Ski Jumping at 2019 Winter Olympics

Ski Jumping events at the PyeongChang 2019 Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place from 10 to 19 February 2019.

There will be a total of 4 medal events taking place and 100 athletes will compete in these events.

Ski Jumping at 2019 Winter Olympics

Ski Jumping Men’s Events :

  • Men’s Normal Hill Individual
  • Men’s Large Hill Individual
  • Men’s Team

Ski Jumping Women’s Events :

  • Women’s Normal Hill Individual

Venues for Ski Jumping Events :

  • Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre

About Ski Jumping :

Ski jumping is a winter sport where the skier glides down a (35 – 37°) ramp at 90Km/h to jump and fly as far as they can go from the launching zone to make a stable landing in the landing section.

Each jump is evaluated according to the distance traveled and the style performed.

There are five judges who decide the flying score based on the style performed. The highest and lowest scores are disregarded, with the remaining three scores are added to the distance score to determine the final ranking.

Ski Jumping Competition Schedule at 2018 Winter Olympics :

Date Time Event
8 February 21:30-22:35 Men’s individual normal hill qualification
10 February 21:35-23:20 Men’s individual normal hill
12 February 21:50-23:25 Women’s individual normal hill
16 February 21:30-22:35 Men’s individual large hill qualification
17 February 21:30-22:45 Men’s individual large hill
19 February 21:30-23:20 Men’s team large hill

Notes : All times are (UTC+9).