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Martial arts is, first of all, a philosophy. Athletes studying these types of martial arts know how important it is to observe all traditions, starting from psychological aspects and ending with equipment. Martial arts of the Celestial Empire provide for generally accepted rules in clothing. It adjusts the fighter to the right mood, provides ease and freedom of movement. The same applies to shoes, which have their own characteristics.

Kung Fu Shoes

In all types of martial arts, masters of various fighting schools pay close attention to the fighter’s stance. The ability to stand firmly on his feet significantly increases his chance of winning. For such training, special shoes are purchased, which not only provides optimal grip with the surface, but also provides reliable protection of the feet.

As a rule, shoes for kung fu classes are available in the form of slippers with a flexible, durable sole. It is made of high-quality materials and has a number of advantages:

  • good microcirculation of air;
  • high quality materials;
  • insole with antibacterial coating;
  • non-slip grooved sole;
  • practicality and wear resistance.

Such well-known manufacturers of sports equipment as Mashare, developing shoes for kung fu, provided all the main points. Including heavy loads on the foot, and, of course, the necessary comfort. It is worth noting that kung fu shoes, as a rule, are designed for training only in the gym.

Taekwondo shoes

Another type of martial arts, taekwondo, is distinguished by the presence of a large number of punches and high jumps in the training program. Accordingly, the fighters’ shoes should be durable and comfortable. Especially for active taekwondo training, manufacturers of sporting goods Adidas, Green Hill and others produce so-called stepki. Outwardly, they resemble leather sneakers.

Advantages of stepok:

  • thin non-slip sole;
  • lightness;
  • increased strength;
  • special design that provides reliable fixation and protection of the foot;
  • good ventilation.

Stepki are designed for running, hitting the target, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When choosing a size, you should pay attention to the tightness of the foot. They don’t have to be free.

The general rule for all shoes designed for martial arts is comfort, durability and good grip on the surface. The manufacturers worked on this to the maximum and made sure that the fighter had the opportunity to fully concentrate on training and not feel any discomfort.

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