In martial arts (boxing, taekwondo, etc.), the presence of an opponent is very important during training. It is not always possible to spar with a real person, to work out punches, speed and technique when the situation requires it. That’s why boxing dummies are on sale today. They are compact and convenient to use, such a training sports equipment for wrestling can be put at home and practiced for your own pleasure. 

You can buy a boxing dummy in our online store by choosing the best option from the catalog. 

Features of a boxing dummy

In taekwondo, boxing and other martial arts in training, blows against the opponent, their speed and accuracy are mainly honed. A mannequin is best suited for this. It is located in the gym, at home, it is mandatory for some sports. The boxing dummy perfectly imitates the opponent not only externally, but also by movements, makes it possible to train blows to different parts of the body, to make them as accurate and directed as possible. 

Usually a boxing dummy looks like the upper part of a person’s torso with a head, sometimes legs or arms (suitable for Thai boxing, kickboxing). The color can be beige, like a real person, or performed in shades of a punching bag (red, blue, black, etc.). 

The design of a boxing dummy consists of a torso, a spring and a base. The torso or simply a punching bag is attached by means of a spring to the base. It is made strong and stable, can have water, sand or mortar inside. Heavier models are filled with sand, while water simulators for wrestling can be quite light. The spring is created by a high level of rigidity, it does not fluctuate much during punches and kicks. 

The boxing dummy allows you to absorb blows, has a special coating to protect the athlete from injury during training. The outer material of the projectile is durable and high-quality, it can withstand long-term active operation. Among other things, the coating of the training sports mannequin for boxing does not slip, has an anti-glare treatment.

To choose a suitable wrestling simulator in the form of a person, you need to take into account its varieties. Boxing dummies are divided by:

  • Weight.
  • Constructions.
  • Filler.
  • Production. 
  • Relative to the mass, training models for light, medium weight and heavy wrestling are distinguished. Sometimes several types of boxing dummies are used for intensive training, where punches are applied with hands and feet. It will not be difficult to buy them in Ukraine. 

    The smallest and lightest models weigh up to 45 kilograms and are used for children’s wrestling classes. The average ones weigh from 45 to 70 kilograms and help to hone the technique of strikes, speed and accuracy. But on heavy mannequins for boxing, they are already working out the force of striking. 

    Sports wrestling simulators are sold in several variations regarding the structure of the body:

  • Just the head.
  • Combination of head and torso.
  • Full body with legs. 
  • The latest models are bought most often. These boxing dummies imitate a person and help to hone kicks. For classic boxing, they buy a mannequin in the form of a head with a body. You should know that sometimes training shells are made from parts. In this case, there will be a seam on your opponent’s back. You can’t hit him in this area. If there is no seam, it means that the boxing dummy is one piece, and you can easily hit it in any place without fear of damage.

    Water is considered the best filling. Water-filled models of mannequins for boxing have excellent cushioning, do not harm the athlete, while helping to conduct active and effective training. 

    According to another classification , a wrestling dummy may look like:

  • The boxer. 
  • Water filling bag.
  • Mini pear. 
  • The first one looks like a man with a head and a body. The second option is attached to the base and has the shape of a bag or remotely resembling the image of a person. Mini pears are used for training small athletes. 

    Comparing a pear and a boxing dummy

    Some still believe that a classic punching bag is better than a mannequin in the form of a person. However, this is not the case. Modern models of boxers are made of reliable materials, imitate the opponent as accurately as possible not only with their body, but even with their facial expression. 

    This option for training is suitable for those who like to do it themselves, without a coach or trips to the boxing section. It will last for many years, will not allow you to get injured, will help you hone speed and accuracy.

    On the other hand, with independent studies, no one will point out mistakes to you. Again, such a boxing dummy is made of rubber or plastic. He doesn’t suffer from bumps, but he doesn’t like falls. Not all models can withstand strength training. 

    So if you want to train with weapons, work out strength and combat skills, it is better to buy a dummy of the pear model or to occupy in the hall with a real opponent. The pear is more practical and costs less. And for accuracy and maximum immersion in real sparring at home, it is better to buy a boxer. On our website they are presented in different models at an affordable price.

    We select a mannequin for boxing

    These days, such simulators are sold in many stores. It will not be difficult to choose an option for yourself. However, they are not cheap to choose thoughtlessly. It is best to treat the selection process with full responsibility. 

    It is important to take into account such moments when choosing a mannequin for boxing:

  • Material. A suitable option would be a simulator in which the base and the pear are made of durable material, do not spread from blows. The filler is better to choose elastic and elastic. Boxing dummies do not make sounds during training. 
  • Adjustment. To make the optimal weight, sometimes you just need to add sand or add water to the mannequin. Or remove part of the filler, if a more nimble and light training projectile is required. There are also options that are adjustable in height. They are suitable for large halls where boxers of different height and age are engaged. 
  • Position. The correct boxing dummy has an upright position and a solid heavy base. In this case, it will not turn over, it will not break. 
  • Your goals. It is important before buying to understand exactly what you want from a boxing dummy: to study at home on your own, to work out at home the skills acquired in the section, to maintain the previously obtained form. Different goals will require one or another kind of boxing dummy. 
  • The manufacturer also matters. Our online store presents products of proven brands: Alex, Spurt, Spart, TLS, Century. Prices also vary depending on the design, firm, material and filler.

    There are rules for using a mannequin for boxing. It is not necessary to completely replace real training with an artificial partner. In this case, your skills will quickly transform, and when you meet a real person, you will be less effective. 

    To install a mannequin for boxing, it is better to choose a place that is spacious, flat and with a non-slip floor. It is not recommended to wipe the simulator with chemicals, put it on the street. Use shoes without iron parts, conduct training only without weapons. When interacting with light models, it is worth controlling the impact force so that the boxing dummy does not turn over.

    If you use a water-filling projectile, then it should not be left on the balcony in the cold season, in the pantry, where there is no heating. After the water freezes, the material will be spoiled, and it will no longer be possible to use a boxing dummy. 

    So, modern equipment for training is represented by a large assortment. If you are engaged in boxing or other types of wrestling, then a simulator for practicing punches at home will suit you. You can choose your options on our website based on your tasks, anthropometric data (weight, height), type of martial arts, regularity of classes, etc. 

    We have the highest quality products on our website. Boxing mannequins are sold in the form of a silhouette and a bag, wrestling, floor, different colors and sizes. They differ in price and manufacturer. 

    Our managers will help you buy a suitable option. If you have any questions, they will answer them, advise you on discounts, delivery terms and payment.

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