In modern sports, there is a huge variety of styles and types of martial arts. Martial arts is a type of sports competition in which two sparring partners physically resist each other in order to determine the winner in a fight. Such opposition occurs within the established rules. In the event that you have decided to engage in one of the types of this sport, you should purchase special sports equipment. Since hands are most often injured in martial arts, gloves are their protection, they are of particular importance. That is why we will talk about them in more detail. Let’s consider some types of gloves depending on the styles of martial arts:

  • kickboxing gloves;
  • karate gloves;
  • gloves for MMA;
  • sambo gloves;
  • fighting gloves for fights without rules;
  • gloves for thai boxing;
  • gloves for hand-to-hand combat;
  • gloves for taekwondo and many others.

It is important that these products not only fit in size, but also be of high quality and comfortable. Similar characteristics have hand protection, presented in the online store “League of Sports”.

Main Features of Kickboxing gloves

Both artificial and natural leather are used as a material for sewing kickboxing gloves, and gel or absorbent foam is used as a filler. Thanks to this, these products create a high level of protection of hands from injuries and bruises. And also detain unpleasant odor and sweat. They are divided into:

  • combat: suitable for both amateur and professional competitions. Depending on this, there are two types: professional and amateur. The first ones are fixed on the arm thanks to the lacing. They are intended for athletes who have achieved high results in sports (for professionals). The product is designed so that you can strike a variety of blows without fear of injury. The latter can be fixed both with Velcro and lacing. But their cut is much simpler;
  • training: often used during amateur sparring and competitions. Novice athletes use training gloves for pears. They are made both with lace-up and Velcro;
  • projectile: not intended for performance in the ring. They are used only for working with pears and bags.

Buy in Ukraine children’s gloves for kickboxing, as well as for adult athletes, made of high-quality genuine leather. After all, such products will last much longer, although they are more expensive. Remember that the price of kickboxing gloves also depends on the manufacturer. When choosing gloves for kickboxing, it is worth considering their weight, which depends on the weight of the athlete. Remember, buy such gloves only after fitting them with special bandages.

Characteristics of karate gloves

Karate gloves are most often called pads or protectors for the hands of a karate athlete. Their appearance and cut are significantly different from classic gloves. They serve as protection for the outside of the brushes, since this place accounts for the main load. Due to this, hard blocks of blows will be less traumatic. Both adult and children’s karate gloves are made of polyester or a high-quality leather substitute using dense foam as a filler. It serves to protect the hands from blows, cushioning them. All pads completely cover the hand and fingers, and are also equipped with special cuffs, which are:

  • in the form of a wide elastic elastic band that tightly fits the wrist;
  • fastened with Velcro.

Both types of cuffs serve as additional fixation for the hands during training and sparring. And which karate gloves to buy, the choice is yours.

Varieties of gloves for mma and their features

To date, an actively developing sport that is becoming increasingly popular is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or mixed martial arts. Adults and children dream of mastering various techniques of combat. But one desire is not enough, like any sport, MMA requires special equipment. Gloves are designed for the safety of hands during training. They protect the hands from fractures and injuries. Thanks to this, training or combat can continue as long as necessary, without additional stops. There are two types of MMA gloves:

  • training gloves: closed-type gloves, which are characterized by enhanced protection of the fist and thumb. In appearance, gloves for mixed martial arts of this model resemble boxing. They are made of leatherette or leather with gel or foam inside;
  • combat: compact products with a thin layer of filler, so that the blow can be applied with greater force. In turn, they are divided into gloves with a closed thumb and sparring gloves with an open finger.

Both models of gloves absorb the impact energy well, which protects the hands of both the athlete-fighter and his sparring partner. Before buying gloves for mixed martial arts, it is important to correctly determine the size of the product. To do this, you need to know your own weight. Do not buy gloves that do not fit. After all, large products can provoke sprains, fractures, or simply interfere with training, causing hand fatigue. You can buy gloves for MMA of any model and size by visiting the website .

Distinctive features of gloves for fights without rules

In modern sports, fights without rules are especially popular. This type of martial arts is characterized by a mixture of various techniques and, despite the name, implies the presence of reasonable restrictions during fights. Both for training and for participating in fights without rules, it is important to protect your hands with special gloves. They are represented on the market by a huge variety of models. And, if you want to buy combat gloves, then do not forget that they should be comfortable. After all, thanks to them, high results are achieved in this sport. When choosing them, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • a reliable level of protection will be provided by gloves with a reinforced impact zone and a brush zone;
  • a thickened layer of foam filler will protect the thumb, as well as the lateral and external parts of the hands from sprains, bruises and fractures;
  • the multi-layer padding in the fist area will minimize various injuries.

Prices for fighting gloves for fights without rules in Ukraine vary depending on their models and manufacturers.

Gloves for hand-to-hand combat

Gloves for hand–to-hand combat are a type of sports equipment that serves to protect the hands in the process of mastering the techniques and techniques of hand-to-hand combat. Their main features:

  • they are often made of an open type: the first phalanges of the fingers remain open;
  • from the outside, the products serve as reliable protection for the fist, and from the inside they absorb the impact, reducing pain. A special insert made of porous material is provided as a shock absorber;
  • the gloves are fixed thanks to special cuffs.

Such advantages provide a full protective function, as well as add maneuverability during combat. You can buy gloves for hand-to-hand combat in Ukraine both from leather or imitation leather, and from more modern materials: polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane.

In addition to the types of gloves for martial arts discussed above, there are universal products for training and competitive fights. They are also characterized by a high class. Such training gloves can be used during Thai boxing, taekwondo, sambo and many other types of martial arts. Such products have a wide range of applications: from the training process on bags to competitive fights and sparring, and are able to withstand intense loads.

UFC gloves are the most popular among fighters of various types of martial arts (combat sambo, hand-to-hand combat, MMA, etc.). They are an excellent option where shock and fighting techniques are needed at the same time. They are used by the best fighters in the world. You can buy gloves for martial arts in Kiev or another city of Ukraine (without leaving home) in the online store “League of Sports”. We have them represented by a huge variety of models and brands: Adidas, Everlast, Zelart Sport, etc.

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