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For many types of martial arts (kickboxing, sambo, traditional and Thai boxing, MMA, etc.), shorts are part of sports equipment. The specifics of the type and style of sports will determine the requirements for buying clothes. Shorts for absolutely any training should be made of a material with high hygroscopicity and the ability to effectively remove excess moisture from the body. But the rest of the requirements for sports uniforms are very different. For example, boxing shorts should first of all be spacious, not restricting movements and securely fixed on the boxer’s body with a wide elastic belt. Sambo shorts will have a certain cut and length, their color will be exclusively blue or red, no details, inserts and decorative elements are allowed in them. 

In this article, we will analyze in detail which martial arts shorts are on sale today and what features are characteristic of each type. For those who want to buy shorts for sambo, kickboxing, boxing and other martial arts in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine, it will be useful to get acquainted with the recommendations of professionals and tips on how to choose the best clothes for training.

Shorts for mixed martial arts — choosing equipment for an MMA fighter (mma)

According to the rules of combat in MMA, a fighter’s equipment is only shorts for martial arts and gloves. Since mixed martial arts involve a wide range of wrestling techniques and allow almost any kind of strikes, the requirements for equipment (shorts) for MMA are appropriate. Shorts for mixed martial arts should guarantee the fighter full mobility, comfort, ease when performing any technique — strike, throw, hold, etc. 

Mixed martial arts broke into the world of sports rapidly and in a short time pushed classical boxing on the sports Olympus. After such success, they managed to set new standards in equipment. 

MMA shorts must fully meet the following requirements:

  • the individual cut provides for free kicking at any height (in the maximum range) and easy movement around the ring;
  • special material (for example, heavy-duty canvas fabric) makes it possible to fight in the stalls without the risk that the shorts will tear at the wrong moment;
  • seams of shorts for MMA (mma) with double reinforcement (at least);
  • it is mandatory to use sliding fabrics (from 40% to 100% polyester or bamboo fibers);
  • spectacular aggressive design of MMA shorts with matching prints and images;
  • reinforced side slits and elastic inserts in the crotch area are details designed to guarantee maximum freedom of movement.

Shorts for MMA mma may differ in styles and length, colors and the presence of fasteners, as well as individual elements — cuffs and inserts. As for manufacturers who deserve unconditional trust, we recommend paying attention to the products of such brands — the leaders of the sports equipment market:

  • Adidas;
  • Venum;
  • RDX;
  • Leone;
  • Fairtex.

The products of these brands meet the requirements of the most flexible and mobile athletes, besides branded shorts for martial arts can boast enviable wear resistance and durability — with regular training they last for 3-4 years, while maintaining the brightness of the colors. Please note — natural materials can shrink when washing, so when choosing the size of shorts for MMA, be vigilant and do not ignore the tag with the composition of the fabric.

Boxing shorts for MMA (men’s and women’s) — key selection parameters

First of all, it is necessary to understand the differences between boxing shorts and sports shorts. Both types of clothing are made of sliding fabrics with increased strength (polyester, satin or satin) and have a spacious cut for ease of movement. But this is the end of the similarity. Branded boxing shorts, which can be bought at optimal prices for the Ukrainian market in the online store “League of Sports”, are made using specific technologies. Such equipment is designed to perform a number of tasks:

  • to sit on the body securely, but at the same time not to be felt at all, so that the athlete did not feel the slightest constraint in movements;
  • thanks to a special fixation on the belt, maintain a constant tone of the fighter’s press and have a stimulating effect on the work of the entire group of abdominal muscles;
  • avoid intense sweating and the “greenhouse effect” — in the process of hard work, shorts should create a feeling of cool touch;

The material from which boxing shorts, men’s or women’s, are made must be durable, wear-resistant, and not shed. That is why it is always more profitable to buy boxing shorts from a well-known manufacturer, even if the price of equipment is much higher than analogues from unnamed Chinese brands. This is an absolutely natural phenomenon. It is much more expedient to pay once for a quality thing that will serve you for years both in training and in battles, will not cause problems and will not cause discomfort.

A huge role is played by the material that should be:

  • breathing;
  • durable;
  • light (minimum weight);
  • sliding.

Regarding the choice of fabric, experts give another recommendation — a bright fabric is preferable. Although the color in no way affects the functionality of boxing clothes, as practice shows, it has a psychological significance, attracting and distracting the attention of the opponent in the ring.

Fighting shorts for Thai boxing and kickboxing — cut and material features

Thai boxing is called the fight of eight—armed fighters and for good reason – all parts of the body of athletes in this type of martial arts are exceptionally mobile. The position of the fighter’s body is constantly changing in order to strike at a variety of angles from different points. This explains the design differences between Thai boxing equipment and boxing shorts for classic boxing. Shorts for Thai boxing and kickboxing are also quite spacious, but they are much shorter so that athletes can work with their feet more comfortably. Let ‘s highlight their characteristic features:

  • a shortened length that allows you to freely strike with your foot in the body, with your knee in the body and head, with your foot on the hip, etc.;
  • wide sockets with wedge-shaped cutouts on the sides;
  • shiny materials of high strength, pleasant to the touch and not sticking to the body — polyester, nylon, satin, satin;
  • aggressive coloring, stripes, applications and prints, the semantic task of which is to intimidate the enemy.

In most cases, modern branded shorts (both men’s and women’s) for Thai boxing and kickboxing are equipped with a wide elastic belt that tightly fixes clothes at the waist. Popular manufacturers, such as Twins or Venum, whose products are presented on the catalog pages of the online store “League of Sports”, most often offer Thai satin shorts. This lightweight material perfectly removes moisture and has excellent durability and resistance to wear. Women’s shorts differ mainly only in the peculiarities of coloring.

As for the nuances of the choice, the shorts for kickboxing and Thai boxing are evaluated according to two objective parameters — appearance and the right size. The first factor is purely aesthetic in nature and has little effect on the comfort of an athlete in a duel. But the choice of size requires maximum care from the buyer. Shorts should neither create discomfort for the fighter, nor fall off him in a duel. Please note — different manufacturers may have differences in the size grids.

Sambo shorts — secrets of the right choice

The choice of equipment for sambo is determined by the peculiarities and nuances of the technique of this sport — self-defense without weapons. Sambo is, first of all, powerful grabs and holds, sharp jerks for clothes, strong throws. Of course, the uniform for this type of martial arts will be fundamentally different from other types of equipment.

At SAMBO competitions, the athlete’s uniform can only be blue or red, sambo shorts must match the sambo jacket (jacket) in color. In addition to this , several more requirements are put forward for shorts:

  • strictly defined length — the shorts reach the waistline from above, and cover the first third of the thigh from below;
  • no pockets, fasteners, or any other solid decorative elements;
  • secure fixation with lacing and elastic band;
  • the material can be woolen, woolen or synthetic knitwear with high hygroscopicity properties and the ability to remove excess moisture;
  • fabric resistance to creasing and high wear resistance (achieved by adding synthetic fibers to cotton).

To determine the correct size of clothing for martial arts, it is necessary to clarify the real indicators of the athlete’s height and weight. It makes no sense to rely on data on the size of trousers or jeans, it will not help to choose a uniform for sambo correctly, since different manufacturers have different size grids, and the features of the material also create their own nuances. The choice of size may also depend on the personal preferences of the fighter — some prefer a tight fit on the figure, while others are more comfortable in shorts with a looser cut.

The online sports equipment and equipment store “League of Sports” offers its visitors an impressive range of sporting goods from the world’s leading brands recognized all over the world. On the pages of our catalog you will find shorts for boxing, kickboxing, sambo and mixed martial arts that meet the highest quality standards. Qualified consultants will always help you make the right choice and navigate, if necessary, in dimensional grids. Direct deliveries from manufacturers allow us to maintain a democratic pricing policy and offer customers competitive prices for the entire range of sporting goods.

Enjoy your choice and successful shopping!

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