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Training with a punching bag and a bag can increase endurance, speed, improve reaction, and also teach you how to strike correctly. But training on these shells is significantly different and develops different skills of the athlete, so the exercises should not be mixed, and they need to be carried out separately. It is worth remembering that for classes you will definitely need special bandages, as well as boxing and projectile gloves (the so-called “pancakes”). The online store “League of Sports” offers boxing equipment from well-known companies (Reyvel, Matsa, Everlast, Ringsige, Title).

Exercises on a pear

Training with a pear develops the speed and endurance of an athlete. All training on this boxing equipment should take place at a moderate pace. Remember that this type of training is quite traumatic, you can easily get a sprain or bruise. You can be safe by simply mastering the correct technique of movement and striking. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the movement of the legs.

Correct movements will help to deliver not only more unexpected and quick blows, but also contribute to the strength of these blows. You need to accurately determine your beating hand. Your fighting stance will depend on it – right-sided or left-sided. Next, we put our feet shoulder-width apart, put one leg (right or left – depends on the chosen rack) forward, while the socks should be directed at the opponent. In motion, your step should be attached – this will ensure maximum stability.       

Training with a pear is quite dynamic, but do not forget about the correct application of blows. Choose the maximum pace at which the technique is not violated. Blows are applied not only with the hands, but also with the whole body. Technically, the correct kick starts with the foot, passes through the whole body, turning the body, and ends when the fist comes into contact with the target. The whole arm should be relaxed and tense at the very last moment, when the blow is already directly applied. This works according to the principle of the whip, as a result, a sharp and whiplash is obtained. Practice the technique of hitting and do not forget to move and hit the pear from different angles and distances.

If your goal is to establish the speed and sharpness of the blow, it is worth buying a pneumatic punching bag instead of a boxing bag. A punching bag of this type is capable of constantly changing its position, thereby making it possible to work out the accuracy and speed of the blow, including the reaction speed, without focusing on the force. A pneumatic cracker can also be a good projectile for working on slopes and reaction speed.

For your training, leather pears are perfect, for example, a boxing pear “On stretch marks” GC-1 and a “Teardrop” pear GC-2.

Training with a boxing bag

The training process should be approached with full responsibility, choosing only the right equipment that will help protect yourself from unnecessary injuries. It is necessary to choose a boxing bag taking into account:

  • The rigidity of the boxing bag. It is determined based on the type of packing that is used. But do not forget that too hard stuffing can lead to injuries to the hand, and too soft – to dislocation. For an adult, the most ideal option would be a rubber crumb as a filler. It has no tendency to knocking down, aging, rotting. Often such a filler is used by the company Sportko.
  • The weight of the bag. Pick up a boxing bag, the weight of which will be approximately equal to the weight of the person using it. For example, a bag with a weight of 5 – 30 kg is suitable for children. Such a boxing bag can be bought from the company Sportco: “Classic” MP-3 (harness) PVC 85 cm, weight 20 kg. For boxers with medium and light-middleweight, the most optimal option will be a bag with a weight of 60 kg – for example, as the Strike 160 cm LUXURY model, PVC, 60 kg. One of its most important advantages is its relative compactness, lack of need for powerful fasteners, as well as the ability to practice the technique of boxing punches. If the weight of a person is about 90 kg, then powerful fasteners will be required (it is worth considering purchasing a bracket) in order to be able to work out strong blows. A good solution in this case would be to buy a rack for a Leko boxing bag or a bracket as a more budget option.
  • The height of the bag. The most optimal are boxing bags, the height of which is 1.2 meters. But if the ceiling in the room is not very high, it is worth buying a bag with a height of 60 – 80 cm.
  • Upholstery material. It is the determining factor in the final cost of a boxing bag. The cheapest models are considered to be made of leatherette, but they have one significant drawback – fragility. It is believed that the service life directly depends on the thickness of the skin. For example, the boxing bags from Strike 110, 130, 150 cm are made of leather, the thickness of which is 2.2 mm; the boxing bag from the PROS is made of leather, the thickness of which is 2.8 mm; the ELITE boxing bag from Strike, which you can buy in our online store, has a leather upholstery thickness of 4.0 – 4.5 mm.
  • Often, instead of boxing bags, other projectiles are used to practice blows. For example, this can be a water filling bag that has a wide base. It is installed on the floor and filled with water. One of its advantages is that it does not require a large space, it can be installed almost everywhere in the apartment without the need for additional fasteners. Such a bag perfectly reproduces a potential opponent, you get the opportunity to strike from different sides. In the online store “League of Sports” you can buy a leather water-filling bag from Boyko Sport.

    Training with a boxing bag improves strength endurance, which means that all punches should differ in strength and accuracy. It is better for novice athletes to practice on lighter and smaller bags, for example, you can buy a boxing bag on Elite MP-1 harnesses from Sportco. It weighs 30 kilograms and 110 cm in height, which makes it possible to work out the correct technique of impact, and only then move on to heavier models. If you feel pain when striking, then the body itself will not allow you to hit hard, in which case the whole training will not make sense, and you may get injured. There are two ways to train with a bag: either to develop a detailed step-by-step program that will include all the exercises in strict order, or to work arbitrarily (this method is called “shadow fight”). The first method will make it possible to correctly set the technique and work out the strokes and movements. “Shadow Fight” will teach you how to strike from arbitrary distances and connect them in combination. You will learn to think quickly and make decisions.

    Having mastered the technique and strengthened the muscles and joints, you can start working with more serious projectiles. A striking representative of the latter is a bag with an OLYMPIC centerpiece MN-130, it has 50 kg of weight and 130 cm of height. It is very convenient that the kit includes chains, as well as the fastening unit itself.

    Please note that a particularly favorable offer is now available in our store: buy a boxing bag “Elite” MP-0 140 cm PVC weight 45 kg with a ring, and get chains as a GIFT!

    Boxing classes will be very useful for everyone, because training will help strengthen all muscles, improve reaction, coordination, strength and endurance. As experience shows, such classes bring a lot of pleasure – remember: everyone who leaves the boxing gym or those who have worked out at home will certainly smile; they are relaxed and happy with a productive pastime. Now there are quite a lot of good boxing bags of domestic production on the market, among which is the company “Strike”. The assortment includes excellent models for beginners, for example, a 0.8 m Boxing bag, as well as models for professionals, one of which is a ”Pro” bag.

    In training, you should fully use your body weight. To do this, you need to lean forward on impact, while using rotation. To practice this technique, training with a bag is ideal, because they are quite long, which allows you to master the exercises well. A striking example of using your weight is the technique of performing one of the main blows in boxing – the hook. All boxers know this strongest blow – it is a knockout blow, and it brought the desired victory to many. To effectively perform the hook, one weight force is not enough – it is necessary to master the complex technique of this technique perfectly. This blow is applied to the head or body. It is worth remembering that the ideal target is the chin, when hitting which the opponent’s head is informed of the rotational force, and as a result of turning the head, the flow of blood and oxygen is blocked, which causes disorientation and falling into the ring.

    Training Safety

    As everywhere in sports, various injuries occur in training with a bag, the main reason for which is the wrong technique. There are strict rules for working with such projectiles: you can not turn your fist on impact, and you also need to bend your toes. Compliance with such rules will protect the athlete from sprains and fractures.

    Performing a blow, you need to make sure that the fist is slightly lowered, while the two extreme knuckles should be in line with the elbow and forearm. Kicks are inflicted by a strictly defined part of the leg; violation of this rule will inevitably entail painful consequences. To control the movements of the bag, it is best to train with a partner who will keep the projectile from unnecessary vibrations. At the same time, it is important that the assistant holds the projectile correctly: he should stand in a fighting stance, slightly bending his knees; the bag should be tightly pressed to himself, and the head should be on the side; the hands should be removed as much as possible from the middle, on which blows are being struck; the body should be tilted forward, while the front foot should fit the entire plane to the floor, and the heel of the hind leg is understood up to to extinguish the blows as much as possible.

    Training with a bag and a bag can bring excellent results, but do not expect miracles from one or more workouts. Experts recommend working with these shells at least three times a week.

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