When preparing athletes who are fond of shock martial arts, the leading places in the list of the most popular sports equipment are occupied by a punching bag. Daily training with the use of such a projectile helps to increase the strength and improve the speed of impact, which are of fundamental importance when practicing martial arts, such as boxing, kickboxing, karate, etc. A punching bag is one of the main projectiles of any sports club. When choosing a product of this type, many factors are taken into account. To buy a punching bag and not make a mistake with the choice, it is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of each of the models, since the effectiveness of training depends on it.

Punching bag: advantages

Training and teaching the features of popular sports using a punching bag has advantages, which are as follows:

  • improving the dynamics, shape and flexibility of the body;
  • burning a lot of calories;
  • working out punches and kicks;
  • strengthening of muscles.

Self-improvement bears fruit not only in the form of increased physical strength. Classes and trainings using a punching bag for practicing punches will allow you to release negative energy. This is a great way to throw out all the negativity also from the stresses experienced.

Punching bag: types

According to the type of training and design parameters of the products, several types of punching bags are distinguished. Each of them has a certain size, shape and height. To buy a punching bag with optimal characteristics, familiarize yourself with the main types of products and the features of each of them:

  • Classic pear. It has a cylindrical shape. Models may vary in diameter. In the online store “League of Sports” you can buy a punching bag, which assumes the possibility of training both men and women. Its price varies depending on the type of material used, weight and size.
  • Pneumogrush. Ideal for training exercises used in boxing and other martial arts. Made of durable, practical and wear-resistant synthetic leather. With a pneumatic punching bag, you can effectively improve the speed, reflexes, concentration and rhythm of impact. If you need a shell for training at home, this is the most suitable option.
  • Hanging pear. It usually has a size slightly larger than a pneumatic one, and is suspended from the ceiling by an adjustable cable. The basis of the filler here is sand, sawdust, water, etc.;
  • Floor pears. Very convenient options, in case you are training in several sports at the same time. Most often, such punching bags are used for the house. The products are fixed on a movable shock-absorbing substrate.
  • Pear on stretch marks. It is attached to the racks with elastic stretch marks. In the online store “League of Sports” you can buy a punching bag on stretch marks inexpensively, choosing it from a rich assortment of models. Our catalog contains more than two dozen variants of products of this type.
  • A teardrop-shaped punching bag. Suitable for both boxing and martial arts. The case is made of durable, practical material – polyurethane. Separate holes are provided for mounting in the punching bag. All elements of the product are carefully stitched.
  • The boxing bag “drop” allows you to train a hand punch. This type of projectile is suitable for both beginners and professional athletes.

    Punching bag: cover material

    Materials of the following types are usually used for the manufacture of a punching bag:

    • tarpaulin. The main advantage of such a material is its low cost. It should be water- and air-tight: the denser, the better. If the seams are duplicated with tape, this guarantees an increase in the service life of the product. Models on rivets are not so durable, since under loads and mechanical influences, the integrity of the fabric at the location of the rivets is violated;
    • leatherette (vinyl, PVC) or leather. You can buy a punching bag from such a material cheaply, but keep in mind – it wears out faster. A layer of PVC creates a solid foundation for a boxing projectile. It is this layer that provides the strength of the cover. However, the leather is stronger, more durable, has a more aesthetic appearance;
    • kirza. This is a tarpaulin covered with dye. Raw materials are created using a hot press. The material is not very suitable for strikes without gloves.

    Representatives of the online store “League of Sports” will help you choose and buy a punching bag in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine of the most suitable type.

    Punching Bag: optimal weight

    When choosing a product, consider its weight. The effectiveness of working out different types of strikes depends on its indicators. In the online store “League of Sports” you can buy a sports bag of these types:

    • The 25 kg boxing bag is designed for teenagers. The weight of such a projectile does not exceed 30 kg. Stuffed with soft materials. Possible applications: the study of punches and kicks in any martial arts. The projectile is fixed with a chain and a swivel hook, which ensures that the product will remain in the same position during training. Sports equipment of this type is made of a patented durable, wear-resistant material that provides a long service life and comfort in using products;
    • The Cleto Reyes 50 kg pear is designed to improve the technique of blows and develop the correct body position. The model is ideal for training in sports such as boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts. Designed for full-fledged, professional, daily training. With the help of this type of projectile, you can perform numerous exercises with a load on the muscles, including squats, lunges. A durable nylon cover, thanks to its resistance to abrasive wear and damage, is a guarantee of reliability and durability of products. Such projectiles do not need enhanced fixation and are used in home training. In its original form, the pear is filled up to 20 kg;
    • Everlast punching bags with an average weight of up to 60 kg are used mainly for training at home. This kind of projectile takes up little space, and also does not require the use of a powerful suspension system, which makes it practical to use in everyday conditions. For practicing kicks, after all, a heavier punching bag is more suitable for you, the price of which, in the online store “League of Sports” always remains at an affordable level. And a projectile whose weight does not exceed 60 kg will simply bounce off when kicked. In turn, for practicing punches, this version of sports equipment is optimal.

    Some product models provide users with the ability to independently adjust the length of the chain. The adjustment range is approximately 20 cm.

    Punching Bag: optimal height and type of filling

    The optimal height of the projectile is 120 cm . A product of this type is characterized by versatility, as it can be used to practice strikes on absolutely all levels. Nevertheless, in order to choose and buy a punching bag with optimal characteristics, you need to take into account the height and area of the room in which the classes will be held. For home training, the ideal option is a model with a height of 60-80 cm.

    There is a large selection of different fillers that need to be selected according to the purpose and method of use of the punching bag:

    • as a filler for a sports projectile, tarsa, sand, rubber chips or wood shavings are used. If the product is filled only with thyrsa, it is possible that over time this kind of filler will fall off, and the lower part of the projectile will become stationary. The same fate awaits a shell filled only with sawdust;
    • the most practical filler is considered to be rubber shavings. Such a material does not lose its qualities and properties after a period of time – it does not fall off, does not wear out and does not decompose. Rubber shavings are lighter than other fillers. However, a product with such a filler is more expensive.

    You can buy a punching bag with optimal characteristics that will allow you not only to increase the effect of training, but also to practice punches in the most comfortable conditions on our website.

    Punching bag: buy quality goods on favorable terms

    You can find out how much a punching bag costs in the online store “League of Sports”. Prices for sports equipment vary, depending on the materials used to create products, as well as filler. Also, the cost of goods is set directly by the manufacturers. The size and weight of the product affect the formation of the price.

    You can get acquainted with the characteristics of popular models on our website. In the online store “League of Sports” you can buy a universal version of a 50 kg punching bag, the price of which is very affordable. Please note – the cost of products made of genuine leather is higher than shells, for the creation of which artificial materials were used. Therefore, as a rule, professional athletes acquire more expensive models, while beginners prefer relatively cheap products. The online store “League of Sports” offers you to buy a punching bag in Ukraine on the most favorable terms. Our products are a combination of high quality and low prices from the manufacturer.

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