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Exciting victories and high results in competitions depend on the skill and training of the athlete. However, sometimes there are situations when a fighter’s loss is due to the lack of protective equipment. Despite the fact that blows to the groin are prohibited in all tournaments, sometimes damage to this area is inflicted accidentally. This can have serious consequences, ranging from bruises to injuries incompatible with professional sports. To protect yourself, you should use special equipment. Groin protection is one of the most important elements of boxing, and not only, uniforms. It reliably protects the reproductive health of male athletes from injury during sports and extreme recreation. When choosing protection, you need to pay attention to several important points and choose the best option for yourself. In this article we will talk about the types of this piece of equipment, sizes, materials of manufacture and other important nuances.

Groin protection shell and other equipment for children and adults

Every athlete knows that it is better to prevent injury than to recover from it for a long time afterwards. That is why, along with mouth guards, it is recommended to use groin protection not only during competitions, but also during daily training. After all, in contact sports, the dynamics are so high that a sparring partner can involuntarily hit below the belt. The presence of special equipment will prevent damage to the genitals and preserve health. So, there are several types of protection for the groin. Manufacturers of sports equipment produce it in three versions:

  • in the form of compression shorts;
  • shell pads;
  • inguinal bandage.

Compression shorts not only protect the groin and hip joint area, but also keep the body in good shape, preventing it from overheating and hypothermia. They are made of high-tech stretch material with high antibacterial properties. There is absolutely no stiffness of movements in them. This type of protection is widely used in mixed martial arts, fights without rules and others. The complete set of shorts, as a rule, comes with a shell, but it can also be purchased separately. A similar model can be found in the groin protection line from the well-known sports goods manufacturer SHOCK DOCTOR.

Protection in the form of a shell is the most common. This is a classic option that reliably protects the groin area from injury. It is suitable for most athletes, both for children and adults, and practical for all types of martial arts. The protection has a design in the form of a shell and a special pocket for it. It is made of high-class impact-resistant materials:

  • plastic,
  • carbon fiber,
  • polycarbonate and so on.

The edges of the shell are usually rubberized to absorb shocks. It is fixed on the body with the help of elastic bands. When choosing groin protection, you should pay attention to models from well-established manufacturers on the market, for example, RDX, MATSA.

An inguinal bandage is a professional protection that ensures the safety of not only the inguinal area, but also the lymph nodes, as well as partially the kidneys and thighs. Such models are most often used in professional boxing. They are functional, durable and reliable. High-quality bandages are made of leather. Protective foam is used in the technological process. In addition, professional-grade protection has good breathability and moisture resistance. Thanks to special Velcro, it can be adjusted in size. Practical protection of this level can be found from manufacturers such as Everplast and FirePower, Title.

Sports shell for groin protection for MMA, Thai boxing and other martial arts: which one to buy?

Both in the boxing ring and on the tatami, you can’t do without equipment. Due to the technical features of each sport, special requirements are put forward for the design of protection for the groin. Let’s consider them from the point of view of belonging to a particular type of martial arts. In particular, a bandage or a shell to protect the groin is used in:

  • Boxing. In this case, athletes use special equipment to protect the groin, which is attached to the hips. Thanks to the durable cap, soft tissues are not damaged, and the presence of shock-absorbing inserts allows you to extinguish the shock impulse. The boxer is not limited in movements, while he may not be afraid that the groin protection will move or the fastening will weaken. Since in this sport punches are struck with fists in professional gloves, there is also a serious danger of getting into the lower part of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, athletes are recommended to buy groin protection for Thai boxing in the form of a shell with a wide belt attached to it. This design prevents ruptures and bruises of internal organs (bladder, intestines, kidneys, liver, etc.), as well as abdominal muscles. Shock-absorbing filler minimizes the force effect on the groin.
  • Karate. In this martial art, strong blows are struck at vital points. Karate is not characterized by numerous blind hits. If you are attacked by an opponent, there is no doubt that his blows will be powerful and accurate. An experienced karate expert is able to break a brick with the edge of his palm, and a wooden bar with his foot. You can imagine the result after hitting the groin, not covered by protection. One such blow will decide the outcome of the battle. Therefore, for karate, a bandage is used as a groin protection. If you decide to use only a shell, you should choose a cup with foam filler. It dissipates energy during a blow to the groin and has a repulsive effect.
  • Taekwondo and MMA. In this fight, an important component is kicks and blocks with your feet. The athlete has to actively move and move. Jumping punches, flips, scissors and many other elements of basic equipment require special equipment. A shell to protect the groin on laces or elastic bands is ineffective. Such fasteners do not withstand loads and shift, which can lead to injury. Therefore, groin protection for MMA should be sewn into compression shorts. The design securely fixes the protector, and also supports the muscles of the hips and pelvic floor. In addition, the product increases the strength of movements and contributes to the economical expenditure of forces during a duel.
  • Thus, you need to choose the type of groin protection based on the characteristics of the sport you are engaged in. The shell is often invested in basic sports equipment or has its own elastic fasteners. The bandage belt is more voluminous, but performs a number of other important functions.

    How to choose groin protection for girls, boys and adult athletes?

    When buying protection, you need to pay attention to the size. Usually the size range starts from XS (children’s options) and ends with XL (heavyweight athletes). If it is selected incorrectly, the groin protection loses its functional purpose and effectiveness. Today, according to international standards , such dimensional designations are distinguished:

    • XS. This is groin protection for children aged 4-6 years;
    • S. Equipment of this size is suitable for boys up to 12 years old, as well as skinny young men;
    • M. The product is designed to protect the groin in young athletes of athletic build;
    • L. This size is most in demand because it is suitable for men from 16 years and older;
    • XL. Athletes with a large physique should buy protection for the groin of this size.

    The equipment should not interfere, restrict movement and generally cause any discomfort. Therefore, it is better to purchase protection a little larger than the prescribed size, so that it is not crowded. It is better to take care of special equipment in a timely manner, which will help prevent serious injury. Going into battle without groin protection is an unjustified risk that will cost you dearly.

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