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In boxing, everyone can rely only on themselves, so it’s worth working on both attack techniques and defense methods. Of course, staying on defense all the time is a dubious tactic, but nevertheless it is very important to work in this direction. First of all, you should focus on the basic defense techniques that can be seen in the ring.


The first type of protection, which advises to immediately learn and hone, since it is the most common. The point is to put a part of the body (arm, shoulder) under attack so as not to experience any special damage or pain. It is best used under straight or arc blows with your hand. In no case should you relax your right hand, because it can immediately come in handy if another blow follows. Also, with proper execution, there is an opportunity for a counterattack.

Breaking the distance

Being under the threat of a direct or side impact, just take a step back, increasing the distance between yourself and your opponent. The step should be done first with the front foot, then with the back. Also, due to inertia, the enemy will be open for a few seconds – you can afford a counterattack.


Dodging aside from the blow, you should move very quickly, that is, use all possible reaction. During the evasion, the legs remain stationary, the boxer moves at the expense of the upper body. Returning to the starting position, you can catch an opportunity for a counterattack.


With this technique, it is advisable to be more careful and attentive, since the risk is much higher. Upon impact, the boxer dives under the striking arm and returns to the starting position. During execution, it may be possible to make an uppercut, but it should be borne in mind that the opponent can strike a second blow from below. For such a case, you should keep your chin protected, but still such a blow will be very strong.


The beating can be performed with an open or closed glove, only the hand should be used, the rest of the body remains motionless. The boxer aims at the opponent’s beating hand, changing its trajectory.  Sometimes a little body movement is also added to make the impact more powerful.


This is a somewhat specific form of protection, in which they get very close to the opponent and prevent him from striking by “knitting” his hands. The use of “intentional” clinches in the ring is prohibited. With proper execution, the opponent is very exhausted, which increases the chances of the performer.

To protect your body from unnecessary injuries, you should use special means. These are:

  • shin protection (for example, TWINS Pro Leather Shin/Instep Guards);
  • knee pads (as TITLE);
  • special bandages (for example, RINGSIDE Mexican-Style Junior);
  • other funds.
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