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The optical sight significantly expands the capabilities of your weapon, showing a potential target in the palm of your hand. However, only its correct adjustment can guarantee an accurate hit on the target. So, how is the optical sight targeting done?

Sighting of the sight: the preparatory stage

First of all, it is necessary to protect yourself from possible accidents, therefore:

  • the air rifle must be discharged;
  • the fuse should be kept on;
  • weapons should not be cocked.

The process of aiming the sight itself can be done in a shooting gallery (by the way, they can also tell you how to shoot optics on pneumatics) or in an open area where hunting is allowed.

And in order to directly shoot the sight, you will need a target (with a circle diameter of about 10 cm) and a sighting machine. It can be replaced with a stop or other similar device that will help to immobilize the weapon. The rifle sight is shot, as a rule, from a distance of 35 yards (which is approximately 32 meters). It is important to shoot with the same bullets that you plan to shoot later, because different models can show different results. Before the so-called hot aiming of an optical sight, a cold one is sometimes made, but it is more relevant for large-caliber weapons.

How to shoot an optical sight on pneumatics?

To begin with, you need to aim, combining the crosshair of the grid and the target, and make several shots (3-5). Of course, you need to strive to get into the top ten, however, most likely, the holes in the target will “cluster” at a distance of about 1.5 cm from each other. This means that vertical or horizontal corrections should be made.

To make a correction, first you need to unscrew the protective caps on the drums (for vertical – upper, for horizontal – right). The next step is to scroll the adjusting flywheel, depending on the deviation with which the bullets hit the target. Each scroll will be followed by a click. When aiming the optics of pneumatics from a distance of 32 meters, each click indicates a displacement of the hit point by about 2.2 mm (for 46 m, the “price” of the division is 3.2 mm, and for 91 – 6.4 mm).

After making adjustments, tighten the caps on the optics, take a few more shots from the rifle and make additional adjustments if necessary.  

Where to buy an optical sight at an attractive price?

Now that the targeting of the optical sight is not a secret for you, you can go shopping. A wide selection of optical sights and air rifles with built-in optics can be found in the online store “League of Sports”. You can order the goods online or by phone, and the courier service will take care of delivery to any point in Ukraine (Kiev, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, etc.).

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