Pneumatic weapons are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine today: pistols, shotguns, rifles, revolvers, etc. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: you do not need to get any additional permissions to purchase them. A pneumatic revolver, the caliber of which will not exceed 4.5 mm, and the bullet departure speed is 100 m / s, can be chosen by absolutely everyone in Ukraine who has reached the age of 18. And they are happy to use this opportunity. Pneumatic revolvers are mainly used for entertaining shooting at banks or targets. They are activated by pulling the trigger and releasing compressed gas from a special cylinder. In general, you do not need to have special knowledge or skills to use pneumatic pistols or revolvers. But is everything so rosy?

Pneumatic revolver: you can’t protect yourself with bullets!

The criminogenic situation in our country is very complicated. The news is full of headlines: killed, robbed, beaten… That is why I really want to protect myself and my loved ones from possible attacks by criminals. Many people think that it is enough to buy a pneumatic revolver, get it at the right moment, and the situation will resolve itself: the criminal flees from the scene of the crime in disgrace. But in reality, everything is absolutely not so!

The fact is that an air pistol, of course, looks like a combat variant, but anyone who is at least a little familiar with weapons will understand at a glance that they are facing a pneumatic gun. And this means that he will not cause much harm to health. In the best case, the criminal will continue to act according to the planned plan, and in the worst case, he will get angry, and in this case the consequences can be absolutely unpredictable.

But do not despair, there is a way out, and this is a signal (starting) revolver!

Signal revolver for self-defense: is it possible?

Do not think that the signal revolver is suitable only for announcing the start of competitions. In addition to this basic function, they also have many advantages that you can use to your advantage when attacking a criminal:

  • Almost complete external similarity with the combat models of revolvers.
  • A loud sound after firing a shot, which is very similar to the sound of a real combat weapon.
  • A light flash after a shot, as with combat pistols.
  • Thus, with the help of the starting revolver, you can really scare off the attacker and put him to flight. In addition, it is absolutely not necessary to obtain special permits for starting weapons, so if you are over 18 years old, you can safely buy the model you like in any specialized store.

    A little history and theory about signal revolvers

    Did you know that the first noise revolver was invented in the Wild West. It was then that they began to use weapons loaded with blank cartridges to signal the start of a sports competition. Of course, then ordinary weapons were used, just a little “chilled out”. Today, it is simply impossible to load signal revolvers with live ammunition. They are not adapted for this.

    By the way, did you know that the judges of sports competitions turn on the stopwatch not by the sound of a shot, but by the flash produced by the starting pistol? Why is that? And you will remember the school physics course! Yes, light has a high speed, so if you take into account the sound component, you can simply lose such important fractions of a second of the race in the competition.

    Recently, electronic starting revolvers have been used at the Olympic Games. Outwardly, of course, they are not even close to combat weapons, but they are more accurate than conventional mechanical models. The fact is that a second shot from a mechanical pistol after a possible misfire cannot immediately occur, this requires a recharge. This will not happen with an electronic pistol! Yes, this does not happen with starting revolvers either, because the drum turns directly by the shooter.

    Despite the external similarity of starting revolvers with real firearms, they differ in their internal design. The former have a perfectly smooth trunk with the same thickness along the entire length. That is, the chamber is no different from the main part.

    Several types of cartridges are used for signal revolvers and pistols:

    • one – star parachutes;
    • parachutes with 2-5 stars;
    • lighting non-parachute;
    • with smoke bombs (can be of different colors);
    • combined (emit both a flash and a shot sound).

    The main difference between one type and another is the expediency of using it at a certain time of day. For example, options with asterisks are better to use at night, and smoke cartridges – during the day. By the way, the height of the shot in each species reaches 150 meters. That is why they can and even should be taken on long trips by sea, to the mountains, etc. If you get into trouble, you can always signal in the air. Knowledgeable people will always correctly interpret the sign and come to your aid!

    Starting noise revolver: instead of an afterword

    So, let’s summarize. The starting noise revolver differs from the usual pneumatic not only in its appearance more similar to the firearm model, but also in the naturalness of the shot. After pulling the trigger, light, smoke and sound are formed, which are almost completely similar to a powerful shot from a combat weapon. This will certainly discourage, disorient and frighten the attacker, force him to abandon his criminal plans and run away.

    If you want to buy a starter revolver for self-defense, choose among the models most similar to combat weapons:

    • the Stalker line from Atak Arms (Turkey), whose models are exact copies of the Austrian Glock and Italian Beretta weapons;
    • Retay pistols, which are complete copies of such weapon models as the Beret, Glock and Desert Eagle;
    • MR-371 – signal analogue of the Makarov pistol;
    • MR-313 – a copy of the famous nagant, etc.

    Using the starting noise revolver, you should always remember that it looks like a real one, not only for intruders, but also for law enforcement officials. And these guys are not to be trifled with. Therefore, to prevent any misunderstandings, do not take out the starting weapon in front of the representatives of the law and do not point at them even in jest. In such situations, they have every right to shoot to kill.

    But let’s go back to a more positive wave. You should know that with the help of a starting revolver, you can also scare away stray animals. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to fight off, for example, a pack of aggressive dogs without improvised means. But it’s one thing to take a stick, and the second thing is to shoot into the air and scare everyone away with a sound at once.

    To purchase a starter revolver is a matter of a few minutes. There is no need to take any additional certificates or register with law enforcement agencies. You can contact a specialized stationary store, or you can not waste time and effort, but simply choose the model you like in the online store. Which option to choose is up to you! Happy shopping!

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