Nike announces the use of All Condition Control technology in the production of the entire line of football boots

The innovative All Condition Control technology developed by Nike engineers allows the surface of the boots to provide the same level of friction when controlling the ball in both wet and dry weather.

The key aspect of this technology is the special processing of materials in the manufacture of the upper part of the boots, which allows players to work comfortably with the ball both in forty-degree heat and in a heavy downpour.

Football is played almost anywhere in the world and the weather is constantly making adjustments to the events taking place on the field. In London alone, a large number of torrential rains occur during the season, which makes it much more difficult for even the most outstanding masters to handle and pass the ball.


All Condition Control technology (“Control in any conditions”) allows you to ensure a constant level of friction between the upper part of the boot and the ball in wet weather, enabling the player to control the ball as confidently as in dry weather conditions.

The need for steady contact with the ball in rainy weather is emphasized by many players from the Nike team, including such a scale as Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta.

Nike cleats for various gaming styles combine advanced design developments and excellent functionality. Now the All Condition Control technology (“Control in any conditions”) is used in the production of all models of Nike football shoes, including Mercurial, Tiempo and Phantom.

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