To date, air rifles are popular in various fields: training or training shooting, sports and entertainment shooting, as well as self-defense. Another area of use of this type of weapon is hunting. An air rifle for hunting is an indispensable assistant for any hunter in the production of ducks, partridges and even larger game. The principle of operation of this small arms is that the bullet flies out due to mechanical action on it.

Modern pneumatic weapons have improved characteristics compared to analogues of past decades. After all, it was previously represented by only a few models. Izh-38 and MP-512 rifles could be seen everywhere: on store shelves and in shooting galleries. Today, if you want to buy a rifle in Ukraine, then you will have to make a choice from a huge number of imported or domestic models. But first you should understand their types:

  • spring-piston pneumatics: a powerful spring gives a push to the piston, which creates excessive air pressure in the compressor, resulting in a shot. Before firing, the spring must be cocked. This type of air rifle for hunting is common in the arms market. The PPP is very easy to use. It is enough to bend it in half, load and shoot. This model has both pros and cons. The advantages include: the ratio of quality and price, and there is no need for pumping. The disadvantages include the inevitability of periodic replacement of the spring, noise during the shot, which can scare off big game. And it is also not always convenient that a lot of time is spent on recharging it;
  • multicompression pneumatics: the Crosman Classic 2100B rifle is one of the most popular models of multicompression weapons, which both professional and novice shooters will perfectly cope with. It has a reservoir and a pump under the barrel, which serves to pump air. This process is carried out using a hand pump, which is one with the rifle. At the moment of pulling the trigger, air escapes from the tank, creating pressure on the bullet, resulting in a shot. In multicompression rifles, air should be pumped several times before firing. Advantages: low price, spring does not require replacement, silent shot and low recoil, autonomy. It is worth buying a Crosman air rifle already because it has an excellent price, power and accuracy ratio;
  • pre-pumped air rifle or PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatics): this is one of the best air rifles for hunting without a license. It is also called a pneumatic balloon. Each model is equipped with a tank containing compressed air. It is fed into the tank by a special pump or through a balloon. The pressure in an air rifle of this type is 200 – 300 bar. The disadvantages include: the high price and the need to carry a pump or a cylinder for pumping air. Dignities: silent, precise and the most powerful pneumatics. A multi-shot air rifle allows you to fire from 20 to 100 shots without additional reloading. The classic models of this type of weapon are the Khortytsya air rifle and the Ataman rifle. Among the updated models, the Jaeger air rifle is well known, which you can buy without leaving home in the Sports League;
  • gas cylinder air rifles or CO2 pneumatics: used for hunting birds and small animals. In rifles of this type, the bullet accelerates under the action of carbon dioxide, which is in a special canister at a pressure of 50-70 bar. Such air rifles are cheap compared to PSP, and they are capable of firing a series of automatic shots. But during hunting, difficult situations may arise due to the fact that CO2 does not tolerate temperature changes well. Therefore, many hunters reconstruct rifles of this type and pump ordinary air instead of carbon dioxide.

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Rating of air rifles from domestic and foreign manufacturers

Air rifles “Hatsan”

The superiority in the domestic arms market belongs to the air rifle “Hatsan 125”. It belongs to the “magnum” class and is a representative of the spring-piston pneumatics type. The model is great for hunting birds from a distance of about 75 meters.

Hatsan Striker Edge is a tipping–type rifle with a pistol grip. Despite the low price of the model, high-quality plastic is used in the process of its production. And so that the weapon does not slip out of your hands, rubber inserts are provided. The barrel is made of high-quality weapon steel. The sufficiently powerful Hatsan air rifle is suitable for hunting small game.

The Hatsan AT44PA PCP Air Rile multi-shot air rifle is also popular with hunters. One cartridge is loaded into her magazine. This model is the most powerful among its fellows. All models of “Hatsan” rifles are presented in the catalog of our online store, they can be purchased by visiting the website .

Air rifle “Diana”

The Diana side–cocked air rifle is a universal German spring-piston type rifle. Its body and butt are made of wood. It is characterized by a narrowing of the barrel to the muzzle, which ensures high accuracy and accuracy of the shot. The powerful gun is equipped with a recoil compensator, so it is minimal. But it is also worth noting that the compensator makes the rifle heavier. Compared to the Hunter air rifle, this model has a higher price, but it is justified. Thanks to its good rate of fire and the ability to recharge it in a short time (just a few seconds is enough), you will quickly appreciate its advantages. And by contacting the online store “League of Sports”, you can buy an air rifle “Diana” at an affordable price.

Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo weapons are air rifles with a gas spring. These products of Spanish manufacturers are widely known among hunters of our country. Due to the fact that real experts in their field are responsible for the design of all models, they have an attractive appearance. The company produces many models of rifles that have different equipment, but the same device. The Gamo air rifle from the Hunter series, often used for hunting, has the following characteristics:

  • the platoon is carried out by means of a trunk fracture;
  • the butt is made of natural wood and equipped with an adjustable cheek, which provides additional comfort when shooting;
  • thanks to the ventilated back cover, the recoil is minimized;
  • the front sight with fiberglass threads makes the rifle more accurate;
  • if necessary, an optical sight can be mounted on an aluminum bar.

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The Chaika air rifle

The best air rifle of Ukrainian manufacturers is the “Chaika”. In addition, the product is popular outside of our country. Domestic developers have taken all the best from similar models from other manufacturers and created the optimal gun, which is characterized by:

  • the presence of a gas spring, which protects the product from vibrations during the shot;
  • uniform and smooth platoon;
  • absence of pressure loss, including during long-term storage;
  • the presence of a steel sighting bar, which is adjustable in two planes.

When buying an air rifle “Chaika” of the Kharkiv Latek Arms Factory, you also receive factory warranty service.

Features of air rifles

Numerous reviews of air rifles suggest that their relevance is growing every day for a number of reasons:

  • the price of air rifles is much lower than that of firearms;
  • pneumatics for hunting of 4.5 mm caliber does not require additional permits and registrations, as well as the presence of a safe for storage;
  • a wide range of branded products both with and without an optical sight, which differ in technical characteristics, principle of operation, and most importantly – in cost;
  • almost all models are characterized by good accuracy and accuracy of shots;
  • the products are quiet during firing, and also have a small recoil.

The modern weapons market is represented by a huge number of models of various pneumatics. But which air rifle to choose is up to you, based on two main parameters:

  • power or energy: given by the rifle to the bullet at the moment of firing. Its unit of measurement is the joule. Rifles with an energy of up to 7.5 J are low-power and are marked with the letter F. Rifles with the letter J are characterized by energy up to 16.3 J. Their aiming range increases. The letters FAC indicate that the power is 28 – 30 J and higher. This weapon is capable of shooting even further;
  • accuracy and accuracy of shooting: with the same aiming and unchanged external conditions, you have the opportunity to shoot at the same target several times in a row.

If you decide to purchase an air rifle, but you have doubts about the choice of model or additional questions, our experts will help you with advice.

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