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A wide range of optical devices is presented on the shelves of sports stores. The most popular of them are binoculars, because they have the necessary compactness along with powerful magnification and a large angle of view. Let’s try to figure out how to choose binoculars and make it so that the purchase of a long-range vision device becomes really successful.

We choose for ourselves a good pair of binoculars: marine, tourist, for hunting and other entertainment

The scope of use of these optical devices is very extensive. That is why, before you learn how to choose binoculars, you should take into account that they are bought for:

  • hunting and tourism: binoculars are made with waterproof cases, as they are used in open areas under all weather conditions. When buying, you need to pay attention to the case material. It should be shockproof. A good approximation is important for a hunter to be able to spot prey even at a great distance and aim, so experienced users are advised to buy hunting binoculars with a multiplicity of about 10–12x. Sorties often occur in the darkest time of the day, which is why it is better to choose lenses within 42-60x. Also on sale are binoculars for hunting night vision. Their price will be higher than usual. Fogging of lenses can be avoided if you buy binoculars with nitrogen-filled optics. Also, when choosing binoculars for tourism and hunting, it is better to give preference to compact models. After all, it’s easier when you can just put the device in your pocket;
  • astronomical observations: optical instruments allow you to observe planets and satellites, the moon, stars and their clusters, and other objects. The most common, especially among ordinary fans of studying the night sky, are universal astronomical binoculars. You can buy such binoculars inexpensively in the online store “League of Sports”. Due to its compact size, the devices are used without tripods, so observations can be carried out in almost any conditions. For example, an 8×40 astronomical binoculars will allow you to view the Milky Way and various constellations. 7×50 optical devices make full use of the capabilities of a wide-angle lens and the human eye. They are more demanding of lighting (the picture quality is low in urban illumination, at dusk). 10×50 are already heavy models of universal astrobinoculars with a narrow field of view. Binoculars, the multiplicity of which begins with 2×50 and 15×50, are considered specialized;
  • trips to the theater and sports matches: compact devices that allow you to easily observe different performances even from a long distance. Theater binoculars will also be useful during various excursions — they are not difficult to carry with you in a bag or backpack, but you will be able to see a lot more objects. They are available with an increase from 2.3 to 4 times, they allow you to observe objects from 1 meter to infinity. Their advantage is a wide field of view due to low magnification. The prices for such binoculars are low, they depend more on the manufacturer and the design features of the case;
  • use at sea: marine binoculars have a waterproof coating, which makes it possible to use them in adverse weather conditions. Multi-layer SMC lens illumination significantly reduces light loss. Optical instruments for conducting observations at sea are equipped with built-in 360-degree compasses and angle scales of rangefinders. A good model can easily replace several devices and will facilitate orientation. Another advantage is the high magnifying power. You can buy marine binoculars for fishing in the open sea, traveling and other purposes;
  • children’s: these are not just expensive toys, but excellent tools for learning about the world around you. The child can use binoculars to study birds and other objects of nature, for urban observations, in order to develop skills of orientation on the terrain, etc. Children’s optics have compact dimensions, light weight and simple settings. But these are not the main selection criteria. High-quality children’s binoculars are made taking into account the anatomical features of the organs of vision at this age. Popular models for children have parameters 6×21, 8×21, 10×25, etc. We offer to buy inexpensive binoculars for children with glass optics, which will allow you to carry out any observations;
  • nature and bird watching, etc.: the choice of binoculars for such purposes depends primarily on the purpose and place of use. Simple and inexpensive optics will be enough for observations within the city. But if it is possible to observe more distant objects without leaving home, then you can use a powerful model with a tripod. Such binoculars will not be very convenient to transport outside the city, but you can get excellent observation results. Also, powerful binoculars are used when wild animals are being observed that may pose a danger when approaching (for example, predators).

There are other types of binoculars from simple to premium. They can be selected for almost any purpose. The devices can be interchangeable. Contact our online store, and our specialists will help you choose and buy high-quality binoculars inexpensively.

Night vision binoculars: features of the devices

Thermal imagers and night vision binoculars with IR illumination belong to this category. They are used by the military as tactical, hunters and other users. No external lighting is required for the operation of thermal imagers — binoculars with IR illumination. Their matrix sensors detect electromagnetic waves of thermal radiation, and the final image is based on the data obtained. They “see” the radiation even through different obstacles (bushes, tall grass). Ordinary night vision binoculars are worse at coping with such tasks, but they are several times cheaper than pharmacists.

We take into account the technical characteristics

To choose the right binoculars, you should decide for what purposes the device is needed, and also pay attention to its following characteristics:

  • optical power or magnification multiplicity;
  • lens diameter;
  • the ability to adjust the degree of magnification;
  • dimensions and weight;
  • the presence of a special handbag or case.

Multiplicity is the degree of apparent magnification of an object when studying it. For example, if this indicator is 10, then an object located at a distance of 100 m will look as if it is located no further than 10 m. The most important parameters are indicated by two digits (for example, 7×35 or 10×50). The first of them indicates the multiplicity of magnification, the second is the diameter of the magnifying lens (in millimeters). If you do not need the device to admire planets in space, then it is best to take a model with an average optical power (about 7-8). It is also worth noting that the higher the magnification factor, the smaller the field of view (or, in other words, the width of the image). Therefore, with the question of how to choose binoculars for yourself, it is best to contact a specialist directly, who will take into account all the features of using the device.

Another important characteristic is the size of the exit pupil, i.e. the diameter of the image that appears in the eyepiece. The larger the parameters, the more accurately objects can be viewed even in low-light conditions. The indicator can be calculated by dividing the lens diameter by the multiplicity. For example, in a 7×50 device, the size of the exit pupil will be equal to 7.1 mm. The calculation is due to the fact that the pupil diameter of the human eye is constantly changing depending on the degree of illumination, age and individual characteristics. The indicators can be in the range from 2 to 8 mm. The size of the exit pupil of the binoculars does not change. And in order to conduct observations with comfort, it must be larger than the diameter of a person’s pupil. If the indicators of the device are small (for example, 2-3 mm), then it is suitable only for short-term use in conditions of good illumination. If you want to buy high-quality binoculars, it is better to choose parameters from 5 mm. In more expensive models, this figure will be higher. You can find out how much binoculars with different indicators cost on the website of our online store.

The near zone is the minimum distance of the object of observation. And the smaller the indicators, the closer you can observe different objects. This will allow you to consider the smallest details of plants, to study the peculiarities of the life of insects, small animals, etc.

Diopter compensation — the ability to adjust binoculars to the features of vision. There are only a few people with perfect visual acuity, but this does not mean that everyone else is deprived of the opportunity to comfortably conduct observations. To find out which binoculars are better to choose in the presence of certain problems, contact our consultants.

If you order binoculars in specialized markets, then, as a rule, its cost will be slightly higher than in online stores. This is due to the fact that the web resource does not need to make allowances to the price of the goods, which will cover the costs of renting premises, paying salaries to sellers, utilities and other payments.

Expert advice: before choosing binoculars with certain parameters, study the reviews about this model on the Internet. As a rule, you can learn a lot of valuable information from such sources.

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