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The signal pistol is very similar in design and operation features to its combat counterpart. However, the characteristic differences are the material of manufacture (as a rule, it is a zinc alloy) and the possibility of firing only a noise (blank) cartridge. Most use these weapons to reconstruct military operations. In signal pistols, a light or flash-noise cartridge is used. It is safe to use, they cannot harm an attacker or the defender himself. In accordance with the law, starting weapons up to 6 mm are purchased by individuals without a license. Therefore, it is quite simple to become the owner of a signal pistol, the only restriction is that the user must be over 18 years old.

Starting gun — purpose and principle of operation

Initially, the main purpose of the signal pistol was to give a sound signal during sports competitions. Recently, such weapons have been increasingly used as personal protective equipment. The signal pistol, even taking into account the fact that it has only a psychological effect on the attacker, is often used for self-defense. Thanks to the realistic appearance and noise effect, it seems that you have a combat weapon in your hands. The offender simply will not risk attacking an armed person.

Cartridges for this type of weapon are only intended to cause an appropriately loud sound effect. The trigger is pulled out, the mechanism starts the cartridge under a certain pressure, a shot is obtained that will not harm anyone. The presence of an adjustable fuse protects against uncontrolled triggering.

Starting (noise) gun — features of use

The demand for signal pistols is due to the extensive range of their use. The following options for using such weapons can be noted:

  • Competitions. If athletes start a race, they are obliged to hear the appropriate sound that notifies of the start of the competition. A noise cartridge is provided for the pistol, which gives out a light flash when fired. In a similar way, athletes are notified when the race begins, and timekeepers can start counting the time without delay.
  • Personal protection. Through a noise shot, you can signal an attack or scare intruders.
  • In self-defense. Although signal pistols are not considered combat, they can be used to scare away intruders or dogs.
  • There are new, small-sized models of noise guns. The weight and diameter of the weapon makes it easy to carry it in a woman’s handbag.

    Starting pistols — types

    There are two main types of starting weapons on sale: a revolver and a pistol.

    The catalog of the online store “League of Sports” presents more than 70 models of noise weapons from leading manufacturers:

    • Retay — products manufactured in Turkey. The brand was founded in 2006. A team of specialists is working on the development and improvement of high-quality, high-precision weapons that have already been released. The main values and advantages of Retay brand products are reliability, attractive and user-friendly design, durability. In the catalog you will find about 50 models of signal pistols of this brand;
    • Ekol — ergonomic design, ease of use made it possible to bring Turkish-made signal pistols to the leaders among the noise type of weapons;
    • Schmeiser — the joint Ukrainian-German production of signal pistols allowed the owners of the enterprise “Schmeiser” to produce goods of the best quality and at the same time absolutely affordable in price.

    Consult with the managers of the online store “League of Sports” to choose and buy the optimal model of the signal pistol in terms of characteristics and price. We offer you to order the delivery of products to any of the regions of Ukraine.

    Signal pistol “Stalker” — a modern look at noise weapons

    The main purpose is sports and entertainment shooting and mastering the skills of handling weapons. At the same time, the design of the Stalker signal pistol is so realistic and repeats the model of a combat weapon that at first glance an inexperienced user will undoubtedly take it for a combat one. Metal alloy and polymer materials are used for production, which guarantees high quality products.

    The advantage of this type of weapon is its small size. You can easily put it in a belt holster or carry it in a backpack, bag, etc. Each model of the signal pistol is available for sale only in the factory version. Any unauthorized design changes involve criminal liability.

    The starting revolver is a multi—shot model of a weapon

    Revolvers are often used for competitions. This is due to the fact that they are more reliable. The drum of the weapon turns with the help of the muscular strength of the shooter, and in case of a misfire, it is allowed to immediately make a second shot. Also, signal revolvers in stores, as a rule, are equipped with reserve cartridges and additional devices.

    Makarov’s starting pistol is a noise simulator of a shot

    At the present time, plastic cartridge simulators are being published for the signal pistol. Such cartridges serve for a sound signal, and the weapon is reloaded manually every time after the shot. Steel cartridges serve for the complete realism of the process of firing a pistol, including removing and ejecting a cartridge from the chamber, and sending a new one into the chamber.

    The PM pistol completely copies the combat model, including its functional characteristics. This weapon has proven itself to be reliable and absolutely safe in operation. It is used to give a sound signal and, accordingly, attract attention. Weapons can be different in configuration. So, each shot requires reloading cartridges manually. Another available shot option is played through removing and ejecting the cartridge, as well as sending ammunition to the chamber.

    TT signal pistol — compact effective weapon

    The model is made by reworking the original model taken from the state reserve base, and by converting it from a firearm into a signal one. The source of light and noise are ordinary gum capsules. They are installed in specialized cartridges that resemble TT weapon cartridges in configuration. Plastic cartridges are supplied with the gun in the kit. However, in order to increase reliability and extend the service life, it is recommended to buy brass ones, they are also more attractive in appearance and look more realistic. The model will be an excellent gift to the collector, and can also be used to scare away scammers and wild animals. Due to its compact size, the gun can be easily hidden under a coat or in a bag

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