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A true connoisseur of pneumatics, without hesitation, will say – a good air rifle should be equipped with a gas spring. This is due to the fact that the shooter during the operation of the weapon, there is a natural desire to make rifle shooting more comfortable and convenient. Shooting from pneumatics equipped with a spring-piston mechanism with a twisted spring, inevitably there are technical moments that you have to pay attention to all the time. This is both a loud metallic clang when fired, and an unpleasant sound that occurs when the spring is cocked again. When handling a rifle equipped with a gas spring, on the contrary, you will notice the absence of such unpleasant sensations. The quality of shooting will improve by an order of magnitude. Here, the main work is already done by compressed gas, which is pumped into the cylinder under high pressure.

Despite the fact that most of the most popular models of rifles are equipped with a spring-piston mechanism with a twisted spring, today there is a technical opportunity to modernize their weapons. The installation of a gas spring, which can be purchased right now in our online store “League of Sports”, will allow you to feel your favorite weapon in a completely new way.

The pressure of gas springs is the main characteristic of the device

If for a steel twisted spring the main feature is its dynamic resistance, then for a gas spring the main working factor becomes the working pressure. As a rule, compressed air is pumped into the device, less often for marketing purposes we are talking about pumping nitrogen into the cylinder, at a pressure of 130-140 atm, which is capable of exerting a force of 50-65 kgf on the rod. It should be noted that you should not chase high pressure indicators. The higher the pressure inside the spring, the less its resource. In addition, the pumped gas spring gives a strong recoil during the shot, the initial velocity of the bullet drops noticeably. Reinforced gas springs only at first glance can significantly increase the power of the weapon. In reality, it may turn out that this model of an air rifle is not able to function normally with a gas spring inflated to the limit values of 200-225 atm.

To date, there are two types of gas springs used to equip air rifles – these are high-pressure gas springs and low-pressure gas springs.  Both the first and the second type can be installed on almost all types of weapons presented in our catalog. However, if the first type – GPVD have a standard injection and is designed, by default, to improve the tactical and technical characteristics of pneumatics, then the second type of GPND are more complex devices. Their design assumes the possibility of manual pumping, i.e. adjusting the pressure parameters depending on the combat characteristics of the weapon. As a rule, such devices are put on models of air rifles with high power.

High-pressure gas springs can be selected depending on the rifle model. Each air rifle model has its own operating pressure parameters. The gas spring is also selected accordingly. For example, for the following models of GP rifles, they must meet the following parameters:

  • Hatsan 70 70-72 kg (139-143 atm)
  • Hatsan 125 ~ 80-82 kg (160-163 atm)
  • Hatsan 135/155 ~ 82-84 kg (163-167 atm)
  • Stoeger X50 ~ 78-80 kg (155-160 atm)

You can install a gas spring on your own rifle yourself, if you follow the technical parameters of the device and the weapon itself. Only experienced craftsmen and specialists can independently adjust the pressure parameters in the gas spring. It depends on the personal skills of handling weapons and on the intensity of use. Some GP models have pressure adjustment units, which greatly facilitates the operation of weapons.

Do not forget that when installing gas springs on your own, you need to take into account the pre-compression – the distance to which you need to press the gas spring during its installation on the rifle. It is not enough just to disassemble the rifle and assemble it with the gas spring already installed. It is necessary to achieve complete coupling of all holes and assembly parts. To do this, you need to tighten the spring, overcome its resistance. When working with twisted springs, the pre-compression is greater and requires less physical effort. Gas springs, on the contrary, require a lot of effort. The pre-compression in this case is only 2-30 mm. It is quite problematic to perform such an operation at home. This requires special mechanical equipment. Our online store has everything you need to install a new gas spring on your rifle.

Advantages of the gas spring

The reason why the main manufacturers continue to produce air rifles with a combat twisted spring lies in marketing purposes. The spring-piston mechanism with a twisted steel spring reduces the cost of the weapon, makes it more accessible to the mass consumer. In addition, such a mechanism requires less attention to itself, simplifying the maintenance of an air rifle. These qualities can satisfy the inexperienced layman, who will soon realize that their weapons need to be upgraded. For these purposes, there is a gas spring that can be installed on your rifle as an additional device. The mechanism has a simple and clear design. The main work during the shot in this case is no longer performed by a metal spring, but by a gas piston.

What is the advantage? At first glance, when handling a rifle equipped with a gas spring, the difference is immediately felt. The shots are not as loud as before, the recoil force of the weapon when fired has become significantly less. From a technical point of view, a pneumatic weapon equipped with a properly selected gas spring will give you the following advantages:

  • unpleasant sounds and sensations when shooting will disappear, shooting accuracy will noticeably improve;
  • the platoon of the spring-piston mechanism becomes softer, without requiring much physical effort for this;
  • when firing , the recoil is noticeably weaker;
  • a properly selected gas spring model will increase the power of your air rifle. On average, compared to using a conventional twisted spring for shooting, a gas spring increases the power of an air rifle by 5-15%;
  • weapons equipped with gas springs have longer service life;
  • timely maintenance of weapons with this type of spring-piston mechanism ensures long-term preservation of high tactical and technical characteristics of an air rifle;
  • in a rifle with a gas spring, the spring-piston mechanism wears out less;
  • the rifle can be cocked for a long time.

As can be seen from the above, this mechanism has quite a lot of advantages, which for the owner of the weapon and the shooter turn into certain privileges. However, like any mechanism, a gas spring has its own characteristics that must be taken into account. It should be remembered that a decrease in atmospheric temperature by 30 entails a decrease in the working force on the rod by 1%. It is not recommended to use an air rifle with a gas spring for shooting at extremely low temperatures.

Another feature of the device is its capriciousness. With improper installation and illiterate handling of weapons, the spring-piston mechanism can be put into disrepair quickly enough. An air rifle with a gas spring is extremely susceptible to mechanical contamination by abrasive particles (sand, construction dust and debris).

What are the features of choosing a gas spring for your rifle

Our online store offers gas springs designed to equip almost all models of air rifles. Each product has a maximum allowable pressure corresponding to the technical parameters of a certain model of weapon. To make the right choice, to pick up the necessary spring for your rifle, the sales consultants of our online store will help. By purchasing a rifle from us, you can immediately purchase the necessary model of a gas spring for your new weapon, while installing a gas spring by our specialists is free of charge!

Important! An incorrectly selected gas spring, when trying to install it on the rifle itself, can cause the entire spring-piston mechanism to fail. In addition, during the installation of new equipment, it is necessary to take into account the pre-compression, which should be at least 3 mm.

It should be remembered that gas springs cannot be installed on models of air rifles that have a spring-piston mechanism with a central hook.

The online store “League of Sports” offers you the best quality products that meet all the necessary technical standards and quality standards. Sales consultants are always ready to provide all the necessary information about which model of gas spring is suitable in each case. Gas springs of foreign and domestic production, which can be equipped with air rifles of well-known world brands Hatsan, Crosman, Stoeger, Beeman, are a priority in the purchase among our customers.

We provide a manufacturer’s warranty for all gas springs. The quality of the installation of additional equipment on a rifle purchased from us, we provide with a guarantee of our online store.  

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