Pneumogrush is the most popular sports equipment for those people who are engaged in martial arts and want to hone the skill of hitting. Regular training with this device has a positive effect on the strength and speed of impact, improves overall performance in kickboxing, boxing and karate. Almost every sports club has a special pneumatic bag.

Training with this sports device has tangible advantages:

  • increased body flexibility and dynamics;
  • improvement of musculature;
  • the ability to burn a large number of calories in the process of working with pneumogrush;
  • practicing kicks and punches.

In addition to physical benefits, working with a pneumatic punching bag also brings moral pleasure. In the process of training, you can throw out the accumulated stress and negative energy. Pneumatic crushers are made of durable artificial leather, which is characterized by practicality and durability. This sports equipment is simply irreplaceable for home workouts!

The main features of the pneumogrush

It is best to practice blows on a pneumatic pear, which are aimed at hitting the head and neck of the enemy. After each blow, due to its design, this boxing device returns to its original position. The movements of the boxing pneumogrush are quite springy and rhythmic.

Thanks to sports training with pneumogrush, you can significantly develop:

  • accuracy;
  • speed;
  • coordination of movements;
  • reaction;
  • rhythmicity;
  • attention;
  • the correct statement of the blow;
  • shoulder section;
  • endurance.

While working with a pneumatic drill, it is not strength that is honed, but rhythm. On it, you can perfectly work out straight and side punches, as well as uppercuts with all the resulting combinations. In addition to training in the gym, pneumatic punching bags are perfect for home use.

Types of pneumatic punching bag

Before you buy a pneumogrush for the house, it is worth spending a few workouts with this sports equipment in the gym. If such a punching bag suits you, you can safely proceed to choosing the best option for you. Most often, this pneumogrush for boxing is graded according to the type of attachment.

There are two most common types of pneumatic pears:

  • on the suspension;
  • on stretch marks.

The first type of pneumatic crushers has the form of a kind of cone, which, thanks to special brackets, is fixed with the platform itself. Blows simulate the reaction of the enemy. At the same time, a sufficiently high speed of recoil and movement develops.

Pneumatic pears on suspension are conditionally divided into several groups:

  • 15.7 x 30;
  • 19 x 34;
  • 25 x 35.

These indicators are correlated with the ratio of diameter to length. The smaller such a pneumogrush is, the faster it moves. Accordingly, it is much more difficult to get into it. Such boxing pneumatic crushes require increased accuracy of each blow. This nuance is worth paying attention to when choosing a pear on a suspension.

Features of pneumogrush on stretch marks

A punching bag on stretch marks is a special design that is attached to two elastic cords. They stretch from the ceiling to the floor. Thanks to working with it, you can perfectly develop the speed of impact and improve endurance. It is best to train to deliver a whole series of blows of varying intensity. Their cyclicity will be set automatically.

Pneumatic stretch pears have many configurations and types. With their help, you can easily work out multi-angle strikes. Most often , pneumatic crushers of this type have the following forms:

  • teardrop – shaped;
  • spherical;
  • double (resemble the shape of a peanut);
  • two-ball.

Working with this sports equipment has its own specifics. The stronger the rope is stretched, the faster and shorter the movements of the trainee should be. If the cable on which the air bag with stretch marks is attached is relaxed, then the distance between the pear and the trainee increases. At the same time, it becomes necessary to calculate the trajectory of its movement. The boxer has to “dodge” the retaliatory blows of the projectile.

Pneumatic pear: care features

In order for your pneumogrush to serve you for many years, it needs to be cared for accordingly. After training, it is advisable to wipe sports equipment with a damp cloth of soft texture. It is not necessary to wet the pneumogrush or leave it close to sources of aggressive heat.

After training, it is necessary to ventilate the room so that additional moisture and an unpleasant smell do not settle on the sports equipment. Sometimes the filler can fall off, while the training unit becomes too soft at the top and hard at the bottom. Most often, this happens with a pneumogrush, which is filled with a thyrsa. To avoid this, it is necessary to shake out all its contents and layer by layer fill the pear with thyrsa and ordinary sand.

Do not scratch or cut the pneumogrush. It is not necessary to beat on it with your feet, especially in heavy shoes. Careful attitude to this sports equipment will allow you to enjoy training with it for as long as possible.

Rules for successful training with pneumogrush

In order for your training with this sports unit to be carried out with maximum benefit, it is worth using a few simple rules:

  • Unclench your fists. It is not necessary to beat with a clenched fist on the pneumogrush. After just a few strokes, you will lose control of the sports equipment. An open palm will allow you to catch the rhythm during the workout.
  • Move in small circles. Make small circles in the air. Don’t throw your hands out in front of you. It is better to even practice in front of a mirror first.
  • Keep both hands near the pneumatic crushers. While one hand is striking, the other should already be on the hook. If the hands are at a decent distance from the base of the sports equipment, then this can make it difficult to train.
  • A special location of the body. Don’t be afraid to get as close as possible to the air bag. First of all, you should be comfortable with the training process itself.
  • Keep the rhythm. First, strike two blows from the right, and then two from the left. This approach is optimal for beginners. Some coaches advise you to make three strikes, but it already depends on your personal choice.
  • You should feel comfortable during your workout. Start increasing its duration each time. After a month of active classes with pneumogrush, you will be able to evaluate the results with your own hands.

    Choosing the best version of a pneumatic pear

    To buy a pneumogrush on stretch marks or on a suspension is a personal choice of everyone. You have to decide on your own what kind of training you need: for the development of accuracy or dexterity. In any case, both the first and second options are ideal for beginners.

    In order for the upcoming purchase to bring you exclusively positive emotions and contribute to your sports activities, contact only proven implementers. The LIGA SPORTA online store offers a wide range of high-quality air bags from the best manufacturers, the price of which is quite loyal for most buyers.

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