Stop staying at home on the weekend! Lawn tennis is a great way to relax and get health benefits. Active pastime with a racket in your hands helps:

  • Relax the muscle groups that are in a state of hypertonia every day.
  • Strengthen muscles, increase endurance.
  • “Warm up” the joints, thereby making the prevention of many of their diseases.
  • Train the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Tennis is suitable for children and adults: choosing the right equipment for the game, as well as observing the technique, you can forget about the likelihood of injury. So gather a group of friends, stock up on everything you need, and choose your favorite court from our list! Today we will tell you where to play lawn tennis in Kiev.

Outdoor courts are what you need in good weather

When it’s summer or early autumn outside, I want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Therefore, let’s start with the list of open courts in Kiev.

Courts on Trukhanov Island

Do you work or live in the center of Kiev? The question of where to play tennis disappears automatically. Just a few hundred meters from the central streets of the capital, and you get to well-equipped modern courts for adults. There are two courts at once, and inventory can be rented. The cost of such pleasure is 50 UAH/ hour for renting a racket, 20 UAH /hour for renting a ball. And plus add to this 200-250 UAH / hour for renting the court itself. The surface of the site is hard.

Tip: it is much more convenient to take rackets and balls with you. Your own inventory has a lot of advantages, as it is chosen according to your height, style of play and personal preferences. 

Courts “Zhuliany”

Here to your attention – 5 outdoor tennis courts of different sizes. The surface of the site is unpaved, but of sufficient quality. Most of all in “Zhuliany” pleases the low cost of renting a court: only 60 UAH / hour. If you are looking for a place to play tennis inexpensively and on a regular basis, then this option is best suited.

There is a rental of rackets: from 20 UAH / hour. Balls are not available for rent: you can only buy them in “Zhuliany”.

Courts on the Hem

Another option for an adult playground in the very center of Kiev. The complex unites 9 outdoor courts, which are certified by the Tennis Federation of Ukraine. The surface of the sites is unpaved. The territory of the club is under guard, there are women’s and men’s locker rooms. Therefore, you can safely take the form with you.

The rental price is from 250 to 400 UAH/hour. Rackets and balls can be rented or bought on the spot.

Courts on Darnitsa

2 outdoor dirt playgrounds are suitable for beginners as well as for children. Professionals on Darnitsa will be a little bored. But the rental price pleases: from 80 UAH / hour. Of the amenities there are separate changing rooms, a shower. There is a rental of equipment. But please note: the Darnitskaya playground works only in summer.

Courts of KPI University

This is an option for those who do not want to overpay. Yes, there is a ground covering here, you need to book the site in advance and according to a complex scheme (you will have to go to a remote building). But you can play absolutely for free. 

Please note: on the KPI courts – only with their own equipment. There are also no changing rooms, showers.

Complexes with open and closed courts

The combination of outdoor and indoor courts is versatile and very convenient. Firstly, you can play lawn tennis, regardless of the weather outside the window, and secondly – choose a playground to your liking. It’s good that there are no problems with courts of this type in Kiev. Just choose the one that is closest to your home.

CSKA Sports Complex

There are open and closed playgrounds of different types on the territory of the sports complex. 2 of them have parquet flooring, 7 are unpaved. You can practice punches at the training wall absolutely for free: there’s never a queue. But in order to play tennis on a full-fledged court, you will have to negotiate a rental in advance. At least a few days before the desired date.

Tip: if you plan an active workout, do not forget to stock up on strings for the racket in advance, which will help replace the damaged ones.

Courts in Pushcha-Voditsa

This is an option for professional athletes and those who wish to become them. The indoor courts have parquet and hard surface. Open – mostly unpaved, but well-groomed and neat. Tennis instructor services, equipment rental are available. It is better to book training or site rental in advance, as there are problems with free space. 

To play in the Pushcha-Vodice, you will have to pay about 320-380 UAH for an indoor court, and 120-160 – for an outdoor one. The court is not cheap, but the quality of the coverage of the grounds will pleasantly surprise you.

Sports complex “Science of Sports”

The complex is located near the metro stations “Svyatoshinskaya”, “Akademgorodok” and “Zhytomyr”. Here you will find 12 sites with different surfaces: dirt, hard. There is an opportunity to train with a coach, as well as to hone the team game. All 12 courts are illuminated in the evening. Some playgrounds are suitable not only for adults, but also for children. In addition, there is very high-quality tennis equipment.

Kiev tennis clubs: where to play?

In addition to sports complexes and outdoor areas, you can always visit a tennis club. Among the advantages of clubs are good coverage, the availability of locker rooms, showers, equipment rental and the possibility of training with a coach, as well as competitive prices. Here are a few options: 

  • Evilution Club – trainings for children, teenagers, adults are held here. But no one bothers to rent a court just to play. Covering of indoor courts – rubber, soil, hard. The open ones are covered with soil. By the way, the first two classes at the club are absolutely free. 
  • Olympic Village – 14 courts, half of which are closed. You can train independently or under the guidance of a trainer. By the way, in order to rent a playground, it is not necessary to have a club card: here the club management has slightly deviated from the traditional rules.
  • “Grand Prix”. The club is located in the center of Kiev, so it is very easy to get to. The courts are paved with a modern Italian surface. Therefore, not only beginners, but also professional athletes come here to play. 

Also, trainings from instructors and rental of tennis courts are available in the Tennis Day school network. There are branches of the school all over the capital, so there will definitely be no problems with finding the nearest one. Trial lesson for children /adults – always with a discount. Training can be conducted both at the professional and amateur level.

Lawn tennis in Kiev: let’s sum up

Our list of courts is a vivid confirmation that there are no problems with tennis courts in the capital. There would be a desire, time and enthusiasm. And, of course, do not forget to properly prepare for the game. Take it with you:

  • own a racket – it is more convenient and easier to play with it, especially if you are new to tennis;
  • several balls – according to the classics of the genre, at least one should accidentally get lost or fly over the fence;
  • a uniform for the game, or simply clothes that are not sorry to get dirty;
  • on a hot day – a hat and a bottle of water.

Our sales consultants are always happy to assist in the selection of inventory. We know everything about tennis, so we will be happy to share useful information with you. 

We wish you a pleasant and active weekend!

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