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// Pneumatic weapons

All pneumatic RSR rifles are divided into two types – gear and direct–flow. This point is important to take into account when buying such pneumatics, as it affects accuracy – below we will explain to you how. (Spoiler: in any case, whatever PCR rifle you choose, you will definitely need skills in handling weapons).

Purpose and device of ramjet RSR rifles

A ramjet PCR rifle (“ramjet”) will cost less, but they are more appropriate in situations where it is not necessary to make a large number of shots, for example, on hunting. It is also perfect for entertainment like shooting at banks.

In such a weapon, the bullet is pushed out of the barrel by air regulated by a valve, dosed from the tank. However, in the event that a whole series of shots is required, the speed and trajectory of the bullet do not change for the better, since the pressure in the tank drops (from about 200 to 100). Therefore, it is not uncommon for ramjet rifles to be equipped with a pressure gauge to better control the bullet speed.

Purpose and device of geared RSR rifles

Geared PCR rifles, as a rule, are more expensive, partly because they are more complexly arranged – they are equipped with a configurable reverse gear and rubber rings that fix it. This mechanical part is adjustable, comes in different shapes and sizes and, in fact, is a kind of buffer that prevents the consequences of a pressure drop.

A few words about the design: the gearbox in such a rifle stabilizes the air pressure, which, like in a ramjet, pushes the bullet through the barrel. But here the difference in pressure plays a role – the gear pressure, that is, what is passed by the gearbox, and the pre-gear pressure, in fact, in the rifle tank. The accuracy and speed of shots will not decrease as long as the pressure in the tank is higher than the reduction pressure. Normally, the pressure in the gear space is always fixed.

 Models equipped with a fail-safe gearbox are already used for sports shooting, since they are characterized by high accuracy. However, the accuracy of serial shots from such weapons will remain at a high level until then… until the pressure drops in the tank. In this case, such a PCR rifle will already shoot like a ramjet. In addition, the presence of such a rather complex element that requires configuration adds to the owner’s troubles in handling PCP-pneumatics.

But one of the indisputable advantages of geared RSR rifles is a gentle air consumption, so one refueling is enough for one and a half hundred shots. By the way, when pumping in geared PCR rifles, not only air can be used: to increase the power of shots, such models are often refueled with helium (in this case, refueling is possible only from a balloon). However, under no circumstances should the weapon be refueled with oxygen – this is fraught with ignition with all the ensuing consequences.

PCP-rifle: gear or ramjet?

So after all, which of the models is worthy of purchase – direct-flow or gear? As in most cases, the answer depends on how much time and money you are willing to pay for the speed and accuracy of shooting. For example, “direct currents” are not allowed at sports competitions at all, so here the question is solved by itself. But in other cases, it is quite possible that a “straight line” will suit you, especially considering that any PCP-pneumatics is not a cheap pleasure. Although it’s worth it!

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