Contact martial arts, such as boxing, MMA, kickboxing, combat sambo, etc., are characterized by a long training process, during which not only the technical equipment of the gym is important, but also individual sports equipment with a high level of shock absorption. Projectile gloves occupy a special place among special protective equipment. They are shells, cue balls and shingards. Externally, these products are similar to boxing gloves, but functionally slightly different: they are used in the process of training when putting punches on bags, paws, pears, wall pillows, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use such products in training or competitive fights, since they can harm health due to their small mass and hard surface the enemy. Cue balls should be in the arsenal of both professional athletes and beginners. But how to choose high-quality shell gloves among a huge variety of models? Let’s try to figure it out.

Design features of shell gloves

In the process of choosing the shells, first of all pay attention to their cut. A beginner should know that projectile gloves are structurally different from boxing analogues. They are used to practice striking techniques on special sports equipment, and not on a sparring partner. Their distinctive characteristics include the following:

  • traditional glove models are characterized by the absence of a thumb. This ensures its convenient location. This means that the finger is protected from injury during strikes on a pear or any other sports equipment;
  • individual models of projectile gloves are made together with weights, which are placed in special pockets on the cuffs or on the back of the palm. This is done in order to increase loads during specific workouts;
  • some shells for pears and bags have their fingers cut off. They are called shingards. Since these models soften the attack and do not interfere with the movement of the hands, they are used in martial arts, where grips are used;
  • for reliable protection of the hands, a dense padding in the area of the joints serves. It protects the knuckles from possible injuries during hand contact with heavy projectiles;
  • the projectile gloves are fixed on the hand with the help of Velcro, which allows you to feel the blows better and adjust them if necessary;
  • shell gloves or shingards are much lighter in weight than similar products for sparring or competitions. This reduces the fatigue of the hands during long-term sports training. Their weight is reduced by reducing the volume of filler;
  • such products are characterized by good maneuverability, due to which high speed and striking techniques develop during training.

And what modification of shells to buy depends on their main functions, as well as your preferences. But remember that it is not enough to choose only shell gloves. Bandages will also be useful here, which will help to fix the wrist. This technique, in turn, will reduce the level of injury. After all, due to some injuries, an athlete can leave the ring for a long time.

The main criteria for choosing shell gloves

In the process of choosing shell gloves for pears, bags or other projectiles, it is important to take into account their characteristics, the main among which are the following:

  • type of shell gloves: when choosing the type of product, remember that they are represented by both traditional and standard models, as well as shingarts, as well as bits with weighting;
  • product size: when choosing the size, do not forget that the athlete’s hand must be clearly fixed with a glove. And also pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to leave a gap for bandages. After all, they, tightly fitting the hand, more effectively protect it from injuries and bruises;
  • weight of shells: give preference to gloves with a minimum weight. Such models will allow for a longer workout, as a result of which it will be more effective;
  • glove material: since shell gloves are subjected to heavy loads, in order not to acquire new ones after two or three workouts, immediately choose products made of durable natural materials – leather. They are the most practical and convenient. In addition to leather cue balls, there is a large selection of gloves made of leatherette, neoprene (synthetic rubber or foam rubber) and durable textiles on the market. These models are cheaper;
  • filler: manufacturers use polyurethane or helium as an interlayer. And what suits you depends on which products you prefer: tougher or softer;
  • moisture-absorbing lining: its presence provides additional protection to the hands, as moisture generated during training is absorbed into it ;
  • brand: choosing shell gloves “Adidas” or any other manufacturer, be sure that they will last for many years, the main thing is to choose the right size;
  • price: also matters. Pay attention to the fact that good and high-quality shells are not cheap. Their price varies depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process, as well as the manufacturer’s company.

Considering these parameters in the selection process, you will be able to buy projectile gloves that will last you for a long time.

Characteristics of individual models of projectile gloves (Title, etc.)

If you need to buy projectile gloves for boxing or any other type of martial arts made of high-quality material, it is better to contact a reliable sports equipment store. This is exactly what the online store “League of Sports” is. Here you can buy products of the following brands: Title projectile gloves, Cleto Reyes gloves, Zelart Sport shingarts, Everlast projectiles and many others. Let’s look at some models in more detail:

  • Fairtex cue balls are an excellent option for training sessions on pears or other sports equipment, which are popular with athletes of different skill levels. Here, foam with an absorbent effect is used as a filler, which serves to protect the joints during intense blows. Thanks to the presence of Velcro on the cuffs, the gloves can be easily removed and put on, as well as securely fixed on the hand;
  • all Adidas projectile gloves are especially popular with amateur athletes, as well as beginners. These models are made of wear-resistant material, where foam filler with additional helium inserts is used to reliably protect the joints from bruises and injuries;
  • Title shells are high–quality products made of leather. Almost all models are characterized by a curved anatomical shape, which provides maximum comfort to the hands. They are fixed on the wrist with a convenient elastic band. Special ventilation openings are responsible for good air circulation here.

It’s up to you to choose Adidas shell gloves, Title cue balls or Everlast shingarts. But remember that comfort and safety during training are first of all, so pay special attention to how the shell gloves sit on your hands.

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