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A boxing helmet is an integral part of the equipment for boxers. The first mandatory use of a protective helmet in professional as well as amateur competitions was introduced in 1986. It should be noted that special attention should be paid to the protection of the head, since during training it is one of the most vulnerable places. Therefore, without it, you risk not only getting bruises, but also serious head injuries. By purchasing a boxing helmet, you can protect not only the head, but also the cheekbones, auricles, nose — it all depends on the chosen model. Protection should not only provide maximum safety, but also comfort during boxing. In order to make the right choice, before buying a helmet, you should pay attention to its appearance, size and material.

  • Boxing combat helmet – used in amateur tournaments and competitions. In such a model, there is no protection for the chin and cheeks, while the boxer is given extensive visibility. The combat helmet can be blue or red. Please note that helmets of this type must have a clasp on the chin.
  • The Mexican training helmet is so called because of its origin in the very center of Mexico for use in hard training. The main feature of the Mexican helmet is that it protects the boxer from possible injuries to the nose, eyes and protects most of the face, thanks to special pads and narrow eye slits. The weak point of this type is the lack of protection for the chin, so missed blows to the jaw can cause unpleasant consequences.
  • The Fullface boxing helmet is a complete protection of the entire head, thanks to excellent shock absorption and maximum safety. A Fullface helmet softens blows by 40% and reliably protects the boxer’s cheeks and chin.
  • A boxing helmet with a bumper is an outfit with a protective perpendicular crossbar. The bumper protects such areas as: eyes, chin, nose. The most important drawback of this type is insufficient visibility from below.
  • A helmet with a mask is as safe as possible, thanks to special gratings made of metal or transparent material.

The right size of the helmet is a guarantee of comfort during boxing training. Therefore, take a centimeter and measure the circumference of your head.

  • The minimum size in helmets is S (50-54 cm head coverage).
  • Medium — M (54-57 cm).
  • If the coverage of your head is from 57 to 60 cm, then this is the size — L.
  • The maximum size is XL (more than 60 cm).

In addition to the size, it is worth paying attention to the built-in special plates connected by lacing. They allow you to adjust the tightness of the boxing helmet. Rubber webbing is often used — for maximum comfort. Boxing helmets are fastened with a flat buckle or Velcro.

The material from which the boxing helmet is made can be made of natural or eco-leather. A helmet made of genuine leather is more reliable, durable and comfortable to wear. If you will not use a helmet for frequent and intensive training, then opt for a leatherette. The material from which the inner side of the helmet is made plays a very important role, since air exchange during training should be in sufficient quantity. The ideal option is suede, it perfectly absorbs moisture and provides comfort during every workout. Polyurethane foam is often used in the filling of a boxing helmet.

Boxing helmet: the secret of choosing the perfect “defender”

A boxing helmet is an integral part of the equipment of athletes who are engaged in such a dangerous sport. The head is the most defenseless place of every boxer. A single hit in the cartilaginous muscles of the ears, nose, arch of the eyebrows can cause serious injuries that can harm the health of an athlete and even cost him his life. That is why the choice of this attribute must be taken extremely seriously.

It is worth remembering that even the best boxing helmet with nose and head protection will not be able to guarantee you absolute protection from blows. Therefore, it is best in boxing to concentrate holistically on the opponent and not to give up. However, it’s no secret that a properly selected boxing helmet can significantly soften the impact force (up to 50%).

The main task of each boxing helmet is to protect the most vulnerable areas of the head from blows. There are models that provide an unobstructed view of the ring by the athlete. Stylish equipment also creates a certain image of a boxer.

Initially, you should decide how intensely you are engaged in boxing. If you are a professional athlete, certain types of products will suit you, but if boxing is your hobby, then completely different. For example, a boxing helmet with a bumper provides complete protection of the head, eyebrows, nose from blows. This is just an ideal option for those who are very demanding about their appearance and do not want to scare others with abrasions and bruises. However, the overview of the ring in such a boxing product is limited, so it is better for professional athletes to pay attention to another option.

It is also worth being very demanding about the texture of the material from which the boxing helmet is made. It is better to choose options made of genuine leather with the obligatory presence of a cloth pad. Otherwise, during the workout, sweat will start to drip into your eyes and distract you. Naturally, a high-quality boxing helmet cannot be cheap.

It is very important to pay attention to the process of caring for your boxing helmet. The more correctly you comply with the basic requirements, the longer your protective equipment will last you. The boxing helmet does not need to be washed completely. It is enough to periodically put in order some of the components of its design.

It is very important that no harmful bacteria and fungi are introduced into the boxing helmet. This equipment needs constant drying and processing by special means. They perfectly remove blood, sweat, subcutaneous fat and neutralize the smell. You can learn more about their entire arsenal in more detail and purchase what you need in our specialized store.

Choosing a children’s protective helmet for boxing: with or without a bumper?

Protecting a little athlete is the main task of his parents. Therefore, his choice should be treated even more demanding. Children’s boxing helmets, like adults, can be conditionally divided into several subspecies:

  • open (protects temples, forehead and ears);
  • with a hard top (protects the crown from blows);
  • with a transparent mask or metal grille (protects the face first of all);
  • with soft rings in the ear area (neutralizes blows to the auricle);
  • covering the chin and cheeks (protects the face from side impacts).

It is best to give preference to a closed helmet for boxing, which will provide full protection of the layer between the skull and the brain. This zone is the most vulnerable in every child, since bone tissue at this age does not have the necessary hardness.

We suggest considering the most popular options for protective equipment for boxing, both for children and adults, among which you are guaranteed to be able to pick up what you need.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Helmet

It perfectly protects the head from blows during a duel and is one of the three most reliable boxing helmets for heavy sparring. The anatomical design is perfectly fixed on the head. The protective equipment for boxing is made of genuine leather. In the middle there is a latex lining that perfectly absorbs moisture and does not interfere with air exchange. It is worth buying a Cleto Reyes boxing helmet for those who are looking for high quality and durability. With proper care, this equipment will be able to serve its owner for up to five years.

Features of the Title Boxing Helmet

Sports protective equipment for boxing belongs to the American brand “Title”, which has already managed to prove itself from the best side among sports fans and professional athletes. These helmets are made of genuine leather. Polyurethane is used as a filler. The strap under the chin is easily adjustable and helps the structure to hold firmly on the head of its owner. Buy a Title boxing helmet is worth it to everyone who appreciates comfort and convenience. Its lining is made of delicate suede of soft texture, which is very pleasant to the touch and perfectly absorbs moisture.

Why you should buy a Twins Boxing helmet

Twins brand products are manufactured in Pakistan. The material from which the entire series of these products is made allows the skin to breathe and prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions. Protective equipment for boxing fits snugly to the head and perfectly neutralizes blows. The equipment of this manufacturer is actively used in almost all types of contact-type martial arts. If you are looking for the perfect combination of “price-quality”, then the Twins brand products are the best option for you.

Top King Boxing Helmet

A great option for those who prefer active training. This equipment is made of cowhide of the highest quality with a double layer of foam as a filler. It has a special anatomical structure, thanks to which the design fits snugly to the head. The gasket material actively absorbs moisture. Due to their unique structure and texture, Top King helmets are ideal for daily boxing training. At the same time, the equipment itself does not wear out even with intense physical impact.

Features of the RDX Bumper Boxing helmet

RDX company presents equipment with the highest level of protection in boxing. A special protection is mounted around the face in the structure, and a special filler based on an integrated gel is located along the entire plane of the gel. It is worth buying an RDX boxing helmet with a bumper even because it will be able to protect its owner from the heaviest blows. In addition, due to the correct location of the pattern, the boxer’s overview opens in full measure. This sports attribute is perfect for both professional athletes and amateurs.

Coaches advise you to buy Adidas boxing helmets!

The Adidas brand speaks for itself. All boxing helmets of this brand combine the protection of the face, ears and nose of its owner, with the highest quality of the materials used to create it. The design of all sports equipment is developed by leading technologists who take into account the smallest details concerning protection and comfort. Helmets for boxing “Adidas” are distinguished by durability and reliability. They withstand the most intense training and heavy duels without the slightest damage to their owner.

Bad Boy Boxing Helmets

The protective equipment of this Bad Boy trademark was designed specifically for effective protection of the head, as well as the face, nose and ears of athletes. At the same time, the most comfortable conditions are created in the helmet, allowing the boxer not to be distracted by trifles, but to actively train or fight. The strengths of these boxing helmets are reliability, durability, high level of protection and ease of use.

Everlast boxing helmet: high quality and affordable price

The main advantage of the products of this brand is their ability to remove heat from the head as quickly and efficiently as possible. Everlast helmets are made of genuine leather. A special composite is used to soften the blows. Everlast boxing helmets with a bumper are divided into two types: created exclusively for competitions and training.

Boxing helmet “Green Hill” (Green)

The Green Hill helmet is one of the best tools for protecting a boxer. It consists of genuine leather, made using a special technology that significantly absorbs shocks. Thanks to the use of ecological raw materials, the boxing helmet does not cause allergic reactions and skin irritations. The Green Hill brand presents premium quality sports products at a very affordable price!

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