The design of the Nike Flyknit cleats ensures a tight fit to the sole, heel and forefoot, and an additional element of the Dynamic Fit collar wraps around the player’s foot, securely fixing it inside the cleat.

The Dynamic Fit shoe collar is designed to allow players to feel the foot and ankle as a single part of the body, which is almost impossible with the traditional design of boots. A smooth transition from the foot to the ankle guarantees the preservation of the natural nature of body movements.

Thanks to constant contact with the players, Nike representatives managed to find out that the Dynamic Fit collar not only provides a tighter fit, but also gives players the opportunity to “feel” their movements on the field.

The designers also introduced special Brio cables into the design, designed for additional strength and fixation during multidirectional movements.

These cables are built directly into the solid top, which allows you to fix the lacing holes, thereby increasing the strength, similar to the design of a suspension bridge.

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