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There may be situations in our life when we need to protect ourselves or our property. Under such circumstances, it would not be superfluous to acquire special means, such as: gas canisters, stun guns, telescopic batons and the like. However, noise pistols will cope best with the function of protection from inadequate people or stray animals. Today, the Retay brand is a very interesting option to buy. It will be discussed in this article.

Noise guns: what is it and for what?

So, noise pistols are weapons that have been developed to shoot blank cartridges in order to give a signal. Depending on the design, they are divided into two types: drum and magazine.

The most widespread use of this weapon was during sports competitions.  Currently, these weapons are massively used for defensive purposes. This became possible due to the fact that manufacturers began to develop pistols that look like combat copies from the outside. In addition, a shot from this weapon is accompanied by a sound signal and a flame. All of this, taken together, acts as a deterrent.

Retay is a young brand with big ambitions

Eleven years ago, in Turkey, the Retay arms manufacturing company started its activities. Over the years, thanks to its innovative products, the brand has gained a reputation as one of the best manufacturers on the market.

The most modern technologies, equipment and materials are used in the production process. Only highly qualified specialists take part in all stages of creation. Strict quality control has been introduced at the enterprises, interval testing is carried out.

Retay noise guns: quality above all

Retay company specializes in the manufacture of pneumatic, firearms and signal and noise weapons. There is a wide range of weapons from this manufacturer on the market. The following models can be distinguished, which are popular with users:

– Retay Baron HK

– Retay G 17

– Retay G 19C

– Retay Mod.92

– Retay P114

– Retay PT24

The pistol of the Retay G 17 model is suitable for connoisseurs of weapons of the Austrian company Glock Ges.m.b.H., since this model is a semi-automatic copy of the Glock 17. This pistol is designed for firing 9 mm blanks. The magazine is designed for 14 shells. Shooting is carried out by single shots. It is characterized by an average weight (818 g), and dimensions (length – 186 mm, height – 130 mm). The frame of the specified weapon is plastic, the barrel is steel. This model is available in four colors.

The Retay G 19C pistol is a copy of the famous Glock 19. The frame is plastic. Due to the fact that the pistol grip contains notches, it does not slip out of your hands. The pistol differs from the previous one in its dimensions: the length of the shutter-casing is 175 mm, the height of the pistol is 129 mm, and the weight is 767 g. The magazine is designed for 7 blank cartridges. There is no fuse in this model. The weapon has gained its popularity in the military and law enforcement sphere, it is massively used for training. This gun is available in 3 colors on the market.

Retay Mod.92 is a pistol for real men. This model is a replica of the well-known Beretta 92FS. The largest and heaviest representative of the line of signal-noise pistols. The length is 212 mm, the height is 140 mm and the weight is 1155 g. The magazine holds 15 blank cartridges.


The Retay P114 weapon is an excellent choice for the female half of humanity. Thanks to its parameters (length – 133 mm, height – 104 mm, weight – 488 g), it will easily fit into a small handbag. In addition, it can also be easily hidden in a holster. The frame material is high-quality plastic. The barrel, as in other models of signal and noise weapons, is steel. The magazine is designed for 6 blanks. This model has a fuse. It is made in three colors. Thanks to the embossed handle, the weapon lies securely in the hand.

Retay PT24 is a copy of Taurus. Medium-sized model: height – 136 mm, length – 180 mm, weight – 870 g. The frame is made of polymer, the barrel is steel, there is a steel sleeve, which makes it impossible for the projectile to fly. This model is characterized by a double level of protection against accidental shooting. In addition to the well-known and familiar to us conventional fuse, the gun has the possibility of locking by turning a special key. Like the Retay G 19C model, the PT24 is used by military personnel and law enforcement officers for training purposes.


The most common model of signal and noise weapons is the Retay Baron HK, a replica of the well-known SIG Sauer P228. Parameters: length – 178 mm, height – 134 mm, weight – 1010 g. The magazine is designed for 15 blank cartridges. The frame is made of silumin, the barrel is made of high-quality steel. There is a special mechanism on the gun for safely removing the trigger. This model is available in four colors on the market.

As you can see, the company produces a large number of high-quality models of signal and noise weapons. Therefore, if you decide to purchase one copy for yourself, then you can be sure that you will find exactly the one that will suit you perfectly. Remember, if you own a Retay brand pistol, then you have a better chance of preventing the occurrence of negative consequences that may be caused by the actions of aggressive animals or even people.

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