Who would have thought that the first prototype of everyone’s favorite game could appear out of boredom. It was invented by soldiers who needed to somehow pass the time in the evenings before the battle. They threw their arrows at the wall and counted the points. Of course, there were actually no rules in such darts, and it was used just for fun.

Gradually, the game began to change and improve. The first modern darts with rules appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. It was then that one carpenter thought of creating a special field for throwing, drawing it across cities and began to count points. Then they also began to use peculiar darts and come up with primitive rules.

Today, darts is the most popular game, the essence of which is the technique of throwing darts at the target according to certain rules. It is natural that in translation from English it means “darts”. According to the rules, the winner is the one who scores more points. Each of the sectors of the field corresponds to the corresponding number of them. Many beginners immediately claim to get into the “bullseye” and get the largest amount of points. However, not everyone can do it.

The main rules of darts for beginners

The question of how to play darts worries not only beginners, but also experienced players. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this game. The main thing is to count the points correctly and hit the target accurately.

According to the rules of darts, the playing field is always divided into twenty sectors. The last one, the twentieth, should always be located at the very top. The rest can be scattered in a rather chaotic manner. To get a certain number of points according to the rules of darts, it is necessary to throw darts into the selected sector.

According to the rules of darts, you can get the most points by throwing a dart into the central part of the field (50 points) or into its rim (25 points). Also on the field there are green and red rings of a rather small size. Getting into this markup according to the rules multiplies the points for which the sector is responsible. For example, an outer ring gives a doubling, and an inner ring implies a tripling of points.

According to the rules of darts, any number of players can participate in the game. Each of them can throw darts in only three throws. After that, it’s the turn of the next one. The main rule of darts is not to add points, but to calculate them. At the beginning of the game, each participant has 501 points in his reserve. After the roll is made, the points received are deducted from this amount. The winner is the one who gets to “zero” faster.

According to the rules of darts, the whole game ends with a doubling. The player needs to get into the outer ring. Also, you can get into the “bullseye”, which also doubles the points. The rules state: to “write off” all your points with one throw, you need to carefully calculate the points and choose the target at which you will throw the dart.

How to play darts and count points to always win

Before you start the game and tell us about the technique of a successful throw, we suggest you to plunge into the scoring in more detail. According to the rules of darts, it is best to aim at a sector with a tripling of twenty. Thus, you will be able to get one hundred and eighty points for one of your “exits”, consisting of throwing three darts. After such a move, according to the rules, you have only 141 points left. They are easy to “throw off” with several strategic throws. For example, triple the “twenty”, double the “seventeen” and “fifteen”.

Do not be upset, because even the most experienced players cannot immediately fully master this strategy according to all the rules of darts. Very often, the dart in the process of throwing falls into the neighboring sector. Therefore, not the desired number of points is deducted, but only one hundred or one hundred and forty.

In order to quickly and effectively complete your game according to the rules, you need to immediately figure out how to count points in darts. Otherwise, you may not win, getting into sectors that give a shortage or overkill of points. We advise you to immediately calculate how best to assure the party for doubling and reasonably assess your capabilities.

Throwing position: we create a body position in which you can throw/throw darts with maximum benefit

Never confuse throwing darts according to the rules of the ball game. The technique of this entertainment does not imply the creation of a throw with force. It is better to lean forward a little, while not making any body movements. According to the rules of darts, only the wrist part of the hand should work!

It doesn’t matter which hand you create the throw with. If it is more convenient for you to do it with your left, according to the rules of darts, you are not prohibited from doing it. However, it is worth remembering that all manipulations in the game are designed for “right-handers”. According to the rules of darts, it is best to take a position in a half-turn from the target itself.

Before the throw, it is necessary to take the most stable position. You can press your free hand to your stomach. This is not prohibited by the rules of darts, while this position will increase your stability and create additional support. Draw an invisible line from the dart and the target and send it along it in the process of throwing. Try to “feel” your dart. Then he will certainly hit the intended target in accordance with all the rules of darts.

To correctly work out throws for the lower and upper sectors, start with a certain technique that you have already managed to create during the game. It consists of the following nuances:

  • To get to the upper area of the field, according to the rules of darts, it is necessary to straighten the body, while lifting the forearm.
  • To get to the lower area of the field, you need to tilt the body even more and lower the forearm at the same time.
  • To get into the side area, you should not throw in the diagonal direction. It is better to make a throw in the direction of the boundary line, as all the rules of darts say.
  • The smoother you make the intended throw, the more likely it is to hit the target. The rules of darts are primarily focused on pleasant leisure activities by the participants of the game, and only then – the goal of victory!

    The main secret of darts: educational program on how to hang a target for victory

    In order for the game to bring you maximum pleasure, you need to properly hang the target for the throw. According to the rules of darts, the playing field is located in the center. The height to the center of the target from the floor should be exactly 1.73 meters. This distance of darts according to the rules is ideal for all players, regardless of their height. The throw must always be made from the same mark. It should be no closer than 2.37 meters from the target.

    According to the rules of darts, you can use professional and amateur equipment. Professional darts and a target make the game process much more interesting and enjoyable. Such equipment is characterized by reliability, quality and durability, and also complies with all the rules of darts. Its only drawback is a very significant price.

    If your goal is just a pleasant leisure time, then you can safely stop at choosing an amateur set. The technique of throwing darts on this inventory, in fact, is no different. But its cost is quite loyal to most buyers. However, be prepared if after a few games of darts according to the rules, your darts will lose their former “skill”.

    Most popular darts games: 501/301, round game, thousand

    Before moving on to challenging competitions, it’s worth honing your skills on easier and simpler games. These include the three most common types of darts according to the rules described below:

    • 501 (301);
    • playing a round;
    • thousand.

    In the first 501 darts game, according to the rules, points are always calculated relative to the “cost” of each throw. Initially, all players have 501 points. After throwing a dart according to the rules, this amount decreases. The game stops as soon as one of the participants goes to zero. The final throw must be made by doubling or hitting the center of the field. If the participant “went over” or “did not collect” points, then this series of throws is simply not counted and remains at the same level.

    The rules of darts 301 are no different from the game described above. The only difference is that the initial number of points is not 501, but 301 points. According to the rules of darts, one round of the game is also called “leg”. Five such rounds make up a “set”. According to the rules of darts, the team that got the most wins in sets wins.

    According to the rules of darts, a round game is a competition between rivals or a single player. Its main goal is to throw darts in turn into each sector from one to twenty. According to the rules of darts, it ends with tripling or doubling, depending on the situation.

    According to the rules of darts, the game of a thousand takes place only in sectors 25 and 50. Other compartments of the field are unused. The goal of the competition is to write off as many as a thousand points. Otherwise, the strategy of the game is no different from the previous ones.

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