In order for the soccer ball to last you as long as possible, you should strictly follow the basic rules for care, operation and storage. Violations of these simple rules can lead to the fact that the game projectile will fail (break or deform) much earlier than planned. In this article we will tell you about the requirements and recommendations that allow you to extend the service life of soccer balls.

To begin with, let’s talk about what absolutely cannot be done with the ball if you want it to remain in a usable condition:

  • Don’t stand or sit on the ball
  • Do not hit the ball with force against a concrete or brick wall
  • Do not pump the ball
  • Do not use aggressive chemicals when washing
  • Do not play with a wet ball in the cold.

It should be mentioned that there are special categories of football shells designed for use on various types of surfaces. In no case should you play on asphalt or concrete with a ball designed for grass or synthetic lawns. For such hard coatings, balls are offered, the tire of which is made of high-strength materials.

Separately, you should tell about the recommendations for washing and cleaning. Many novice football fans are interested in the questions: “is it possible to wash a soccer ball?” and “how to wash the ball?” So, it is not only possible to wash balls, but also necessary, because dirt eats into the tire material, and in general, it is much more pleasant to play with a clean ball. We recommend cleaning the projectile from dirt after each use on wet or dusty ground. However, before washing your ball, be sure to read the basic rules.

Is it possible to wash a soccer ball? Need to!

To remove dirt from the game projectile, use a damp cloth or sponge. If this method does not help to remove deeply ingrained dirt, you can treat the surface of the ball with a special cleaning agent designed for synthetic materials. The use of mild soap is also allowed. It is strictly forbidden to clean the ball with the use of concentrated abrasive chemicals that can have a destructive effect on the tire material. Also, when washing, do not pour water abundantly on the ball, since moisture can penetrate into its structure, which is highly undesirable. After cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the projectile with a dry cloth or napkin.

Cleaning the ball should be carried out carefully.

Do not dry the balls with heaters, dryers and hair dryers. This negatively affects the functional characteristics of the projectile. The ball should dry naturally at a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees.

Also, the durability of a soccer ball is affected by its proper storage. The main rule: the projectile must be stored indoors to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The presence of working heating devices near the ball can also adversely affect its properties. The storage room must ensure that there is no exposure to vapors, gases and chemicals.

Proper storage is the key to durability.

We recommend storing the balls on special racks-holders, as this ensures fixation and prevents the projectile from rolling on a flat surface. In addition, you can use baskets and nets for football equipment.

A few words must be said about the correct pumping of the projectile. It is recommended to lubricate the needle and nipple with special oil, which allows to preserve the integrity of the structure when inflating. In order not to over-pump the ball, use a pressure gauge to monitor the pressure in the chamber.

Pump the ball up to maximum pressure before cleaning.

Well, now you know the basic recommendations for the care of footballs. Remember that in order for the ball to last you longer, you need:

  • Do not do something that will damage its design
  • Use the projectile on the surfaces for which it is intended
  • Wash the ball regularly, following the cleaning rules
  • Store the ball in a suitable place
  • Properly inflate

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