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Compression clothing is an integral part of the equipment used for martial arts. It helps not only to actively lose weight, but also gives your vessels additional support. The main function of compression clothing is considered to improve the functioning of the circulatory system and the ability to withstand various loads. Macy’s University scientists have proven the effectiveness of using this type of clothing on the example of runners: in a 10 km race, 93% of athletes did not wear compression socks, but only 7% used them. As a result, the next day, runners who were without compression equipment felt pain in the shin area, and those who participated in the race in compression socks felt only delayed muscle pain. Now we will analyze in more detail the questions about compression clothing for martial arts: What kinds are there? Are there any contraindications in the sock? When should it be used?

Types of compression clothing for martial arts:

Rashguard (compression T–shirt) is a specialized equipment for martial arts, outwardly resembling surfing clothes. Rashguard can be with long and short sleeves. Its main functions are: sweat removal, body temperature increase and energy saving during training. Rashguards are used in functional training, shock training and wrestling in the stalls. The material from which the rashguards are made is able to withstand heavy loads, it will not break and will not stretch, therefore, by purchasing this type of compression clothing, you can safely count on a long service life. Rashguard fits firmly to the body and keeps your muscles in good shape every workout. It will also protect you from possible scratches and abrasions during sparring and reduce the risk of unwanted bacteria.

Compression shorts / pants in their functionality, practically do not differ from rashguards. The main difference is the protection of muscles from injury due to the created compression. Since in martial arts, a large load comes to the hip area, compression shorts are simply the most necessary element. Often in compression shorts, there may be a pocket for inserting groin protection (shells), and pants protect you as much as possible from various mechanical damage. It is worth noting that the entire compression line of clothing for martial arts has a built-in impregnation, it is antibacterial and protects against UV rays UPF 50+. 

Do not forget that really high-quality compression clothing for martial arts should not constrain your movements, should sit tightly on the body. The only inconvenience that you may feel is a little difficulty in dressing.

It is worth using compression underwear in martial arts if:

  • Are your workouts intense
  • Do you need to recover after the competition
  • You are predisposed to varicose veins
  • Do you want to keep your muscles and body in good shape, improve blood circulation
  • Do you want to increase the level of performance, endurance and maximum return from classes
  • Do you use sparring in training
  • You need to prevent fatigue, overexertion, injury and the appearance of corns, swelling.

Contraindications of compression clothing:

It is not recommended for use in diseases such as: atherosclerosis, orthoarteritis, endoarteritis and obliterating thrombangiitis. In addition, it is not recommended to wear it constantly, since with constant pressure of compression clothing, the vessels can lose their natural tone.

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