One of the sports watched by millions of fans of different genders and ages from all over the world is boxing. It is so spectacular and beautiful that it allows you to continuously follow the actions of boxers in the ring. However, everything just looks nice and easy. In fact, those who are professionally engaged in this sport know how hard work is invested in each victory. For many hours of training, more than one pair of boxing gloves is erased. In many ways, the result will depend on the quality of this equipment. Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the manufacturer and types of boxing gloves. To figure this out, let’s look at what gloves are and what characteristics the best models should have, as well as how to choose the manufacturer of the highest quality.

What are the types of boxing gloves?

Nowadays in Ukraine (in big cities such as Kiev, or small provincial ones) it will not be difficult to buy boxing gloves. It is important to determine the type of products (children’s, adult, professional, etc.) and choose a manufacturer. The easiest way is to order the goods in the store via the Internet. In this case, it will be quickly delivered exactly the kind you needed.

To choose the manufacturer and the necessary inventory, let’s focus on the types of boxing gloves. First of all, they are classified relative to the purpose.

  • Combat. This type of gloves is used during an athlete’s performance in the ring. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a professional fight or a spectator fight in a small provincial club. Here it is important to choose a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable. You only need to buy boxing gloves of a special shape. They have a large angle of the thumb bend. It simulates a clenched fist. This makes it possible to apply the optimal number of blows with boxing equipment, keeping your hands intact. When choosing a manufacturer, it should be borne in mind that for professionals, this type of gloves should only be tied with lacing. But amateur models combine lacing and Velcro.
  • For training. This type of boxing gloves is chosen not only in classical boxing, but also in other sports. For example, these are various martial arts or MMA. Gloves are attached to the hands with elastic bands and Velcro. If desired, they can be easily removed. For novice athletes, it is better to choose a manufacturer of such gloves. The types of boxing gloves weighing no more than 12 ounces are best suited. This will help to protect the athlete and his opponent from damage. Some halls also use types of gloves weighing about 16 ounces. To choose a manufacturer and buy such options is better for working with paws and bags. The latest types of boxing gloves harden and wear off quickly. They can cause great harm to the partner.
  • Projectile. These types of boxing gloves weigh slightly less than the previous two. When choosing a manufacturer, it should be borne in mind that these high-quality models should repeat the anatomy of the fist. They are used for practicing and staging a blow on special projectiles (pears, paws, bags, etc.). When choosing boxing gloves of this type, it is important that they sit well and do not slide off the fist. Otherwise, you can injure yourself.
  • As you can see, there are different types of boxing gloves regarding the application. To buy only the most suitable ones, when choosing a manufacturer, see if the gloves you need are in the assortment. Buying gloves and using them for other purposes is not the best way out.

    How to choose gloves by material?

    If everything is more or less clear with the application options, then how to choose a manufacturer and types of boxing gloves by material remains a mystery. However, there are no special difficulties here, if you know the main options. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  • Skin. Many professional athletes choose leather types of boxing gloves. Why? The answer is simple. They are particularly durable, can serve for a long time and not be erased, retain their shape. When choosing a manufacturer, it is important to look at whether he has products made of high-quality leather. After all, such models serve much longer than their other counterparts. If you choose them, your hands will not sweat, moisture will naturally flow out. However, this type of boxing gloves has its disadvantages. These include high cost. You can pick up such gloves at an affordable price on the website of the online store. Good models are made by manufacturers Adidas, Cleto, Everlast.
  • A substitute. Since leather, although a good kind of material, is quite expensive, modern manufacturers mostly try to replace it with other analogues. Such gloves are not so high-quality, but their cost is less. Well-made types of boxing gloves made of leatherette, which manufacturers will not be difficult to choose, can serve for a long time. They do not lose their shape, they wear out gradually. The price of these types of gloves is small on average. They are available in different colors and varieties. When choosing a manufacturer, it is important to give preference only to proven companies that have managed to prove themselves well. Otherwise, you can choose a manufacturer of fakes that will last very little. Boxing gloves can crack, float and create unpleasant sensations in every possible way.
  • If you have just decided to go in for sports or give your child to boxing, then there is no point in buying expensive types of boxing gloves right away and choosing a luxury manufacturer. This type of activity may not be liked and then the gloves will remain lying around unclaimed. But at the same time, you should not choose bad low-grade boxing gloves either. In this case, it is better to choose manufacturers who make combined options. This type of boxing gloves is mainly created from leatherette. However, it has high-quality leather inserts that increase strength in places where the greatest loads fall.

    The main criteria for buying boxing gloves

    In order to choose a manufacturer of good quality boxing products and not get into a mess, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main types of boxing gloves in advance, choose a proven and reliable manufacturer. It is also worth paying attention to other parameters:

    • Internal filler. It is important to look at the internal filler. He is responsible for shock absorption with a glove. If you choose a manufacturer that makes low-grade boxing fillers, then with intensive training there is a high probability of damaging your hands. Previously, manufacturers of boxing gloves used horsehair and a little cotton wool as a filler. And if the horsehair kept its shape and showed itself well for a long period, then the cotton wool quickly got lost and wore out. So this type of boxing gloves has not gained much popularity. As a result, they began to create new models that were taken into account when choosing a manufacturer. Today, foam rubber or foam filler is used as fillers. These types of boxing gloves are more comfortable, they can keep their shape under prolonged loads. With the same size, foam rubber of different densities is placed inside, which makes the gloves heavier.
    • Special anti-knockout boxing gloves were developed by manufacturers, in which a special layer of air is left in the foam. It makes the blow more gentle, but it does not affect the weight of the gloves. When choosing a manufacturer and his product, it is important to focus on options that have artificial fillers. This type of boxing gloves will last longer and will not harm your hands during training. It is chosen quite often.
    • The size of the inventory. Do not forget about the size when choosing a manufacturer. It is important. After all, if the seals are loose, then they will not be able to create high-quality protection and the right blow. Different types of boxing gloves have their own sizes. To choose a manufacturer with the right parameters, it is important to familiarize yourself with the information in advance (the ratio of the weight of the product, age, size of a person).
    • Usually the weight is measured in ounces (this is about thirty grams). There are types of boxing gloves from four to eighteen ounces. The heavier the person, the more you need to choose by weight and his gloves. If you observe the proportions, you can achieve a high-quality result. For example, a child at the age of seven is selected for six-ounce options. For teenage boys or petite women, it is better to choose models in 8-10 ounces.
    • Features of the fastener. You need to choose a product with a high-quality fastener. It is important that this part of the boxing glove firmly encircles the athlete’s hand. This will help protect against dislocations, various injuries. The impact part of different types of boxing gloves serves to prevent finger injuries. There are types of boxing gloves with Velcro. They are used for training and can be removed independently. But professional types of boxing gloves, with which athletes enter the ring, have ties. Their boxer is helped to tighten. This option creates increased protection and prevents the gloves from flying off.
    • Colour. It may not be of paramount importance, but the types of boxing gloves are also divided regarding the color scheme. Usually it depends on the company, the degree of professionalism. There are white types of boxing gloves, black, red, blue, combined. The red version of gloves is considered more traditional. It is less noticeable to the eye and does not distract from the fight. Also, this type of boxing gloves masks drops of blood.
    • Manufacturer. It is clear that in most cases, the features and types of boxing gloves will be determined by which manufacturer to choose. After all, different manufacturers use their own materials, create new models and are focused on various areas of sports. You can choose the following manufacturers: Adidas, Reyes, Hill, Cleto, Green, Everlast, etc. They have managed to prove themselves well and have good customer reviews for many years.

    So, in order to choose the manufacturer and the right type of boxing gloves, it is important to familiarize yourself with their main characteristics in advance. Again, it is important to understand what the inventory will be used for, who will become its owner and much more. If you understand all these subtleties, then you will easily choose the best kind of boxing gloves that will serve for many years and bring only positive emotions from winning tournaments or high-quality training.

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