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In order for training to hone power strokes to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to choose the right sports equipment such as a boxing bag. Depending on the purpose and quality of manufacture, it can have a different shape, weight, size, filler and upholstery material. Based on these indicators, you can choose the most suitable boxing bag that will serve you for a long time. When choosing, the manufacturer of this kind of sports equipment is also important. The specialists of the online store “League of Sports” recommend their customers to choose a boxing bag from Everlast, V’Noks, Sportko or RDX. These companies have already established themselves in the Ukrainian and international markets as manufacturers of high-quality sports equipment.

Boxing bag: advantages

Modern athletes: amateurs and professionals strive not only to work out in the gym with such equipment, but also to have it at home. This is not surprising, because a boxing bag has many advantages for an athlete:

  • The inventory has different sizes and heights. It will be possible to choose an option for the dimensions of the room, the height and professional level of the athlete, children’s models are also sold, different in shape and fastening system. 
  • The filler in the boxing bag is shavings, sawdust or sand. These materials are not harmful to humans, they help to hone punches and train regularly, they are quite solid, but at the same time they do not create a strong recoil. Inventory will not crumple, deform, etc. 
  • The models differ in weight, color, shape and other parameters. The boxing bag can be selected as accurately as possible, it will be an assistant when honing punches, it will help train reaction, speed and accuracy, during intensive training it burns the fat layer. 
  • A boxing bag helps to relieve tension, throw out emotions. The design is easily attached, allows you to place the projectile in any convenient place. 
  • We see that there are a lot of reasons to buy a boxing bag for the house. He will become a reliable assistant in training not only experienced fighters, but also amateurs.

    Boxing bag: varieties

    Before choosing a boxing bag, you should familiarize yourself with all types of this equipment:

  • By weight , boxing bags differ as follows:
    • lightweight (from 5 to 40 kg): designed for practicing a series of strikes at different distances;
    • medium (30-60 kg): such a boxing bag should be chosen if it is necessary to set the technique of blows;
    • heavy (60-110 kg): the low amplitude of its rocking allows you to work out powerful blows;
    • horizontal (25-50 kg): it is necessary to choose this boxing bag for those who the initial goal is to practice uppercuts.
  • It is also important to choose the right boxing bag for filling: sawdust, rags, rubber-foam crumbs, sand, liquid water bags. Shells with a centering rod filled with sand are often found. The centerpiece is used in bags with light fillers.
  • The material from which the boxing bag cover is made does not affect the effectiveness of training, but it is better to choose leather as an upholstery, which is much more durable than its substitute.
  • There are also varieties with respect to appearance. The boxing bag is sold in Kiev, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine in the following form: 

  • Cylinder. This is the most common option, which is suitable for boxers, athletes of other directions. The bag has the shape of an elongated cylinder. You can hit it not only with your hands, but also with your feet, direct blows, side blows, etc. Such models can be bought at an optimal price with a weight of 10 to 100 kilograms. The cylinder boxing bag is sold up to two meters in size. When choosing such a model, it is worth remembering that heavier bags swing less and are convenient for practicing blows. However, they are not suitable for children and novice boxers. 
  • Conical. Such a boxing bag made of leather or a substitute is suitable for those who want to hone their skills in side or straight punches. It is smaller than the previous analog, but more mobile. You can buy an inexpensive boxing bag with a size of 30 to 70 centimeters and a weight of up to 15 kilograms. 
  • Uppercut. This is a narrow-profile boxing projectile. It is used only for staging an uppercut. It is most often purchased for gyms where boxers are engaged. 
  • Pneumogrush. A bag in the form of a pear is in demand. Standard structures are attached to the ceiling, while a similar model is installed on the floor or stretch marks. Inside the pear has not sand, but a chamber with air. 
  • One of the most versatile types of boxing bags are considered to be shells of the “silhouette” type.

    Such a bag can be safely chosen by a boxer of any weight category and height. The silhouette allows you to practice various series of strikes, training accuracy and speed of their application. With the help of such boxing bags, technical training of athletes is carried out, therefore it is recommended to choose them for those who already have certain skills as a boxer.

    Regarding the material, attention should be paid to boxing bags made of genuine leather, artificial (synthetic) leather, PVC and others. The latter option is inexpensive, but it does not last long. It is better to give preference to leather options, as they can withstand high loads, will last for more than one year. 

    Red, black, and blue variants are sold by color.

    Boxing bag: features of choice

    To buy a boxing bag that will not only hang idle, but will also benefit, you will need to approach the choice with full responsibility. It is important to consider the following points:

  • Features of the sport (such a bag is used not only by boxers, but also by people engaged in other types of martial arts). 
  • The frequency and intensity of classes (for the house this equipment or for the gym, how often you plan to use it). 
  • Characteristics of the athlete (his height, weight, level of professionalism, age). 
  • Types of punches (different in shape and weight models will help to hone certain punches).
  • It is better for a child to buy a boxing bag of small size and weight. The cylindrical shape is suitable, since it is the most versatile, suitable for strength training, coordination, practicing lateral and direct strikes. For adult professional boxers, when choosing a shape and size, one should proceed from the specifics of training and needs. 

    Heavier structures are recommended for staging a blow, honing its strength. Such boxing bags are slow, but firm. But light models are more nimble. They practice kicks, coordination, speed. 

    Features of training with a boxing bag

    The key to the success of high-quality training will be the right equipment. However, just hanging a bag under the ceiling will not be enough, it is important to practice correctly.

  • You should not look at one point or look away from the projectile. Gazes betray your next move to your opponent, and defocusing makes you less attentive. 
  • You do not need to throw your body into a boxing bag, you need to strike at it while maintaining balance. You should not push the projectile with your shoulders, head, or hang on it. 
  • The feet should stand on the floor steadily. In this case, the boxing bag will take accurate blows and will not knock you down. Take small steps around. 
  • You should not wait long when choosing the place of impact. The boxing bag is designed to hone skills, not to choose the most successful place of impact (you will do this in the ring). In this case, speed and accuracy are important, the interval between strikes should be no more than two seconds. 
  • It is important not to forget about breathing. You will not be able to hammer the bag hard for a long time if there is no endurance, and it is achieved through proper measured breathing. 
  • So, it will not be difficult to buy a boxing bag. It has a lot of advantages both for training in the gym and for home use. Today, a lot of models are sold, different in size, weight, material and purpose. Our store offers modern inexpensive options. It will be possible to choose the optimal one for yourself in all parameters.

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