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The American manufacturer of equipment for martial arts Title has been a leader in the global sports equipment market for many years. Its products are very popular due to excellent quality, practicality and safety.

The company started its activities in 1998 under the leadership of former boxer Tony Carbaggio. Creating comfortable uniforms that meet international standards and reliably protect against injury has become the number one task. As a result, a line of unique products has been developed, which allows the athlete to concentrate as much as possible on the training process.

Advantages of Title Equipment:

  • impeccable quality;
  • high degree of protection;
  • compliance with fashion trends;
  • maximum comfort.

Title technologies for making equipment

The company’s production process is based on modern technologies. The latest scientific developments are embodied in new models created by the brand using unique technologies: I-Tech, Hexicomb, Foam channel technology, GEL – Gel Enforced Lining, Aerovent, Shock suppression system S2, Tri-Tech, Infused Foam, Zero Impact, Sculpted thermo foam, Fighting fit, Air-Cel-System, Liqui-Shock, Power Air, Pro Compress, Gyro Balanced.

Boxing gloves, paws, protective elements are made according to the unique technique of Title Gel. To date, this is the best solution for training, including a large number of sparring sessions, as well as practicing the technique of strikes. Title Gel is a worthy replacement for the classic multilayer foam. Many years of research and tests conducted with the participation of professional athletes helped to achieve excellent results. The demand for such products is justified by its special properties: a high degree of shock absorption, increased protection from injury.


The model range of the Title includes uniforms for women and men. In addition to the basic elements of protection (shields, helmets, gloves), the company offers a wide selection of sportswear and accessories. A feature of the line is a classic design, without pretentiousness. The main emphasis of the manufacturer was not on the brightness of the appearance, but on the functionality of the product. Buyers will not have to overpay for beauty. The products of the American brand are an ideal option for those who are determined to achieve high results.

Boxing Gloves Title

Boxing gloves from Title are unprecedented practicality. They are designed for training, competitions of different levels and professional fights. Their peculiarity is the perfect combination of foam filler and high-tech Gel Enforced Lining layer, which provides shock absorption and uniform distribution of their force between zones with different absorbing properties.

The upper of the gloves is made of soft but durable material. As a rule, it is cowhide in combination with suede and patent leather. Special surface treatment of the product makes it smooth and resistant to wear.

The inner side of the palm is equipped with a mesh nylon insert in order to ensure good thermoregulation of the hands. The inner lining of the gloves has antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties.Reliable fixation of the brush is achieved thanks to a special clasp.

Advantages of Boxing Gloves Title:

  • protect from injury;
  • comfortable;
  • they have an ergonomic design;
  • maintain a normal microclimate of the hands;
  • they provide rapid fist compression without additional effort, thereby saving the athlete’s energy.


The range of helmets of the American brand is quite wide. Of the general characteristics , it should be noted:

  • the use of the exclusive Enforced Lining Gel technology in the production (a well-absorbing gel in combination with a multi-layer foam is used as a filler);
  • the design completely covers the ears, forehead and cheeks thanks to soft inserts;
  • Velcro closure and elastic upper ensure a perfect fit;
  • genuine leather upper guarantees wear resistance;
  • adjustable chin;
  • comfortable fit to the size.

The selection of the helmet is carried out in accordance with the head circumference parameter.

Foot guards

Shin guards and stop Title are also available using the patented Enforced Lining Gel technology. In the list of their advantages:

  • absolute leg protection during intense workouts;
  • increased comfort;
  • perfect impact resistance;
  • secure fit;
  • size adjustment due to velcro closure;
  • ease of use;
  • endurance;
  • durability.

There are four sizes of flaps on sale: S, M, L, XL.

Bandages and shells to protect the groin

They are made of genuine leather. A gel layer is used as a filler. It not only creates additional protection, but also contributes to the correct fit of the product. Fixation is made by adjustable straps. Title offers a wide range of professional groin protection for different types of martial arts.


They are made of bio-compatible thermoplastic polymer with several protection systems. Main advantages:

  • increased compression ratio
  • protection of the jaw joint from concussion of the brain
  • lateral jaw stabilizers
  • air cushion for additional core coating in the core and compression system
  • front teeth
  • air release system for the ability to “breathe and talk”
  • compact dimensions

The products of the American brand are tested at different stages of the production process and have international quality certificates. 

Title — a reasonable choice of people keeping up with the times!

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