Night vision sights are unique mechanisms that form an image through electromagnetic waves. This became possible thanks to the combination of an optical sight and a device for transforming the light displayed from objects. The main purpose of night vision sights is to conduct targeted shooting and photo hunting in the dark. But initially, such devices were developed for military purposes, so they were equipped with high-end optics with advanced technical characteristics.

The principle of operation of night vision sights is based on a multiple increase in the brightness of the image. They consist of an eyepiece (this is where the shooter looks), a lens (a lens that transmits a luminous flux), an electron-optical converter (converts electromagnetic waves into a picture), as well as a power supply. Usually, the sights have a shock-resistant body, since they are mounted on carbines and weapons with noticeable recoil. Their frame is made of precipitation-resistant materials. It must be said that night vision sights are quite light, since they are made of special lightweight aluminum.

Generations of night vision sights – what’s the difference

Night vision scopes will be especially useful for those who prefer to hunt at night. Thanks to them, you can see the target in the dark, assess the situation and make a targeted shot. Before you buy a night vision sight, you need to understand what technical characteristics will be necessary in its further use. Now users of pneumatic weapons have access to night vision sights of three generations, as well as their intermediate versions. Each of them is distinguished by more sensitive optics, increased impact resistance, target detection range. So, with the help of early models, it was possible to consider large animals at a distance of up to 100-150 m, and with the most recent versions – up to 1 km and even more. The main thing is to understand the difference between different generations of such equipment.

The early generation of night sights for hunting has limited functionality, but is popular due to the low cost. They are characterized by:

  • Brightness gain by 800-1000 times.
  • Sensitivity of illumination.
  • The need for infrared illumination.
  • Target detection range up to 220 m.
  • The resolution is 25-50 shtr/mm in the center of the picture.
  • Night vision sights of this generation are designed for small caliber weapons. The next version of the devices is suitable for those who cannot afford the latest developments, but also do not want to use the most primitive devices. The price of night vision sights for hunting of this generation is average. Some of these devices can switch to daytime mode, that is, they can be used at any time of the day. The following characteristics are relevant for them:

  • Increase in brightness by 30-50 thousand times.
  • The ability to work without an infrared illuminator in the dark.
  • Target detection at a distance of up to 600 m.
  • The resolution is 5-50 shtr/mm over the entire image area.
  • Night vision sights of the latest generation are the best available to owners of pneumatic weapons. Such devices are used not only by hunters, but also by representatives of law enforcement agencies and military units. Such night vision optical sights are characterized by:

    • The ability to detect a target (the size of a human figure) up to 1 km.
    • The resolution of 45-60 shtr/mm is the same over the entire area of the image.
    • Work without illumination on a moonless night. For caves and basements, infrared illumination will be required.
    • The choice of color schemes – black-green or black-and-white, as well as a reticle.

    A separate category is digital night vision sights. They are not afraid of glare, because they can be used even on a bright sunny day. However, they have low frost resistance. The only exceptions are devices with an OLED display. Digital night vision sights have an extended range of multiplicities. All these differences are explained by the different principle of operation of analog and digital devices. The latter works due to a matrix consisting of photosensitive photodiodes, which converts the luminous flux into an electronic format. Digital night vision sights are more available in production. They can be bought by those who are looking for an inexpensive and versatile device.

    Night vision optical sights for hunting, rescue operations, etc.

    When choosing night vision sights, you need to pay attention to several parameters:

  • Increase. This is the ratio of the focal length of the lens and the eyepiece. Its multiplicity is indicated in the name of the model.
  • The diameter of the lens. Its main task is to collect light from the observed object. The larger the diameter, the brighter the image.
  • Field of view. Specified in degrees. Accordingly, the greater the angle of view, the greater the coverage radius gives the night vision sight.
  • Resolution. It is specified as the number of strokes per millimeter. High-resolution night vision devices make it possible to view even small details of the tracked object.
  • Focusing. The working distance of the device on which the picture is clearly visible. People with vision problems need to clarify whether the sight has a diopter correction of the eyepiece.
  • In addition to the usual purpose – hunting and wildlife observation at night, night vision sights are used in rescue, search and military operations. They are involved in many civil spheres – aviation, navigation, extreme travel. Since such devices are used for different purposes, each buyer has his own vision of solving the problem. And it is absolutely not necessary to buy a sight. Which device is useful depends on what purposes it is required for:

  • Monocular. It can be used both independently and together with an optical sight.
  • Binoculars. Ideal for observing objects at long distances.
  • Glasses. Suitable for fishermen, hunters, tourists. Some models have a modular design. And the ability to change lenses significantly expands the functionality.
  • Night vision sight. Monocular with a reticle. Some models are additionally equipped with collimator sights and infrared illuminators.
  • We sell optical devices and night vision sights of different generations, analog and digital devices. Here you will find any models – from the simplest to premium versions, which give a significant range in low light. In our online store there are long-range vision sights with an optimal price. But please note that such devices are selected for a specific type of weapon, so you need to carefully read the descriptions. The sights have different label images, but they are usually painted red on a green background. If you have any questions regarding the selection and purchase, please contact our managers. We try to provide affordable feedback and prompt delivery in Ukraine.

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