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A sports bag makes going to the gym, fitness or any other sports activities more convenient. You don’t need to figure out where to put all the necessary things: uniforms, equipment, shoes, a bottle of water or sports nutrition. Besides, sports bags are not only for sports. They will completely replace a bulky suitcase if you are planning a trip out of town with friends. 

The entire range of sports bags can be divided into:

  • Classic bags with handles for carrying in the hands and on one shoulder.
  • Backpacks that have comfortable soft straps for carrying on two shoulders.
  • Dividing women’s and men’s sports bags into two full–fledged categories is not entirely rational. Yes, there are models that are better suited for girls. And there are those that are preferred for guys. This is mainly a matter of convenience, so below we will talk about how not to make a mistake here.

    But first, let’s name the basic requirements for a men’s or women’s sports backpack, bag:

    • Capacity. Focus on the type of sport and the number of things you need with you. For example, tennis fans will definitely need a more spacious backpack than fans of athletics or fitness.
    • The presence of several isolated offices. A backpack for sports should ensure proper storage of training shoes, clean uniforms and other necessary trifles. It is important that the compartments are closed with a zipper lock, and also have a lining.
    • Durable fabric. A women’s or men’s sports bag is an item that is used by the owner regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Therefore, wear resistance indicators are in the foreground. The material from which the product is sewn must withstand weight loads and be insensitive to damage. 

    Remember: it is very important that a sports backpack is comfortable for you. Therefore, be sure to compare several models according to their own, individual characteristics.

    Sports bag for men: basic requirements

    Athletes are demanding about the quality of the things they buy. And this approach is very correct. If you decide to buy a men’s sports bag, not a backpack, then pay attention to products with comfortable handles. The bag should be comfortably worn both in the hand and on the shoulder. It is better if the handles have a soft or rubberized lining. 

    A sports bag for men is, to begin with, a practical thing that is inexpensive. And only then – an accessory. Therefore, it is most important to pay attention to such characteristics as:

    • Dimensions and shape.
    • Number of branches.
    • The ability to adjust the length of the straps.

    Remember that different bags are suitable for going to the gym and doing other sports. In the first case, a small size option will be enough: there are plenty of such bags in the assortment of Adidas and other popular brands. If you are a judoka, tennis player or basketball player, then pay attention to specialized sports bags for men that are adapted to a specific sport.

    The optimal sewing material is, of course, polyester. It retains its shape well, is wear-resistant and durable. In some cases, men’s sports bags made of polyester are treated with a moisture-repellent impregnation.

    Choosing a men’s backpack for sports correctly

    Sports backpacks for men have almost the same requirements as bags. Additionally, you should pay attention to the weight of the product: a sports backpack for men should not be too heavy, bulky. It should be comfortable to wear on one and two shoulders. Backpack straps are necessarily adjustable in length.

    When buying a backpack for sports, check:

    • Functionality of all locks.
    • The quality of seams and fittings.
    • The strength of the lining.

    An additional “plus” is the presence of a protective cover from the rain. The design of the backpack, at the same time, is solely a matter of taste, so here you can give free rein to your imagination.

    Women’s sports crossbody bag or backpack: which is better?

    Girls are demanding of their own appearance. Therefore, a sports bag for women should be comfortable, durable, roomy and stylish at the same time. The compact version, which is worn over the shoulder, is suitable for girls who are fond of fitness. This bag will fit everything you need.

    Women’s sports backpack is chosen, most often, by lovers of strength training. It is more roomy and also comfortable to wear: the backpack evenly distributes the weight on both shoulders.

    When choosing a women’s backpack or a sports bag, follow simple tips:

    • The presence of isolated compartments and side pockets is always a “plus”. This way you will be able to store the items you need during training correctly, as well as have quick access to them.
    • Reliable fasteners (zippers or “buttons”) will make the operation of the bag more convenient.
    • It is better to choose synthetic materials for sports backpacks and bags. So you will not have any problems with the care of the product: it can be easily cleaned, and some models can be washed in a washing machine.
    • Bright and bright sports backpacks for women are, of course, beautiful. But if you wear the product regularly, it is better to give preference to less expensive colors: gray, black. Red backpacks are also quite versatile.
    • High-quality bags do not get wet, and are also resistant to burnout. If the material from which the product is sewn is impregnated with a moisture-repellent composition, then this will be an additional advantage.
    • The seams on the sports bag should be multi-line and even. Carefully inspect the product from the wrong side: this will help to assess the quality of tailoring.

    It is important that a women’s backpack or sports bag be light, comfortable to wear. You should not feel any discomfort at all. Therefore, first – the practicality, the quality of the product, and only then – the choice of its design.

    Tip: when choosing the design of a sports bag, pay attention to the quality and method of applying the print. So that the drawing does not tear off after several washes, adhere to the rules of fabric care.

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