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How to choose boxing paws

Paws are an essential attribute in training, both for professional boxers and amateurs. Why? That’s because boxing paws are not just a training projectile, but also an assistant in developing the accuracy of the blow, increasing reaction, physical endurance and coordination of movements. Experienced boxers believe that if you do not use boxing paws in training, then you will not become a professional in boxing. Training with paws helps to achieve amazing results in boxing and learn how to properly distribute muscle effort. Unlike a boxing bag or a pear, paws are best suited for simulating a real fight. One of the advantages of boxing paws is compactness. They will easily fit into your backpack if you go on a couple of day trip, but at the same time you do not want to leave your favorite sport for a few days. It is worth noting that paws are an important component not only in boxing, but also in kickboxing, tai-bo. If you decide to buy boxing paws, then you should pay attention to their classification, shape, material and design of the projectile.

The most common boxing paws that can be seen in sports sections, sports complexes are presented in two main types: straight and bent.

  • Straight paws – it is also called the classic version, which is used for training kicks and hands. The material used in direct form is often leather or eco-leather, and a rigid tab on the paws allows you to work out the technique of direct blows.
  • Bent paws (concave/curved) help to hone the speed and accuracy of the boxer. The main feature of this type is rigid tabs made of polyurethane foam, in order for training to be more comfortable, it is recommended to practice with gloves so that the skin of the hands does not have any possible damage. Bent paws are made of leather, and there are also models made of a leather substitute, but when purchasing them, count on a short operational period. Using bent paws, it is not very convenient to hone direct blows, so take this fact to yourself.
  • Universal paws are considered to be a projectile that has an external resemblance to straight and bent ones, but the difference is a reinforced cushion and a target in the form of a circle of a small radius. Perhaps you have ever heard of the existence of paws-makivar, so their functionality is appreciated by boxers for the ability to attach to the forearms and a large size in comparison with other species. Paws-makivars are an ideal solution for those who practice kicks in their training.

The shape of boxing paws is not universal, so before choosing the model you are interested in, you need to understand their purpose.

  • You need short rounded paws if you want to easily hit the target and not miss.
  • It will be more difficult for you to hit the oblong paws, and the possibility of injury to the trainer’s hands increases by working with this type of projectile.

Why boxing paws play an important role in the preparation of an athlete

The key to a successful career of any athlete lies in hard training, which allows him to maintain optimal shape and regularly improve his skills. One of the key elements of a fighter’s training is the so-called “work on paws”. This is a set of exercises for practicing strokes, in which special gloves are used. Because of their unusual shape, they are called “paws” and such training elements are suitable for boxing, taekwondo, kickboxing and other types of contact sports. Boxing paws exist in various variations, each of which is designed for a specific type of exercise.

Professional fighters from boxing, kickboxing and taekwondo note that such training paws are an indispensable tool in the process of preparing an athlete. Without such exercises, a person has almost no chance of achieving significant progress in any of the mentioned disciplines. Boxing paws are considered a mandatory tool of the trainer, since it is he who controls the performance of exercises and knows which strokes need to be worked out at the next lesson. Training gloves have a clearly defined purpose and each of the models of this projectile is designed to perform its task.

Types of boxing paws for taekwondo, boxing and kickboxing

Since boxing paws are supposed to help an athlete put a punch correctly, they have several different types. Thus, they not only cover more disciplines, suitable for taekwondo, boxing or kickboxing, but also allow you to train a fighter taking into account certain training specifications. Boxing paws of various types did not appear immediately. Behind each of the models for kickboxing, taekwondo or boxing there are decades of practical exercises that have allowed us to identify the optimal structure for training shells. In the end, boxing paws have acquired their current forms, ideal for practicing various punches.

Training gloves for boxing, kickboxing and taekwondo exist in three versions. These are such types of sports equipment as:

  • straight boxing paws;
  • bent paws;
  • universal boxing paws.

The most popular types of this equipment are the first two options. Curved and straight paws are mandatory training tools for any fighter who follows the path of boxing, kickboxing or taekwondo. Without them, there can be no question of high-quality training of an athlete.

Straight boxing paws are considered the main projectile in the process of practicing punches. They are also called “classic”, which indicates the peculiar popularity of these gloves. Such training shells are used to hone direct punches and kicks. In most cases, these are leather paws that have a fairly rigid tab. Suitable for boxing, kickboxing and taekwondo. Straight paws place high demands on the ability of a coach, since only an experienced athlete knows how to properly use training equipment of this kind.

Bent boxing paws are also a mandatory component of fighter training. Their main task is to work out the movement of the athlete and his accuracy. Like straight paws, such training elements are suitable for kickboxing, taekwondo and boxing. One of the main features of this projectile is rigid polyurethane tabs. High-quality bent boxing paws, as well as straight varieties, in most cases, leather. An eco-substitute for this material will not be able to withstand prolonged loads, so it is recommended to take boxing bent paws made of natural ingredients.

Universal paws are much rarer. This was influenced by several factors, among which the main one is the specifics of the use of the aforementioned projectile. Training universal paws look like both straight and curved gloves, but have a large size. In addition, such boxing paws have a painted target in the center so that the athlete can see where to strike. It is believed that these training gloves are more suitable for taekwondo and kickboxing than for boxing. Such paws are an ideal option for practicing kicks.

Forms of boxing paws: application specifics and characteristics

In addition to classification by purpose, boxing paws also differ in their shape. This is an important aspect that coaches use to effectively practice strikes. Often, training gloves of various types are tried to be combined with the most suitable form. However, if desired, you can find both straight paws of several shapes, and universal training shells of a certain size. Which option is best suited for boxing, kickboxing or taekwondo is up to the athlete and his coach to decide.

To date, there are two main forms of such equipment as boxing training paws. We are talking about the following options:

  • Small rounded paws. Most often these are straight training paws, which are ideal for boxing. They allow you to effectively practice direct strikes.
  • Oblong training gloves. They have a teardrop shape. Due to their specificity, they adopt an anatomically correct appearance. This is a kind of universal training equipment. With its help, you can hone both direct punches and lateral techniques and uppercuts.
  • If you do not know which boxing gloves you should buy, we recommend that you consult a professional. For various types of martial arts (boxing, MMA, kickboxing, taekwondo), certain training exercises are necessary that affect the shape of the paws and their type. The price of boxing gloves for boxing, taekwondo, MMA or kickboxing depends, first of all, on the material and the manufacturer’s company. As a rule, boxing paws of any value can be found in online stores of our country, because Ukraine is famous for its love of various types of martial arts.

    The main recommendations for choosing boxing paws, which must be taken into account:

    • The main mistake in choosing boxing paws is the wrong size. Just imagine how uncomfortable it is to train with paws that squeeze or press!
    • Boxing paws should be as strong and comfortable as possible for you. You should not feel any pain during training.
    • When practicing on boxing paws, do not forget about other types of training, so the effectiveness of your classes will be maximized.
    • Listen to the coach in everything, as incorrectly performed exercises can bring unwanted injuries.
    • For trainers, the protection of the hands and wrists during training is very important. Therefore, pay attention to the fixation of the paws on the wrists.  
    • The least expensive material used in boxing paws is polyvinyl chloride. The price for them will be available to everyone.
    • Kirza is considered to be a wear–resistant material of boxing paws.
    • The last thing that should worry you in choosing boxing paws is the color and design of the projectile. Among the many manufacturers, choose what you will definitely like, since you will be engaged in boxing paws. Do not forget to take into account the main recommendations when choosing, and you will definitely find what you need!
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