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// Boxing and martial arts

Undoubtedly, boxing is one of the most popular and spectacular sports in the world. For many hundreds of years, this martial art has been distinguished by its popularity in all countries of the planet. It must be difficult to find such a person today who would not have heard anything about such a single combat. But if you think about it, what do we really know about him? And then you will just read the most interesting facts about boxing, which will significantly expand your knowledge in this matter.

1. It is generally believed that for the first time the art of boxing appeared around 1560 BC – even before the very beginning of the famous Olympic Games. But not so long ago, other studies were published, according to which boxing was invented in Africa, namely in Ethiopia. This is confirmed by ancient hieroglyphs and thematic illustrations, whose age exceeds 6000 years!

2. Continuing the theme of history, it is appropriate to mention another curious fact. So, surely you have heard about the famous ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras. But few people know that he was also an excellent boxer. So, in 588 BC, the scientist became the first among the participants in fist fighting, and in those days they fought almost with their bare hands.

3. The famous philosopher Plato deserves no less attention. It turns out that one of the most outstanding thinkers of all time has twice won the same Olympic Games in Pankration. Traditional wrestling and boxing are very harmoniously combined in this martial art.

4. But let’s go back to the present. It is curious that in 1999 there was the first official boxing match between representatives of two different sexes. And it is very significant that it was a woman who won a decisive victory in it. In the future, such tournaments were practically not held.

5. Do you know what the main danger of boxing gloves is? They significantly reduce the risk of getting superficial injuries, but they absolutely do not reduce, but even increase the risk of brain injuries. The fact is that in their gloves boxers are much more likely to hit an opponent on the head. In the era of bare-handed fighting, such blows could cause damage to the arm, and sparring partners often beat each other on the body.

6. It is noteworthy that during the filming of the cult film “Rocky 4” Stallone asked Dolph Lundgren, who played the role of the Russian boxer Ivan, to really fight with him for more realism. As a result, after one of Dolph’s successful blows, the main character of the film was taken to a hospital, where he was forced to stay for more than a week. But here the interesting facts about boxing are just beginning.

7. It is very noteworthy that in 2002 a completely new sport related to traditional boxing appeared – this is chess boxing. The essence of this single combat is that the opponents spend 11 rounds alternately at the chessboard and in the boxing ring. The winner is the one who will checkmate the opponent first in the game or send the opponent to a knockout in battle.

8. The most record amount in the world in terms of earnings in a boxing match belongs to the legendary Mike Tyson. In just 92 seconds, Mike knocked out his opponent Julius Francis and earned $ 25 million. Then in 2001, in the second fight with Francis, everyone was so convinced of Tyson’s victory that The Miror newspaper even placed an advertisement on the soles of Julius so that she would get on camera during the knockouts.

9. It is worth noting a very unusual incident connected with one of the most famous boxers in history, who was one of the hundred best punchers in the world – Albert Wright. The famous athlete was famous for a large number of fights won and a special fighting style. It is surprising and sad that Wright drowned in his own bathroom, unsuccessfully slipping and hitting his head hard while bathing.

10. Do you know which of the famous boxers in his entire career has not lost any of his fights? And that champion is Rocky Marciano. Moreover, the invincible Italian finished 43 fights out of 49 with knockouts of his rivals! As you can see, interesting facts about boxing are very informative.

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