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PCP pneumatics is perhaps the most attractive class of “air guns”: powerful, compact, multicharged… Moreover, rifles are more fully represented in this category, since they fully perform tasks that, as a rule, are not assigned to pneumatic PCP pistols. But still, even this ideal weapon is not without drawbacks. Although let’s take it in order: what are these models good at, what can they tire of, and also what should be taken into account when buying a pneumatic PCP rifle?

PCP-pneumatics: advantages and disadvantages

Positive. High power, full combat readiness, lack of recoil (compared to traditional spring-piston rifles) and, as all manufacturers say with one voice, the “uncompromising accuracy” of PCP pneumatics are the key advantages of this type of weapon. In comparison with multicompression and gas-cylinder PCP-pneumatics is equipped with a much more capacious and durable compression chamber designed for higher pressure (compared to gas-cylinder and multicompression models).

In addition, many PCP–type models are distinguished by a higher accuracy of combat, but still not all of them – so this cannot be called a distinctive characteristic of the whole class.

Minuses. PCP-pneumatics is susceptible to low temperatures and shoots only with pre-pumping, which requires keeping either a pump or special cylinders at hand. This condition implies an obvious disadvantage of PCP-pneumatics – difficulty in maintenance. The filling of the compression chamber is carried out using a special high-pressure pump, which has a sufficiently tight stroke, or from a pre-filled cylinder, which is characterized by a high cost. Well, besides, they must always be carried by a “trailer” along with a rifle – otherwise it will not be possible to shoot enough. The high cost of the PCP rifles themselves is another indisputable counterargument.

Pneumatics: PCP Rifle selection

So, you took into account these important points, but still decided – you want a rifle of this class. In order to buy PCP-pneumatics 4.5 caliber does not require a permit, it is enough to be an adult. And reasonable, because the price range in this category of “air” is impressive, so it’s better to decide right away: do you need to pay extra for the brand, the possibility of installing a muffler, or are these nuances insignificant for you.

When choosing PCP 4.5 pneumatics, it is worth considering such a parameter as ammunition charging – there are options from 1 to 10+. Naturally, the greater the charge, the more convenient it will be to shoot, because after each shot the rifle will not have to be recharged. Nevertheless, it should be remembered here that the pumping volume of the PCP-pneumatics chamber is not unlimited. Over the past couple of years, pneumatics-PCP of the Turkish brand Hatsan has become increasingly popular. These are actually decent models present in our store in a wide price range. Most Hatsan PCR rifles are equipped with a magazine of about 10 charges. However, patriots will surely like the models from the Ukrainian manufacturer ZBROIA, which in nothing (except for the breadth of the model range) are not inferior to “foreigners”, and in terms of ammunition charging, they even surpass many of them: most Ukrainian PCP air rifles of this brand are equipped with a charging magazine in the volume of 10+.

Choosing an air rifle of this type, you should calculate in advance the cost of its service. As mentioned above, you will need to buy a high-pressure manual pump for PCP-pneumatics.

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