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It’s no secret that the main result when shooting is the accuracy of the shot. Many owners of air rifles achieve good performance by improving their weapon skills, while others use optical sights to increase the accuracy of the shot. Thanks to optics, it is possible to achieve more accurate aiming when shooting from pneumatics at small targets and over long distances. However, it is not enough to purchase the most advanced optical device. The optical sighting device must have an appropriate mount that will fully meet the technical capabilities of the weapon model. In our online store “League of Sports” you can not only buy good and high–quality optics for an air rifle at once, but also choose the right mount for the sight.

Features of mounts for optical sights

It should be noted at once that special optical devices are used for pneumatic weapons. The main difference between such sighting devices is that they can withstand the double recoil and vibration characteristic of this type of weapon.

Important! Air rifles are never equipped with combat optical sights used for practical purposes on various types of firearms.

Despite the fact that many consider lenses to be the main elements of the sighting complex, it is the bracket that is one of the most important components of the sighting device. With the help of a properly selected bracket, the optics mounted on the air rifle will be safe. In addition, the bracket provides a reliable fixation of the sighting device in the desired position at the time of the shot. For each model of pneumatic weapons, there are their own, specially designed and specially selected mounts.

Our online store offers various modifications of mounts for each model of optical sights from the most famous manufacturers. The catalog contains fasteners for permanent installation and models of fasteners for quick shooting. Consulting managers of the online store “League of Sports” are ready to help you choose the most optimal mounting option for your rifle.

If you decide to purchase a sight for your weapon yourself, you should select a bracket with a certain actual load. For those who do not want to go into details and details, it is better to opt for expensive models of fasteners. This is where the principle works – if it is expensive, then it means it is durable, reliable and of high quality.

Important! Do not install the mounts on your rifle yourself if you do not know how to do it correctly. By making errors during the mounting of the bracket under the sight, you can devalue the work of even the most advanced and powerful optical device.

Types of brackets: rings and monoblocks

The bulk of the brackets used today for equipping air rifles are products of two types:

  • stationary brackets;
  • quick-release mounting options.

In turn, the brackets are divided into two types: mounting rings and monoblocks. For example, products of such well-known companies as Hawke, Beeman, Konus and Barska have recently been in demand. These can be both rings for fasteners and monoblocks-fasteners. Each of the models differs in the diameter of the landing tube, which can be different for each optical sight. The mounting height is also taken into account. The optimal arrangement of rings or a monoblock is the position in which the lens of the sight will be located as close as possible to the barrel of the rifle, without touching it. In addition, we must take into account that the monoblock mount is much more massive and heavier than the mounting rings. However, this provides a more rigid fixation of the sight on the weapon.

The rings allow you to adjust the optical sight as it will be convenient for the shooter, at any angle. The main advantages of the mounting rings include compact dimensions and reliable fixation of the optical sight. However, many experts consider rings to be a temporary attachment option and use them when dealing with a non-standard sight or a weapon does not have a convenient place to install a sighting device. The rings, due to their low rigidity, reduce the load on the sighting device. For installation on most models of air rifles, mounts with two landing diameters are used: 1 inch or 30 mm.

Hawke rings are designed to install optical sights on hunting and sporting weapons that have a Weaver (Weaver), Dovetail (Dovetail 11mm) sighting bar.  The rings will be convenient in the case of a limited place to install the sight on the weapon, in the case of non-standard sizes of the sighting bar, a large length of the sight or a large diameter of the sight lens. They differ in reinforced fastening. 

Hawke monoblocks provide reliable mounting of the sight on the sighting bar, thanks to a reliable system of clamping screws, a retractable locking screw and a powerful pressure plate. All corners and edges of the monoblock are rounded, in order not to damage the sight when working together.

Beeman rings are designed to install optical sights on hunting and sporting weapons that have a Weaver (Weaver), Dovetail (Dovetail 11mm) sighting bar. Suitable for high and low mounting. Made of light alloy material, they differ in their affordable price category.

Beeman monoblocks are characterized by reliable fixation thanks to three mounting screws and one locking screw. Suitable for pneumatic and small-caliber rifles..

Konus rings – made of anodized aluminum, designed for the installation of sights with a pipe diameter of 25.4 – 30 mm. Adjustment of the inner diameter of the fastening rings is carried out by means of removable inner rings. Suitable for high and low mounting. The optimal price-quality ratio.

Rings – made of anodized aluminum. Suitable for installing optical sights on hunting, sporting weapons. They are distinguished by quality and high reliability.


Dovetail and Weaver Bar

The dovetail attachment is a quick-release attachment. Despite the fact that many of the consumers, trying to equip air rifles with sighting devices, prefer rings and monoblocks, a dovetail type mount deserves special attention. This is one of the traditional mounting options used to install optical sights on firearms and sporting weapons. Hence, the desire of many shooters to equip their pneumatics with similar optical devices, with the same type of attachment, is understandable.

An important feature of this attachment is its versatility. This type of fastener is suitable for almost any optical sight model. In addition, such a mount has a simple and fairly reliable design that can faithfully serve for a long time. What is a dovetail type mount? This is a metal bar with small symmetrically arranged grooves. It is due to the latter that the entire structure is attached to the weapon. The width of the mounting bar is 11 mm.

This type of attachment provides the upper location of the optics in relation to the barrel of the rifle. A weapon equipped with an optical sight with a mount of this type also allows you to shoot in the usual version without re-equipment, with the help of a rear sight and a front sight. This type of attachment is placed on the targeted place. In the future, it remains only to attach the optical sight in place, after which the weapon is ready to fire. Our online store offers you a choice of the most diverse designs of dovetail type fasteners, products of well–known brands.

Another type of quick-release fasteners is the Weaver bar. This is an advanced dovetail mount. The product is screwed to the sight for the entire length and has a special device for subsequent adjustment of optics. Strength, rigidity and reliability of installation in this case are the main advantages of this type of fastening.

The complexity of the design is not a factor complicating the installation process. The product is placed on an air rifle quickly and simply. Another important advantage of the Weaver bar is that this mount is perfectly suitable for other attachments. You can use this type of attachment for mounting not only optics, but also for installing a flashlight and a laser designator.

It should be noted that the Weaver bars are actively used to complete pneumatic pistols.

When choosing a mount, it is also necessary to take into account the height of the optical device. There are three options for mounting height:

  • high mounts, as a rule, are rings that fix high-power optical sights with 50 mm lenses. Such mounts provide an accurate focus of aiming, without capturing either the barrel of the rifle or its butt;
  • the medium–height fasteners are all the same rings, which are slightly smaller than the high fasteners. This type of mount is usually suitable for all models of optical sights that have a lens of no more than 44 mm.
  • special single mounts are mainly monoblocks, which are equipped with high–power air rifles that release bullets at a speed of 300 m/s. Unlike rings and a dovetail, such fasteners are more expensive, but in this case the necessary fixation of optics on the weapon is achieved. These mounts are mainly used for optical devices with tube diameters of 25.4mm and 30 mm.
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