Any soccer ball, regardless of its quality and size, needs to be pumped up after a certain time. How often it is necessary to perform pumping depends on the design of the valve (nipple) and the materials of the chamber, but periodic pumping of the game projectile is required in any case. Too low a pressure level in the chamber leads to a significant loss of the spherical shape of the projectile and makes it unsuitable for its intended use. In this article, we will introduce you to the basic recommendations for pumping a soccer ball.

Why can he lower a soccer ball?

Many football fans are asking the question “why is the soccer ball coming down?”. The ball can deflate for several possible reasons. The air outlet from the chamber may be related to the natural features of the nipple, as well as the material from which the chamber is made. The materials of the chamber (butyl and latex) have a porous structure, and after a certain period of time they gradually begin to pass air. Undoubtedly, the design of the nipple is designed to keep the air inside the projectile as long as possible, but over time, under the influence of the compressive pressure of the chamber, a certain amount of air passes through its walls. In this case, timely and correct pumping of the ball will help to eliminate the problem.

The ball can go down by itself. It’s natural. 

In order to pump up a football projectile, following all the recommendations, you will need the following tools:

  • – Pump
  • – Needle
  • – Oil for the nipple
  • – Pressure gauge (for pressure monitoring)
  • In the absence of a special sports pump, you can use a pump designed to inflate car tires. However, it is recommended to put a plastic nozzle on it.

    How to pump a soccer ball correctly?

    Before inflating the ball, inspect the needle to make sure that there are no notches and sharp ends on it that can damage the nipple structure or the camera. It is worth remembering that the materials of the camera are characterized by increased vulnerability to physical impact. We strongly recommend using a special silicone oil to soften the penetration of the needle into the nipple and prolong its service life. If there is no oil, you can lubricate the needle with saliva. However, in no case, do not use substances intended for other purposes, as this may lead to damage to the nipple structure.

    Before inflating the projectile, straighten the tire and shake the ball so that the camera inside takes an upright position. Secure the ball securely in your hands and carefully insert the needle into the nipple.

    Also, there are cases when the cause of the descent of the projectile may be damage to its structural elements (the nipple or the camera itself). In order to make sure that the nipple does not “poison” (let the air out), apply saliva to its hole. The presence of bubbles will indicate the presence of problems with the valve. To determine the location of the camera damage, put it in a basin or a bath with water. Where there will be bubbles in the water and the damaged area is located. In such situations, the problem can be fixed by repairing the ball.

    Up to how many atmospheres to swing a soccer ball?

    If there is a pressure gauge at hand, check that the pressure of the injected air corresponds to the value indicated on the tire of the ball near the nipple hole. There are requirements of international standards regarding the pressure indicators in the chamber of footballs. For official “matchballs” of the elite level, the range of permissible pressure values is from 0.8 to 1.0 bar. Training models of professional–level balls are recommended to be pumped up to 0.6 – 0.8 atmospheres, and for amateur category projectiles, an indicator in the range of 0.4 – 0.6 is allowed.

    If the ball is operated regularly and in intensive mode, we recommend periodically checking the air pressure in the chamber with a pressure gauge.

    In a situation where the ball has to be pumped in the field and there is no possibility to use a pressure gauge, lift the projectile to the height of your shoulders and throw it down. If the ball bounces off the ground at about waist level, it means that you managed to pump the ball correctly. We recommend pumping the projectile 10-15 minutes before the game, so that after pumping the seams are straightened out and it takes an optimal spherical shape. At the end of the match or training session, lower the ball using a silicone-oiled needle. This will reduce the load on the panels and seams, preserve their elasticity and extend the life of the game projectile. The seams of the ball, which is constantly inflated to the maximum level, weaken, which negatively affects the shape of the panels, moisture resistance and other functional characteristics of the soccer ball.

    Why is it impossible to inflate a soccer ball with your mouth?

    Also, when there is no pump with a needle at hand, ordinary people often have a question: “is it possible to inflate a football with your mouth like a balloon?”. Unfortunately, you will not be able to inflate the projectile without improvised tools. Firstly, the nipple is arranged in such a way that air can be pumped into the chamber only using a special needle. And secondly, the power of human lungs is simply not enough to provide the necessary level of air pressure in the chamber. Therefore, we recommend taking care in advance of purchasing a high-quality pump with a needle for inflating footballs. 

    After reading this article, you have received answers to the following questions:

    • – How to pump a soccer ball correctly
    • – Why do they lower footballs
    • – What should be the air pressure in the chamber and how to control it
    • – Why is it impossible to inflate a football with your mouth

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