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The online store “League of Sports” provides an opportunity for all consumers, without exception, to buy a revolver for a Flaubert cartridge inexpensively. This type of revolvers is often classified as one of the types of pneumatics. But in fact, this product is not.

A revolver chambered for Flaubert, reviews of the features of the use of which were left by our users, by design can rather be classified as a firearm, and it was classified as pneumatic due to the specifics of the licensing system of Ukraine, which allows you to buy these devices without any relevant documentation. A revolver, for firing from which Flaubert cartridges are used, according to Ukrainian legislation is not considered a firearm due to the small caliber – only 4 mm.

In general, Flaubert cartridges for a revolver are ammunition that have a ring type of ignition. Such bullets do not have a powder charge. But they have a capsule composition.

Cartridges for the Flaubert revolver were named after their creator, the Frenchman Louis Flaubert, who presented the first prototype to the world in the middle of the nineteenth century. The first cartridge of Flaubert had a caliber of 9 mm. Today they are produced in a smaller caliber (4 mm) and are very popular for revolvers of different models. The prevalence of such cartridges in our country and abroad lies in their low cost, design, weak sound when fired. They are sold in sets from 100 to 200 pieces and are perfect for active use in a pistol or a Flaubert revolver.

Cartridges can be used for different weapons. Specifically: for Flaubert pistols and revolvers. The latter are distinguished by the presence of a rotating drum. And in its cells there are charges. For a shot, the cell is located near the barrel, which allows the bullet to fly out after the shot. As soon as this has happened, the empty part of the drum is scrolled and gives the opportunity to take its place with another one in order to carry out the shot again.

By design, appearance, and material of manufacture, Alfa mod 431,441 revolvers, which you can buy in Kiev or any other Ukrainian city, are identical to firearms (real) revolvers. The only distinctive quality of such weapons is the low power of cartridges. Therefore, the best revolver for a Flaubert cartridge can be used not only for sports, as well as training shooting, but also for a detailed study of the structure of small arms. A distinctive feature of the Flaubert cartridge is the absence of a powder charge in it. During the shooting, the pyrotechnic composition ignites – it is the propellant.

The choice of the best pistol for the Flaubert cartridge should be carried out taking into account the main characteristics of the weapon:

  • the material of manufacture and the length of the barrel;
  • drum manufacturing material;
  • features of the trigger mechanism;
  • handle material;
  • type of weapon coating (nickel, chrome, titanium, bluing).

The material for the manufacture of Zbroia revolver drums, characterized by great strength and reliability, is steel. Silumin, also used for the manufacture of drums, is a less reliable material, characterized by a short service life, compared with steel products. However, the price of such products is much lower. Safari, Alfa and Weihrauch revolvers chambered for Flaubert are equipped with double-action firing mechanisms that make the weapon fast-acting. But, nevertheless, it is worth noting that the operation of such mechanisms negatively affects the accuracy of the shot. To increase accuracy, you should cock the trigger manually before firing. All the best revolvers chambered for Flaubert, which you can buy inexpensively in the Liga Sport store, are equipped with a steel rifled barrel. A weapon whose barrel length does not exceed 2 and 3 inches can be bought for wearing in self–defense or for everyday wear, and a weapon with an elongated barrel can be used for sports shooting, because it is worth considering that the difference in the speed of a bullet from a weapon with a short and long barrel is 10-15 m / s.

Barrels with chrome or nickel coating are of the highest quality, compared with blued counterparts in black. Manufacturers Alfa (Alfa), Ekol, Zbroia (Zbroia), Stalker and Safari have a wide range of models. If desired, you can buy a revolver you like with a chrome or blued barrel. The best in terms of practicality and resistance to mechanical damage is the rubber coating for the handles.

Revolvers with a rubber handle Flobert Ekol Major Berg 4.5″ Black or Stalker 4.5″ Synthetic are ideal for sports shooting, since the hand does not slip with a rubber handle and, thus, the highest accuracy of the shot is achieved. In our online store “League of Sports” you can also buy Flaubert LATEK Safari, ALFA mod 441, Zbroia Profi-3, with a handle made of walnut or beech. The optimal variants of revolvers in the price-quality ratio are considered revolvers TM Zbroya. A distinctive feature of Flaubert Alfa mod 431, 441, 461 and Stalker revolvers is an adjustable aiming bar. The ability to adjust the aiming bar (left – right, up – down) will be appreciated by fans of high-precision shooting. The main feature of the Czech revolver Kora Brno 4mm is the smaller diameter of the chamber of the drum at the outlet. As a consequence, a large initial velocity of the bullet is noted.

In the online store “League of Sports”, if you wish, you can buy cheap 4 mm Flaubert, the manufacturer of which is Selier& Bellot (Czech Republic) and Dynamit Nobel (Germany). Selier&Bellot have a copper-plated bullet and a shorter brass nickel-plated sleeve, while Dynamit Nobel have a long brass sleeve and a non-copper lead bullet. The main drawback of German cartridges is a softer sleeve, and this, in turn, can cause it to blow up after the shot and jam in the revolver drum. The lead-free bullet carried by the Dynamit Nobel cartridge leads to leadingof the barrel bore. And it happens quite quickly. Although it is worth noting that the quality of the Dynamit Nobel shock composition is better, and its suspension is more uniform. It is worth noting that Sellier & Bellot (“Czechs”) have a small amount of gunpowder in their composition, and it, in turn, is slower, therefore it has an effect only in revolvers whose barrel is 6 inches, for example, ALFA mod 461 6″ or Weihrauch HW4 6″, in the rest – most of the gunpowder, without burning, it flies out of the trunk.

Varieties and rating of revolvers chambered for Flaubert

In addition to the features of Flaubert revolvers, which can be bought inexpensively in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kiev or other cities), relative to their manufacturers, there are also other criteria for classifying this weapon.

For example, regarding the capacity of the drum, you can see models of a revolver chambered for Flaubert for five, seven or nine pieces.

According to the length of the trunk , the following options are distinguished: this weapon is small, with a barrel of only 64 millimeters. There are also medium models from 76 to 114 millimeters. And a large weapon with a barrel length of up to 152 millimeters. This indicator can be measured not only in millimeters, but also in inches. It is calculated as the length from the chamber to the muzzle.

This parameter does not depend on the overall dimensions of the Flaubert revolver. Longer options make the aiming process easier and make it possible to aim more accurately. But they also weigh more. Compact options are convenient to store, they weigh a little and can always be at hand (if you use a Flaubert revolver for self-defense, for example).

According to the material of the lining on the handle, there are Flaubert revolvers:

  • Made of wood. This option, thanks to the texture, has an attractive appearance, looks expensive and solid. The tree is pleasant to the touch, it is comfortable to hold in your hands. Similar handles are presented in the models of the Flaubert revolver produced by Alfa, Zbroia. On the other hand, wood scratches quickly, is sensitive to humidity.
  • Made of plastic. Models of the Flaubert revolver with handles made of plastic are also presented in the online store “League of Sports”. These are Alfa 431, Zbroia Profi-3”, Stalker 4 mm 2.5”, etc. Plastic handles are lightweight and at the same time strong, durable. They can have different colors and shapes. They are not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. These are the options most often chosen by buyers.
  • Made of rubber. Models with a rubber handle are also in demand. They are durable and of high quality. Such Flaubert revolvers are most convenient to hold in your hands.
  • Among other things, gun lovers like revolvers chambered for Flaubert, as they are often copies of well-known firearms analogues. They perfectly imitate old samples, can serve as part of a home collection. At the same time, the revolver can be used for entertaining shooting, since this is not prohibited by Ukrainian legislation.

    When creating copies for the Flaubert cartridge, manufacturers often pay attention to quality and ease of use. Therefore, it happens that such a model, which you can buy in the online store “League of Sports”, will be more ergonomic and pleasant to use.

    Experts single out a rating of the 5 most popular Flaubert revolvers:

  • Stalker S revolver 4 mm 4.5″. A high-quality revolver chambered for Flaubert. Excellent price-performance ratio. It has a small weight, visually imitates a combat analog. The bullet departure speed is 170 m/s. The pad on the handle is plastic. Holds 9 rounds. As a small drawback, a silumin drum is isolated.
  • Flaubert’s STALKER 4 mm revolver. It has a metal drum. The length of the barrel provides a high initial velocity of departure of the cartridge when fired (120 m / s). The maximum number of charges in the drum is 9 pcs.
  • Ekol Major revolver. It has a durable steel drum, excellent value for money. Comfortable handle. High initial velocity of bullet departure (170 m/s). Weak glossy finish. As a gift to this model there is a convenient holster for carrying and 20 pieces of ammunition.
  • A revolver chambered for Flaubert ME 38. It has a thoughtful design, precisely fitted details. German production, which indicates the quality. It shows itself perfectly in work. The only drawback is the silumin drum.
  • Revolver chambered for Flaubert Zbroia Profi. It has an original design, small size. Comfortable handle. The drum is made of steel. The model has managed to prove itself well. Produced in Ukraine.
  • As you can see, it will not be difficult to buy a Flaubert revolver. Nowadays there are many models that can suit even the most demanding connoisseur. You can choose an option for the price, appearance, convenience, length and other parameters that are suitable for you. To purchase a really high-quality and durable option, pay attention to the manufacturer of the weapon, reviews about it. It is also important to take into account the need (for self-defense, training, entertainment, collections, etc.) and the model of the revolver.

    When purchasing a revolver for self-defense, it should be remembered that any firearm needs to be systematically cleaned of carbon deposits and remnants of pyrotechnic composition (after each shooting). But, most importantly, remember that the use of low–quality cartridges is fraught with unsafe situations: misfires, when fired, the bullet gets stuck in the barrel, as well as the cartridge dropping. Therefore, if children are nearby, use special shooting glasses and, in addition, hearing protection if shooting is carried out indoors.

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