes. This will allow excess moisture, which could have a detrimental effect on the material, to evaporate. And yes – do not forget that you can install a boxing projectile only in rooms with a normal humidity level and standard room temperature.
  • Washing will help to remove serious dirt from the surface. But do not forget that after it, the projectile must be thoroughly wiped and dried. For washing, use ordinary water, you can use a little soap. Aggressive household chemicals are strictly prohibited: it can damage the surface of the case. If a spot appears on the surface of the pear, try to remove it immediately, preventing drying.

It is also forbidden to install a punching bag at home or in the gym close to heating appliances, water sources. Otherwise, it will fail quickly.

We wish you a successful choice and effective classes!

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