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// Pneumatic weapons

Choosing an air rifle is a responsible matter. To date , there are 3 main types:

-multicompression, compression and gas cylinder;

-pre-pumped PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic);

-spring-piston pneumatics (PPP).

The principle of operation of the PPP

A spring-piston air rifle, also referred to as a PPP or PPP, in its mechanism contains a powerful spring, which is compressed by refraction of the barrel or cocking of the lever. Straightening out, she moves the piston, which, in turn, pushes the bullet out. Such rifles are very easy to handle, and are an excellent option for the first pneumatic long-barreled weapon. The care of the PPP is elementary, and even a beginner can easily cope with this task. 

Types of spring-piston pneumatics

IFR rifles are divided into two types , depending on the method of cocking the lever:

-Cocking by “breaking” the barrel.  The most popular and well–known model is the MR-512. Most often it is used in a shooting gallery, which earned itself a second name – “air-shooting gallery” or “murka”.

-Cocking with a side or under-barrel lever. Such models of “air” are more accurate and convenient. They are distinguished by high accuracy of shooting.

Separation of IFR rifles by power

The power (energy) of rifles is stamped on the weapon in the form of Latin letters-designations:

-Low-power weapon “F” – muzzle energy 7.5 J (bullet speed (0.51 g) – 170 m/s). Such weapons are sold without permission and restrictions on use.

-Average power “J” – muzzle energy of 16.3 J (bullet speed (0.51 g) 270-320 m/s). The firing range, in comparison with low-power pneumatics, increases by 50-70 meters. There is no restriction on the purchase of such weapons in Ukraine.

-Increased power “FAC” – energy over 16.3 j. They are excellent for shooting outdoors, because the trajectory of the bullet does not depend on the surrounding conditions. But it should be taken into account that for such weapons it is necessary to buy a certain type of heavy bullets.

We pay attention to the details

Before buying a rifle, pay attention to the barrel of the weapon, because the accuracy of the shot will depend on its quality. In the place where the bullet is inserted (breech), there should be a small chamfer that does not allow the bullet to deform at the time of reloading. Some manufacturers produce models without chamfering, thereby reducing the percentage of accuracy of shots. For greater accuracy of hitting the target, think about buying a sight with a high-quality and reliable mount (if it is not included).

Variants of the sight for a spring-piston rifle are the following:

-An open (mechanical) sight consists of a front sight and a rear sight. For lovers of classics;

-Laser designator – a low-power laser beam is used;

-Optical sight – an optical device with lenses.


Below is a small overview of the most popular IFR rifles of our store:

Hatsan Striker Edge

An air rifle of 4.5 mm caliber, which, with a fairly small weight of 2.9 kg, has a good shot power (muzzle velocity of 305 m / s).  High accuracy of shooting will be provided by a high-quality rifled barrel made of durable weapon steel. It has an additional protective coating. The Hatsan Striker Edge air rifle can be used in bad weather conditions, thanks to the convenient Skeleton butt with rubber inserts and notches. Such a weapon will not slip out of your hands even in rainy weather.

Crosman Optimus  

The classic spring-piston rifle Crosman Optimus is an excellent representative of an elegant pneumatic weapon. Powerful (365 m/s), light (up to 3 kg) and comfortable. The bed made of solid wood, with a Monte Carlo slat and a rubber backplate provide comfortable shooting and reduce recoil. The barrel is rifled from high-strength weapon steel. The sight is open, but the installation of an optical sight is provided.

Umarex Hammerli Hunter Force 900 Combo 

A combination of classics and Swiss quality. The Umarex Hammerli Hunter Force 900 Combo air rifle is characterized by high accuracy of the shot, good power (305 m/s), high-quality parts and assembly, as well as a very convenient sight system – optics with parallax tuning 6×42. The classic comfortable butt made of natural wood is equipped with a special pad on the back of the head, thanks to which the recoil force is significantly reduced. Umarex Hammerli Hunter Force 900 Combo is one of the best in its category.

A spring-piston rifle will be an excellent choice for a novice gun lover. Low cost, excellent reliability of the mechanism, ease of use are the main advantages of this type of pneumatics. The range of PPD rifles can be evaluated on our website in a special section. Happy shopping!

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