In the vastness of interest, the question “is it possible to transport a football in an airplane?” is quite common. They also ask whether it is necessary to put the ball in the luggage, or it can be transported in hand luggage. Safety rules may differ for a particular country or a particular air carrier. 

Below is a list of sports equipment items prohibited for carriage in hand luggage:

  • – Baseball bat
  • – Hockey and golf clubs
  • – Ski poles

Note that soccer balls are not included in this list. Recently, most airlines allow you to take soccer balls on board the plane as hand luggage without even requiring you to let the air out of it. At the same time, before boarding the plane, we recommend that you necessarily check with the representative of the air carrier whether their safety rules allow you to carry a football projectile in the cabin of the aircraft.

Some air transport companies are asked to deflate the balls before transporting them on the plane. If you regularly travel by air transport and take your favorite ball with you, especially if it is an expensive elite “matchball”, it is important to use the services of airlines that allow you to transport balls without requiring them to be blown away. This is due to the fact that frequent deflation-pumping of football shells has a negative effect on the nipple, and can also lead to deformation of the game projectile.

If you are going to transport several balls, you should definitely hand them over to the luggage compartment, because if you take a net (or bag) with balls into the cabin, in this case the dimensions of your hand luggage will exceed the permissible values.

After reading this article, you have received answers to the following popular questions:

  • – Is it possible to carry a soccer ball on an airplane?
  • – Is it allowed to transport balls in the cabin or do they have to be checked in the luggage?
  • – Is it necessary to deflate the ball when transporting by air?
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