One of the first occupations of primitive man was hunting, but despite the fact that many millennia have passed, this type of activity has not lost its fans. They are not hunting now in order to get food for themselves. Currently, it is just a sports hobby, a kind of leisure activity. Modern hunters use a lot of technical innovations that were previously inaccessible to them. One of these devices is a rangefinder. A laser rangefinder for hunting is an advanced optical device that is used to quickly and accurately measure the distance to a selected target. Binoculars with a laser rangefinder are useful for hunting, playing golf, used in tourism, sailing and other fields of activity.

Hunting laser rangefinder: advantages and application features

Laser rangefinders for hunting are slightly different from ultrasonic devices, in terms of the principle of operation. The laser beam is sent through the optical system and after reflection from the target is recorded in the device. Knowing the time that elapses between the sending and the return of the directional beam, the rangefinder calculates the distance that this luminous flux has traveled. This measurement method is very accurate and at the same time fast. An important feature of a rangefinder for hunting is the ability to quickly measure a moving object, and thus determine how far away the animal is from you.

The main advantages of laser rangefinders for hunting:

  • large range reaching more than 1000 m;
  • high measurement efficiency in difficult weather conditions;
  • in most models, the use of binocular design increases the accuracy of aiming and, consequently, the accuracy of measurements;
  • built-in additional sensors: compass, inclinometer expand the range finder’s capabilities for measuring inclined and horizontal distances;
  • low power consumption: the ability to perform up to several thousand measurements on 4-inch batteries;
  • small size and weight: easy transportation and storage;
  • high resistance of the rangefinder to dust and water.

When choosing a rangefinder, pay attention to the battery life. A rangefinder for hunting must have a charger that will ensure its functionality for a long time. Some devices have a built-in solar panel that charges the battery device. This is the best option for hunters, since the device will work without additional recharging. When using a rangefinder in the field, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that the equipment is resistant to water and dust. These functions will certainly be useful when working in bad weather conditions.

Binoculars with a rangefinder are a godsend for hunting enthusiasts

Observation of remote objects would be impossible without the use of equipment that supports our vision. Depending on the specific applications, we use various optical devices, but binoculars are the most versatile of them.

During hunting, binoculars are simply necessary, because it is not always possible to determine the distance “by eye”, especially if it is raining or fog outside, or you are in the forest, steppe or in the mountains. Its purchase is mandatory, regardless of your skill level. It facilitates navigation through difficult terrain, allows you to correctly recognize the target, gives you a sense of security and self-confidence. During hunting, unforeseen and often very critical situations arise that make you react immediately, and it is the binoculars that will help you successfully cope with many of them.

When choosing a specific model of hunting binoculars, it is necessary to take into account three main parameters: the field of view (especially important at night), the magnification scale and the diameter of the lens.

Hunting binoculars can be divided into three main groups:

  • universal: these are binoculars that will work well during hunting at dawn, and also allow you to hunt at dusk. The type of optics of such a device should include all binoculars with parameters 7×50, 10×50 or 12×50;
  • night: these are devices with large lenses having a high light transmittance and not very large magnification. The best option for night hunting of wild boars and predators will be a model with parameters 8×56 and 9×63;
  • daytime: it is an optical instrument with a relatively large magnification relative to the lens. This type of optics is recommended for hunting during the day. Models with parameters 7×42, 10×42, 10×40, 8×30 are the best daytime binoculars. The advantage of this type of optics is quite light weight and small size.

Binoculars with a laser rangefinder are a higher technological device. In addition to excellent optics, such binoculars have a distance measurement function. Laser rangefinders integrated into the case of conventional binoculars have made this device universal. Rangefinders for hunting are the best that can be offered to a good shooter.

A laser rangefinder for hunting greatly facilitates the process of finding a target and determining the distance to it, which significantly increases the efficiency of hunting. Hunting rangefinders have multiple (2x-8x), high-quality optics, a sighting array and are always equipped with a digital processor.

Modern binoculars with a laser rangefinder have many useful functions:

  • ballistic calculator. This feature is useful for observation in mountains or on uneven terrain when the target is higher or lower than the hunter;
  • angular protractor for measuring the compensation range;
  • measuring the distance from a moving object;
  • determining the speed of the object.

The measuring range of compact rangefinders designed for hunting ranges from several meters to 1000 or more.

Laser rangefinders for hunting are an ideal device that allows you to make an instant and accurate measurement. If hunting is your hobby, to which you devote most of your free time, you should not save on optical equipment. A good rangefinder for hunting is not only a high level of target recognition, but above all your safety. In Ukraine, you can buy an inexpensive rangefinder for hunting, which will meet any customer’s needs. Take care of this in advance, because the hunting season is just around the corner.

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