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Noise cartridges are designed to simulate the firing of a combat weapon. A shot in the air from such a pistol is guaranteed to scare off animals and even people who are aggressively opposed to you. This is a great option for safe self-defense, because there is no striking element in the products, which makes the sale and use of such weapons free, without restrictions.

A wound from the action of a blank ammunition can be obtained only as a result of the interaction of powder gases with the skin, which are released at high speed at the time of the shot. It is impractical and dangerous to spend a live cartridge for this purpose. Noise cartridges perfectly cope with the task. These ammunition are devoid of a warhead, so they have a fairly wide scope of application.

The main design features of noise cartridges

The main feature of noise cartridges is the absence of a striking element in them. There is no bullet or shot in the product. The charge of gunpowder, which performs the main work in combat shells, is used idly here. In the process of ignition of the charge, the release of powder gases occurs, accompanied by a sound wave. The absence of a warhead also determines the very design of noise cartridges, which in appearance are very similar to blank ammunition.

When loaded, the ammunition has a leading edge compressed in the shape of an asterisk. The noise cartridge is an advanced product. Unlike blanks, noise ammunition is equipped with a plastic stopper (bullet), which is destroyed at the moment of firing. This technology allows not only to enhance the sound effect at the moment of the shot, but also ensures the reusable use of cartridges. 

Despite the fact that noise cartridges, like blanks, do not pose a direct threat, their use requires compliance with certain precautions. Physical injury when using such products can only be obtained from a very close distance with inept handling of ammunition and weapons. In addition to the powder charge, which makes up the charging part, the cartridges have a capsule. This structural element ignites gunpowder under the influence of the impact mechanism. 


A wound from the action of a blank ammunition can be obtained only as a result of the interaction of powder gases with the skin, which are released at high speed at the time of the shot.


Main technical characteristics of noise cartridges

The cartridges are standardized for 9 mm caliber, so they can be used with almost all known and common starting and gas pistols. All products are distinguished by:

  • practicality in operation;
  • the balance of the charge and the achieved sound effect;
  • maximum safety during operation;
  • moderate cost.


Today, traumatic cartridges equipped with a rubber bullet, blanks and gas ammunition, the caliber of which is 9 mm, are produced.


The 9 mm caliber is considered a pistol, which is why it has become quite widespread. All products are produced in the same configuration and have an identical design with minor technical differences due to the modification of the weapons used. For starting revolvers, blank cartridges of the TEREN-3M trademark are usually used, having other dimensions and a smaller charge. As a rule, the standard package is completed with 50 cartridges, regardless of a particular manufacturer.

Noise cartridges of the Turkish company OZKURSAN. Identical in appearance with products from other manufacturers

Noise and blank cartridges of 9 mm caliber are popular not only by owners of starting pistols, but also revolvers. They are distinguished not only by their cost and scope of application, but also by a different sound effect. The noise level of all products does not exceed 125 dB, which is the boundary threshold for safe use.


 The noise level of 165-185 dB is critical for human hearing. Noise cartridges and grenades used for special combat purposes have such characteristics.



Among the brands whose ammunition is in demand today, both domestic manufacturing companies and foreign firms can be noted.  

Blank, signal and noise cartridges manufactured by NPP Ecologist LLC, Ukraine are well-known products in our country and abroad. Since 1991, the company has been producing various ammunition for pistols, revolvers and rifles.

The products of Kharkiv gunsmiths are no less well-known in the ammunition market. The ZBROIA company begins its history since 2012. Today, the products of this company are well known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The range of products manufactured under the ZBROIA brand includes a whole list of a wide variety of ammunition for almost all types of small arms.

Among the foreign companies that are represented on our market, Turkish brands Zuber and Ozkursan can be distinguished. The products of these manufacturers appeared relatively recently and have already managed to seriously displace the products of other manufacturers. Turkish-made blank cartridges are distinguished by the quality of manufacture and a high degree of reliability. According to their sound characteristics, Turkish-made cartridges significantly exceed the samples of domestic manufacturers.


Firing blanks from starting and gas pistols will not only be a pleasant pleasure for you, but will also provide you with the necessary safety. The sound effect that is obtained when firing noise ammunition is sufficient to simulate the use of combat weapons.

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