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A lot of people who want to make their career in martial arts start with MMA (I also mean hand-to-hand combat, combat sambo and grappling, because gloves for these types of martial arts are not particularly different from those described below by us).  And it is important to remember that there is a special equipment for mixed martial arts. Here we will talk about how to choose the right gloves for a mixfight.

Types of gloves for MMA

Conditionally, it is possible to divide gloves into training and competitive, but for different organizations and federations, the same gloves can be both training and competitive.

Training gloves

The main difference between training gloves is the maximum protection of both the thumb and the hand. Such gloves are heavier, their approximate weight is 220 – 250 grams. Training gloves are made with both separated fingers and round shape. The first ones are convenient for practicing contact techniques, such as grabbing, etc.; “round” ones are safer for your sparring opponent when practicing strikes. If you wish to purchase gloves of this type, pay attention to the training gel gloves TITLE GEL® World Training Gloves (Velcro).

Competitive Gloves

Such gloves are easier, since they are made without unnecessary protection, although for some fights thumb protection is mandatory. Their weight is about 110-200 grams, but sometimes there are gloves weighing 220 grams. Gloves for mixed martial arts MMA VELO Leather or, for example, gloves for mixed martial arts MMA GRANT Leather will be a good choice.

When choosing gloves for competitions, it is necessary to know the regulations, which deal with the basic requirements for the characteristics of gloves.

What to pay attention to

Glove Size

For MMA, there is the concept of “double sizes”, that is, the sizes L/XL and M/S. But each manufacturer understands this in its own way – so there is no single criterion for determining the size. But we still tried to answer universally by analyzing a lot of gloves from different manufacturers: adults who weigh more than 75 kilograms, in principle, L/XL gloves are suitable, and for children or adults with a weight less than specified, it is better and more convenient to use S/M sizes.


Basically, regardless of the manufacturer and price, gloves are made of genuine leather (for example, like ADIDAS Impact 10 oz boxing gloves). However, the problem is that this skin is not always made as it should be. This feature of the production is serious, because the glove can rub the hand, and the palm will sweat a lot. Therefore, the lining will help in solving this problem. If it is made with the necessary material, then sweat can also output, which is very convenient. There are also gloves with gel filler, which are widely advertised now. But they do not give such a serious advantage to dwell on it.

Manufacturing companies for MMA

Ringside is a company that constantly produces something new in the industry, but their gloves are expensive.

Everlast is a company that produces budget models that a beginner can afford to buy.

Also, among the budget brands whose models can be used as training ones, Title and RDX should be highlighted.

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