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An optical sight is a device that helps to aim a weapon at a target with greater accuracy. It is installed with brackets on the guide rail. After that, perhaps the most painstaking work is to be done – setting up the optical sight. It involves the alignment of the optics, the adjustment of the distance of the eyepiece lens relative to the eye of the person who will shoot, and the final rigid fixation of the device. Let’s figure out how to set up an optical sight on an air rifle and not miss anything from attention.

A few words about how to set up an optical sight on the air

Before ordering optics for pneumatics, it should be taken into account that this type of weapon has a sufficiently high recoil and vibration. Therefore, the sight and its mount should be designed for this.

Setting up the optical sight on an air rifle occurs after the device is fixed on the weapon. Put the weapon to your shoulder and look carefully into the eyepiece.

  • First, you should adjust the vertical sight on the air. To do this, use a special regulator, which, as a rule, is located on the upper bar.
  • Then you should adjust the optics horizontally. This regulator can be found on the side bar of the device.
  • When the crosshair has taken a vertical position and is perpendicular to the rifle, you can fix the optics by rigidly fixing the bolts on the rings.
  • If the optics model allows you to adjust the magnification multiplicity, then setting this parameter will be another step, but this is after the device setup is finished.

    After the preparatory stage, you can go to the sighting, where the adjustment of the optical sight will be completely completed: the position of the optics on the weapon will be corrected, the eyepiece will be adjusted for the convenience of the shooter, etc.

    As you can see, it is not so difficult to properly adjust the front sight on the pneumatics, the main thing is patience and confident handling of the device.

    Important: Before you start setting up the optical sight, make sure that the weapon is discharged and the safety is on.

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